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Music Remastered

Discussion in 'Sonic 2 HD (Archive)' started by Athelstone, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. @ RedStripedShoes:
    Yes I know what you mean, they do sound very similar, I almost thought about mixing them together at one point... maybe I will. The beats are different tempo (DEZ is slightly faster) and DEZ drums are much more complicated. I can't make MZ just by rearranging the samples, its not like midi, I'm using live recordings so have to record me playing. I'll see what I can do though with both songs to maybe make a DEZ MZ hybrid! Mwa ha haaa. :)
  2. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Well I did me a little experiment. I took your Death Egg rendition, rearranged the notes in the bridge, and replaced your Metropolis rendition's bridges with it. I also added an organ for contrast.

    Sadly, it did not turn out as well as expected. But I'll post it anyway, in case you're curious just how it turned out.

  3. @RedStripedShoes:

    Wow, that was... different lol. The bridge on Death Egg is much easier to play because of where the notes are on the guitar, they just fall under my fingers, whereas Metropolis I have my fingers in a cramped position, and I'm not as used to playing hammerons down the scale or whatever you call it. I have practiced since I recorded that sample though, and I think I will give it another shot tomorrow or something.
  4. Canned Karma

    Canned Karma

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    That's much, much better. I'd be interested in seeing what adding grace notes to the sax would do to give the piece more character.
  5. Hi, I've redone Metropolis again, made loads of new samples. I think it still needs improving, the hammerons at the bridge sound wierd because I cheated with recodring software, and I need to add the chords at that section, I might add the different chords in the main song too (going down occasionally instead of up all the time). I also upped the tempo to 138 bpm. Hope you like it... it took me most of yesterday and today.

    Comments and criticism are welcome.
  6. Changed a few things... but I think now its hard to hear the main chords over the backing rhythm... I also did the hammerons properly this time (no cheating). Let me know what you think.

    P.S. this upload site has no popups, but it only keeps the file for 7 days so tell me if you want me to re-upload.
  7. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    The guitar is perfect.

    Everything else... not so much. But if everything else is synth, then it shouldn't be too difficult to get it just right.
  8. @RedStripedShoes

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The drums (snare, kick, open and closed high hat) are all synth, do you suggest I change the samples or the volume or the sequences?

    The record scratch and clap are from the original track from the game (I can't find a good replacement), If you can recommend a good sample to replace them with, please help.

    The rest is me playing guitar in various ways with various effects switched on.

    I should probably replace the muffled rhythm guitar with a realistic synth bass, but the program I'm using does poor bass so I'll have to use different software...

    If you can recommend software for the bass sequence let me know.
  9. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Well would you mind posting just the guitar (with effects) and letting us try to add stuff to it?
  10. Nice, where are the flute and samples from?
  11. Chaos Knux

    Chaos Knux

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    uh... I'm not sure if it's worthy of this, or if it's even wanted, but I OGG'd the original Sweet Dreams by Dreams Come True with the lyrics for the ending sequence.
  12. yeah that's been suggested before I'm pretty sure.
  13. Here is the Wav file for only the guitars for Metropolis Zone, for anyone who wants to add drums etc.

    It has got a 100 downloads limit, or 7 days limit.

    Have fun!

    Let me know if you want any of the samples removing or changing in this file
  14. steveswede


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    Here's an update of Hilltop Zone. Just got one more instrument to put in and do some different percussion and its finished.

    Hilltop Zone
  15. Canned Karma

    Canned Karma

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    Sonic 2 HD, various 3D work
    That's about spot-on with what I look for in a faithful remaster. Excellent work on that so far steveswede, can't wait for the final version.
  16. BlazeHedgehog


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    Reverb on the harmonica sounds really weird, and I still think it should be Alto Sax...
  17. ICEknight


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    I also feel that harmonica lacks something... This looks like another case where a real instrument would come in handy.
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