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Music Remastered

Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by Athelstone, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. steveswede


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    Here's the latest one. Got rid of the reverb, made it louder and changed the modulation at the start of the Harmonica to make it sound better. Added Drums, couple of shakers and added clicking fingers to give it a bit more groove. Need to add a crash and the final instrument but I haven't come across anything that fits it yet. I'm thinking a sax will fit just fine as I don't want to over do it with Horns.

    Hilltop Zone v2


    I gave it a go with some of the free Sax vst's but the notes were too detuned from each other. If I come across a decent Sax I'll give it another go.


    That is a real Harmonica as it's from a ROMpler called Sonivox Harmonica. It's the reverb and the modulation that makes it sound odd which is now sorted. It would be good if someone could play that lead for this for real but we haven't got that option unfortunately.
  2. Metal Knuckles

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    For some reason, the current ending theme seems kinda... to mellow. After finishing the game in HD with all these remastered soundtracks and graphics, one would expect something more along the lines of trumpeted orchestras rather then peaceful flute music. If you're going for a perfect reenactment, it's good, but it seems like most tracks are carrying a bit more "oomph" to them.
  3. LazloPsylus


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    Something I noticed while listening to Hilltop side by side with the original Hilltop: when the horns come in for the countermelody at about 11.3 seconds in, at the very top of the 2nd climb (at about 12.2 seconds), the note sounds too high by about 1/2 a step. Every time that same small portion is played, the note is always off by the same 1/2 step.
  4. RedStripedShoes


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    Okay, so I fiddled around with blueblur's Metropolis guitar. I noticed that, towards the end, the timing of some notes were a little off. I decided to make minor edits to the guitar (which begin from 38 sec. onward.) Before doing anything else, I'd like feedback on whether you think the changes are too abrupt or still off-beat.

    Guitar only:
    With percussion (for beat comparison):
    Unedited Guitar with percussion (so you can hear the difference):
  5. DragonsTrap


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    The sound that kicks in at around 6 seconds of the Metropolis track really should be a bass guitar, it even sounds like a bass on the original.
  6. @RedStripedShoes:
    Good work, the bass kick is insane (maybe too strong?). I like it but It could probably do with some delay and reverb like the guitar section, I think 0.2 secs is what I used for delay. Also, don't forget the clap and vinyl scratch parts, don't know if you used toms either, but guess you don't have to. In regard to your timing editing, I can't tell the difference in the timing from listening to both tracks just now. I can maybe fine tune it if you tell me where the problem areas are (how many seconds in, or which samples).

    Yes I agree it requires bass, I don't have a bass guitar or any good bass synth right now, but if you want me to post the guitar track without the rhythm guitar so you can replace it with bass, I will do that for you... just let me know.
  7. DragonsTrap


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    Thanks, but I don't think I'm good enough to try my work on this - I think I'll leave the actual music work to people who are musically talented. I haven't made any music for over 10 years.. and even then it was some pretty amateur sounding pro-tracker stuff on my Amiga :P` ..was just throwing my opinion out there.
  8. @DragonsTrap:

    No problem. Anyone is welcome if they want to have a go and improve it.


    I downloaded the guitar only part and now the changes are very noticeable. I used 138 bpm if that helps? I think if you put the clap and scratch samples in, you won't notice it though.
  9. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    That's what I had. Thank you for confirming it. I'll work on it more later.
  10. Here's my take on the extra life fanfare (scored for three trumpets, three trombones, tuba, timpani, and cymbals). Feedback on the balance would be helpful, as I am mixing on something that I know does not have a particularly flat frequency response. Then again, the odds that any of you are listening on speakers/headphones with a rather flat frequency response is fairly low too...

    Sonic 2 HD - Extra Life 1.0
  11. ICEknight


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    That sounds awesome already, but perhaps it could sound a bit more "epic" if the cymbals would stand out a little more?

    Just a thought, I might be completely wrong.
  12. I'll look into it. This is a celebratory occasion after all. :-D
  13. Elratauru


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    oh shit, Im gonna use that as my new sms ringtone right now xD
  14. RedStripedShoes


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    Hey Blue Streak, do you think you could consider using a file hosting site that doesn't require non-members to wait a whole minute to start downloading?
  15. Glad you like it El.

    Red: Sorry about that. -_-
    Feel free to propose a good one and I'll use it.
  16. Gambit


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    Sonic 2 HD
    I find that Mediafire is an excellent site. The max upload size may be a bit on the small end, but it doesn't make you wait for anything. You can also make a free account and keep a record of all your files. The files also seem to remain active for a really long time. I think the oldest inactive file I have on mine is a year old now and it still works.
  17. RedStripedShoes


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    I use FileDen. I've had no problems with it keeping my files.

    But the ads can be a bit obnoxious. You get sent to a new tab with an ad after you upload. Just switch back as soon as you hit the Upload button.

    Also a word of caution: when you sign up (or log in), you'll get several pages which say "Almost done" and ask for more information. Those are "free offers," and though they might look mandatory at first glance, they're not. Just hit the Pass button on all of them until you get to a page that looks like FileDen again.

    I think the site automatically remembers you so you don't have to log in each time you visit, but you might want to click on a Remember Me checkbox if you see it (I forget if there is one) and avoid hitting Logout. That'll let you skip the "free offer" crap.

    If you're willing to go through the hassle, then you can just post links to your files and people can download them immediately without getting redirected to the site. Oh, also try to use the Direct URL feature instead of the Linked URL, otherwise you'll be turning your link into an advertisement. And I wouldn't want anyone to sign up for it without learning all the tricks beforehand.

    EDIT: As far as I know, files don't expire (or they stay a really long time) on your account at FileDen. But I think if you're logged out for 30 days, your files get deleted. They're nice enough to send an e-mail to tell you to log back in, though.

    Ah, who am I kidding. FileDen sucks. Don't use it.
  18. Alright everyone, I'm looking to try and take this project up a level. We've done nothing with the sound effects at all, and yet we can't just use the old effects in an HD game, or at least I don't think we should.

    It won't be an easy task recreating all the effects, but I have already done what is arguably the hardest one: the "SEGA" sound.


    "SEGA" HD

    Please note that the effect also has what I believe are a synth pad, a bass, and a pitch-bent synth tom, but I have only replicated the voice so far, seeing how that's the hardest part. I'll let everyone else take a shot at those parts if they'd like, but note that the pitches are not standard notes; they're quarter tones (halfway between chromatic notes). I have pitched the vocal part to match the original quarter tones.

    Oh, and I purposefully didn't add reverb because it's not in the original, but it's a piece of cake for me to add some high quality stuff if necessary.

    I also realize the use of the SEGA sound is rather unclear from a copyright perspective and we were considering other official SEGA sound sources. Perhaps the fact that I have now simulated it will make this question moot? Or maybe not.
  19. Vincent


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    Sonic 2 HD
    Wow, that's something incredible idea dear Blue! :D

    This, is the complete undivided sound effect rip we're going to use.
    Except the SEGA word, which will not be used for several resons, we are without any doubt willing to have some very high quality sound effects, as close as much to the original one.

    We both need these files to be perfectly cut into separate files and if better Audio HQ alternatives are available.. Go on ahead! ^^

    Keep me informed! ;)
  20. Meh, it would be nice to use more than a rip of the originals. I don't see why it is beyond us to do them all in HD. Naturally they'd follow the same approach as the music would. I may try working with some of the effects.

    Shame we're not using the SEGA sound effect (although I understand why), I thought I did a pretty good job with the voice part.
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