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Nes Clone Rom Switching

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by RainyRoses, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. RainyRoses


    See You Next Post Member
    So I decided to get an NES clone from a grocery store and I knew most of the games on it would be trash and now I'm wondering if there is a way to change the roms in the clone to different games. The clone that I bought was the MyArcade Data East 308 in 1 Handheld (Amazon Link/Official Store Link.) I've never done anything like this but it would be fun to learn though.
  2. Vangar


    This isn't the exact model, but a quick google reveals this: . If you open it up and it also has a micro USB inside, you can probably hack it the same way.
  3. RainyRoses


    See You Next Post Member
    I'll look it into the video and see what I can do. thanks a lot! :)
  4. RainyRoses


    See You Next Post Member
    So I opened up the back and found that it's basically a big chip with everything on it. So maybe I'll find some kind of ROM dump chip(or whatever it's called) with more games on it.
  5. Toasty


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    Couldn't you find a second hand PSP and save yourself a lot of trouble? That thing looks tiny and flimsy...the PSP makes a wonderful handheld and has lots of homebrew support including emulators. It's pretty inexpensive nowadays and still holds up as an excellent system, it has more than enough power to play anything pre-1995. It can even play PS1 games!