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Need to connect to the internet the non-wireless way

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Rage, May 1, 2012.

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    ...And both my Ethernet and modem drivers are broken. I can't locate the disc of drivers my computer came with, and even if I could, the reason the drivers are broken is because I was a stupid teenager who didn't take care of his discs and that part of the disc is scratched. So any time I reformat, some of the drivers end up missing, which usually isn't a problem but I'm starting to hate the speed of wireless so I want to get this fixed. Is there an easy way to find what drivers I need and where to get them? For as long as I've been using computers this is all still new to me.

    I'm still using my ancient Dell XPS M1710, if it helps.
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    All the bitches.

    Try this. Also the Dell website has the drivers for all their computers on it, so if you need anything else search the website.
  3. Which operating system do you use?