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Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by Canned Karma, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Guess Who

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    You're the only one who's been totally negative about it, so I don't think I'm ready to give up on it, no.
  2. RedStripedShoes


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  3. Canned Karma

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    Guess Who:
    Suit yourself. In its current incarnation it will not be approved.

    That's... interesting. Whatever you've got running for the 'baaah-bah' sound I'd recommend replacing for sure. I'd go through the rest of your choices, but if they're all done using that one synthesizer, then yeah, you probably want to broaden your options.
  4. RedStripedShoes


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    Well, it's definitely perfect for making techno and trance music. Other genres, I guess, not so much.

    Anyway, I blew $80 on the thing, and I'm not willing to shell out any more, so I guess I'm folding.
  5. mmd


    I'd like to post some of my samples that I have done for Sonic 2 and other Sonic games. I plan to take a stab at doing ALL of the songs in the Sonic 2 series, but here are what I have so far. I mostly emulate the PSG effects because I liked the PSG's subtle sound when playing two note chords. I also liked the metallic bass sounds used by some zones, that were pushed on the YM2612, and have emulated those (with stereo chorus effects to boot) via Native Instruments FM8.

    Here are what I have so far. I use GarageBand to do the work.. I know I can export as a WAVE or AIFF, but as for OGG looping, I don't know how to do that as of yet and will have to learn.

    Sonic 1 Credits (This was my first remastering of any Sonic series, and is not actually finished, but is for the most part):

    Sonic 2 Emerald Hill WIP (Didn't have the chords instated yet):

    Sonic 2 Emerald Hill Final RevA (It's rev A, because on the first backup lead, I left the modulation control on the keyboards up all the way by accident, but after this video I edited that out so it didn't sound drunk):

    Sonic 2 Ending (Personally not happy how this one turned out, I may take another stab at it):

    Sonic 3D Ending (This one came out so.........un touched that one of my friends thought they were listening to the Genesis version. I emulated the YM2612 and PSG a little too faithfully that no originality ended up in it):

    I used Youtube to show off the work so the sequencer can be shown.

    Note: I don't play THIS well on keyboards. I usually either cheat a little and use the mouse to correct notation, or use a MIDI file from a converted GYM/VGM file for the harder notes (since I can't read sheet music).

    Suggestions are highly welcome, and any change requested I can do, if I know how to do it.

    EDIT: The "Pop horn" style instrument on the Emerald Hill and Ending I don't personally like as to me it sounds to "basic". But opinions welcome. Other people have commented how good it sounds, but more opinions the better. It's not just my opinion, but others aswell.
  6. Overlord


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    I love how the Emerald Hill & Sonic 3D themes turned out. Any chance of some MP3s?
  7. mmd


    Sure.. Here's all of them..

    Emerald Hill Zone:

    Sonic 3D Credits:

    Sonic 2 Ending:

    Sonic 1 Credits:

    Here's one I have not finished, and not put up on youtube, as it use a MIDI file as the complete base, and just instrument mapping..
    Sonic 3 Angel Island:
  8. Relick


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    I know you already have a guy with a good Hill Top, but I thought I'd like to try my own hand at it.

    Hill Top Zone Remastered

    I think I need to tone down the reverb on the guitar, but lets see what you guys think first.
  9. Kirinja


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    I took a quick jab at HTZ as well, although not that great I thought I should post it anyway.
    Trying to learn Reason so I thought I'd try remastering HTZ, nothing special about it really.
  10. Thousand Pancake

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    Personally, I think the drums on the "final" version of Emerald Hill sound flat; There's just not enough punch to them.
  11. LordOfSquad


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    If I were you, I'd try switching it out for the horn section instrument. Sounds a bit more realistic, not nearly as squeaky.

    I ought to upload some of the Sonic 2 stuff I've done in GB. Worth a shot.
  12. ancara


    It's been a while, but I now have a new version of my remastering of Aquatic Ruins Zone.....well, make that 2 new versions actually. You see, I've been torn between keeping the Pan Flutes that I've been using and changing it to an Alto Sax. So I made two versions, so you guys could tell me which one works better for it.

    Version A

    Version B

    Hopefully ya can help me out here. :3
  13. Andeed


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    Version A is brilliant in my opinion! The style is reminiscent of the Monkey Island games, and I think it fits the jungle theme of the level well, without deviating away from the original tune and effect.

    Both pieces have a lot of energy too.

    I'm not sure about the Saxophone one... yet. On some parts the intonation doesn't seem quite right. Could you perhaps reduce the velocity of the notes a bit and add a little reverb to make it more mellow? Also, I'd recommend altering the modulation on the sax so that there's a delay before it starts (or reduce the amount of modulation), so it only plays on the longer notes as the note is held, otherwise it just sounds like someone's messing with the pitch-bend dial on a keyboard while you're trying to play. That may also be what's causing the sharp intonation at the start.
  14. Thundertimi


    Sonic Retro (Artwork team)
  15. kazade


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    Version A is seriously brilliant.
  16. Canned Karma

    Canned Karma

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    Very nice ancara. Version A sounds great.
  17. dummeh


    Hey guys - I'm a long time fan of the project. There's some really nice work going on, music-wise.

    I know most of the zones are covered already, but would you guys have any use for these?

    Mystic Cave Zone Remix
    Hill Top Zone Remix
    Oil Ocean Zone Remix
    Chemical Plant Zone Remix
    Aquatic Ruin Zone Remix
    Various bits Remix

    MP3s are available. I also still have the project files for them all so I can make changes and such where required. I'm also looking at covering more zones once my current real-life-workload is gone.
  18. DigitalDuck


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    DigitalDuck wants this in his Sonic 2 HD. :thumbsup: Seriously, it's incredible. Not only did you use the harmonica (and I'm almost certain it was supposed to be a harmonica), but you did it brilliantly, and the other instruments chosen complement it beautifully.

    And about the ending when it changes; can we have this as a feature in Sonic 2 HD? I'm not suggesting a whole portion of song is added, but merely some parts dropped/changed velocity/instrumentation every two or three loops, just to keep things a little interesting.

    Also, I think it's hilarious how on most of those linked videos, the "Suggestions" show nineteen of your other videos, and then one of mine at the bottom. I wondered where the new comments were coming from.
  19. McGuirk


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    Dummeh, those a really, really good. Your remix style absolutely captures the feel of the original pieces. I especially liked your Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean, and Hilltop remixes. Aquatic Ruin was good as well.

    I would not be disappointed if a few of these showed up in S2HD, but I have an idea to throw your way. The bass instrument you're using is very fitting in Oil Ocean and to a lesser extent Mystic Cave, but I thought it was a bit overpowering in Hill Top and Aquatic Ruin (upon reflection, it's fine for the majority of Hill Top, but it overpowers the intro and quieter parts). Mind you, it sounded awesome for the remixes, but if you wanted to make them into something a little more true to the original, that's a suggestion.

    Oh, "various bits" has further confirmed it. I love your style. I sounds like Sonic 2, both in the technically correct sense and in spirit.
  20. dummeh


    Thanks for the comments - glad you guys like them. I'm usually an orchestral composer but I figured I'd have a stab at making them really, really faithful.
    Had an hour to kill so I got another one done tonight -

    Thanks! I definitely think it was meant to be a harmonica, too. Always wondered why so many remixes I've heard have used an electric guitar. I would hope that extending the song with variations would be ok - I imagine it's something Sega would have done if they'd had space on the cart. I tried to keep my variations quite close to the original material so that they sound like they fit in (except the Chemical Plant ending - that was just me mucking about :D)

    Thanks a lot. I was definitely aiming for a really faithful Sonic 2 sound, so glad to hear that people think I succeeded. Agree with the bass on Hill Top and Aquatic Ruin - there's just bits where it's a little too in your face. I'm gonna go back and fix those at some point.
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