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Never before seen build of Sonic X-treme Leaked!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Andrew75, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. TheKazeblade


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    Are there more files left over on the PoV workstation JollyRoger has, or do you just mean in general?
  2. Spinksy


    I'm sure I remember reading somewhere what jollyroger was planning next but can't find it- was wondering the same thing.

    Is there much more in the way of stuff to release (without meaning to sound greedy there - pretty amazed at what we have already)!

    Also did you hear back from Christina?
  3. Energy


    JR has hinted at releasing something that's more 'playable' which he will possibly make moddable. Which would explain why some of the new levels haven't been given away yet. I imagine this could take quite a while though.

    This build is stunning.
  4. winterhell


    I'm not sure about that. Previous experience with Open Source Sonic projects and collaborations tended to have even less progress than closed source projects.
    'Everyone' contributing to something because its open source is wishful thinking and its rarely the norm. I'd very much like to be wrong about this :v:

    Plus we've established distributing x-treme's source is against the creator's wishes. I hope they keep being respected.
  5. TheKazeblade


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    The only thing that is in question in that regard is Alon's X-treme Engine. However, this current build is not Alon's engine which was the only reason I brought it up. He has no right to claim work that is not his own should not be allowed to be researched and studied. At least from my viewpoint. In the end, JollyRoger and Andrew75 are pretty much the only ones with the source code, so it's up to them and how they interpret it.
  6. Andrew75


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    I don't have any Source code , lol
  7. The Game Collector

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    I have something to add on this point. Have you ever tried the 3D fan game Sonic World? (Not to be confused with Sonic Worlds.) Sonic World has community created levels you can insert into the game similar to MUGEN. The problem is that while there are decent levels out there released in packs, there are also very many bad to unplayable levels among them. Some will run fine on an i3 core running Windows 7. Others require much more powerful hardware to not be unplayable and full of lag. Either that or the programming is so bad that the computer speed won't make a difference. The levels that come pre-installed with the game download run perfectly but are not all that good.

    It just goes to show that when projects are left open for anybody to design things for, the quality control goes out the window. The only way to differentiate the good custom pieces from the bad is to physically try every one out individually.