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My Work In Progress Sonic 1 Hack

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Alex Field, May 15, 2019.

  1. Alex Field

    Alex Field

    シュート! カオス・エメラルド・ザが消えようとしている! Member

    Welcome to... actually what am I gonna call this? This is a Sonic 1 hack I'm currently working on, feedback is also at the bottom of this.

    Planned Features:
    * CD Spindash
    * Better Collision

    What do you think of the level design so far?

    What should I name this?

    EDIT: Forgot to add something in, along with better text.
  2. Screenshots? What's your planned direction? Names can be tricky
  3. Ravenfreak


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    I know you were probably eager to make a topic for your hack, but it's extremely unfinished and has some glitches. I don't think it's worth a topic yet, but given more time and effort you can definitely make this hack fun! Also once you share your hack with us again, you'll need to post screenshots or a video showcasing it. Good luck OP!
  4. biggestsonicfan


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    I'm not downloading if I don't know what to expect in and of the hack. What changes have you made already?
  5. Alex Field

    Alex Field

    シュート! カオス・エメラルド・ザが消えようとしている! Member
    Ok to answer your questions:
    I didn't know what to call this, what description to put, or how to upload images or videos. (Not to mention I haven't paid for Bandicam so you'll see a watermark at the top)

    Also, I honestly don't know where this hack's direction is going. Currently, Sonic CD's spindash and Extended Camera has been added. (I'm using code from the Free Assets Thread on SSRG, at least until there's a Sonic CD disassembly)

    I'm also currently trying to fix the collision issues, I think it's due to changing the chunks from Kosinski, to Uncompressed, or just editing problems in SonLVL.
  6. Alex Field

    Alex Field

    シュート! カオス・エメラルド・ザが消えようとしている! Member
  7. TheInvisibleSun


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    Images need to be uploaded to an external site, like Imgr, and linked here using the tag (given by the button at the top of the editor).

    Videos via youtube embed automatically if you don't include the 's' in 'https' for the url.

    You also might want to specifically credit the people you got code/assets from.

    EDIT: It also might be a good idea to use the built-in forum poll system available, if you didn't know it was there.
  8. nineko


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    By the way, forget about screen recorders. The best way to record a gameplay video is the Gens Movie branch. You can either record while you play, or you can prepare some good gameplay with mild tasing and replay it later.