"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. MH MD

    MH MD

    i mean people can still make more complicated levels, or more simple levels, so comparisons of existing stages is moot point anyway.

    Super Mario Maker has both the simplest stages, and the most complicated stages to ever exist in any Mario game ever, in the end, the only thing stopping people is their creativity and their desire to make said stages.

    If people can get super creative on Super Mario Maker, Minecraft, Little Big Planet, Dreams, and other games like them, what's stopping them for Sonic? practically nothing, it's not like we already have amazing sonic fangames or anything....
  2. Beltway


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    I don't think more complex stage design is really something that can be held against the concept of a Sonic Maker. Both Mario Maker games have allowed players to create some surprisingly dense stage design. Those games allow for a surprising lot of varying stage gimmicks, enemies, powerups, boss characters, and level structures you can pack into one single stage. MM2 even allows for combining an array of different elements together (e.g. adding a stage hazard gimmick like fire to an enemy, and then adding that onto a flying cloud), as well as expanding individual stages with multiple/secret rooms, and arranging multiple stages together into small worlds/campaigns. Not even the recent NSMB games made by actual Nintendo staff really get as dense as the custom stages can allow.

    I think there's also definitely some irony in the statement because "complex" would be the last word I would use to describe 2D Sonic stage design nowadays. Several of us have been comparing the 2D stage design in recent Sonic games to the type of levels stages an amateur would make in Super Mario Maker for a while now. (Now take that irony and double it with how Sonic Team has declared themselves in the past being "the professionals" of Sonic stage design twice. Next, triple it when you consider the first time, they said it to rule against making a Sonic level creator game. Then quadruple it with the "good level design" panel Sonic Team held in the wake of Forces' release.)

    The only real element I would say would be harder for a Sonic Maker game to handle would be the physics engine (assuming we're talking Genesis physics), and having everything work together on top of it with very small hiccups. It's not impossible but I'd imagine it would have to take a really polished variant of the engine with a majority of the existing bugs and design oversights covered. There's definitely been some people trying on that end in the fangame scene; the Sonic Studio fangame being the most prolific example that I'm aware of.
  3. Endgame


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    It wouldn't surprise me if they tried to do some sort of game requiring a VR headset, though I can't see how it would work without giving people motion sickness. It'd probably be [once again] counterintuitive anyway.
  4. Wildcat


    Wait Sega actually said they were against making a Sonic creator type game?

    Never knew about that PlaySega Flash program. Wish I could have tried it.

    Anyway ya making a Sonic level cannot be any harder when there’s some really outlandish MM levels. It’s about structuring them however you want.
  5. Glaber


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    Donut Planes is not 1-1, it's 2-1
  6. mylz


    Something where you'd have to use a treadmill and you run faster as the levels progress. They could bill it as a Sonic version of the Ring Fit Adventure.
  7. SystemsReady


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    I wouldn't say it'd be technical issues that'd keep Sega from making a Sonic Maker, but rather, comprehension issues on part of potential players. I think lots of people might be drawn into the initial idea but then try to make something around the physics and give up. Mario is something a newbie can comprehend at first: you press jump button, mario goes up, then comes down. Mario runs into items to get new powers. That's basically old-school mario in a nutshell.

    Trying to get someone who isn't familiar with rolling physics to make a satisfying level is more difficult, and on top of this, lots of younger people don't really know mega drive Sonic gameplay all that well. And of course, Sega won't put out a game that only older people like us would get (we had an argument about this in another topic but Mania sold well across both kids and adults, and the movie was marketed towards kids, and Boom was on Cartoon Network; they clearly consider children a large demographic). On top of this, Sonic doesn't have the intense brand recognition that Mario has, making it easier for people to walk away and...go play Mario Maker if they get vexed.
  8. Overlord


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    Fair point, but it's entirely possible you'd play it as the first level. Besides, the other one is just as simple, if not moreso =P

    @Black Squirrel Fair point, but you get what I'm getting at.
  9. Crappy Blue Luigi

    Crappy Blue Luigi

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    Overlord, the SMW level you posted is the first level of World 2, Donut Plains. You're looking for either Yoshi's Island 1 or Yoshi's Island 2.

  10. Bryn2k


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    Super Mario World is, at the core, an extremely basic engine - that's why modding it has taken off so much, it's an easy game to hack the shit out of. Even I can use Lunar Magic.
  11. Swifthom


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    The individual level length is a major factor, as has already been pointed out. You can almost get a satisfying mario level in a single screen whereas Sonic demands space to run to build in the compelxitity.

    But yeah - consensus seems to be switch is inevitable. I hope your right, and I hope its better handled than forces on switch was.

    It's just... SEGA are not always great at going for the obvious and those rare aforementioned non nintendo games are - despite whatever else they may do wrong -- graphical powerhouses for the core experience (ignoring the glitches, in screenshot they look nice). The Sonic Team thst was do like to be seen to be technically savvy.

    And as the new Ratchett and Clank game is showing, if you use the extra power to make levels more complex rather than to stuff all the polygons, you can get something quite complex.

    Either way I look forward to seeing
  12. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Sonic Maker could be cool, but I'd only trust Taxman and Stealth to make it, given that Sonic Team has demonstrated in the past they can't really do a good job at recreating the classics' physics. I mean, I feel like it'd still be neat if Sonic Team made it, but I'd be more confident if they outsourced it.

    However, I've remembered the one Sonic game I've been dreaming of for years: Sonic Rush 3. I love the Rush games and would be really excited if they decided to cap off the trilogy for the 30th anniversary, free from the restraints of the DS. Also get Naganuma to compose the soundtrack again.
  13. Impish


    I don't like or trust 4chan, so I'll link to this twitter thread instead: https://twitter.com/FreggieYT/status/1307781814040363010 .

    Sonic Ultimate Mega Collection supposedly leaked. Considering the source I'm taking this with a grain of salt, although a new collection would normally make sense considering we're entering a new console generation, except that both the new major consoles are backwards compatible and most potential games are either in prior available collections or on their digital stores.

    Unsure what such a collection would hold, except maybe the Sonic Adventures (now that they seem to have become like the Mega Drive games, endlessly port-able). Sonic Heroes could be included, has never been re-released though. Dream collection would include Retro Engine Sonic 1, 2 and CD though.
  14. Wildcat


    I understand what people mean between Mario and Sonic levels. He leans more towards momentum but even that’s not the case a lot of times. There’s always big portions of platforming and navigating through obstacles in a lot of Sonic stages before you’re able go through more flowing segments.

    I don’t see why it would be so complicated for players to mix and match these things. There’s out right ridiculous MM stages in scale and challenge. I feel like players would figure it out.
  15. SuperSnoopy


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    I'm pretty sure that Sonic Ultimate Mega Collection logo is fanmade, right? I remember seeing it on reddit not too long ago.
  16. raphael_fc


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    We could have a Sonic Mania 2 / Sonic 5, but we are going to have a weird title like Lost World or Forces and a mobile game with the same name and a different gameplay.
  17. Fred


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    I wonder how many people understand that the "Mega" in Sonic Mega Collection comes from "Mega Drive". Two, maybe three?
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  18. RDNexus


    Never heard of it. Any source for that?
  19. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Given that every game on it was a Genesis (AKA Mega Drive) game, it's not a big leap of logic to make.
  20. RDNexus


    Wouldn't surprise me if so were the case xD
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