"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

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    Can't wait for a Sonic 1 remake in 3D with boost gameplay, constant switching between long empty highways in 3D and blocky platforming in 2D, and both classic Sonic and modern Sonic as playable characters, with Zavok as the boss of marble zone, and spring yard and starlight zone full of humans in the background, all topped with wisps releasing from badniks and a DLC which shows how Shadow made Eggman blame Sonic for his first defeat when he was planning how to buy an island to build junkassic park on it.

    Now, jokes aside, they'll probably release a main game, a mobile game, and either another mobile game or a sports-based title like sonic team football or 2021 Olympics.
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    And every Zone is a separate world, don't forget that!
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    They def won't do anything for the Olympics. Even though it was delayed until 2021 it's still very much the 2020 Olympics in Japan.
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    I'm expecting a new 3D entry, a new Tyson animation project, and some comic tie in.

    Mania 2 isn't likely imo but I would love to be proven wrong.
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    I love the 30th anniversary logo, probably my second favorite anniversary logo so far! I'd love to see a new 2D game complete with new levels, but I doubt it'll happen. :S I just hope at least one of the games will be decent, but meh you know Sonic Team's reputation. I just hope one of the games have zones that are longer than the stages in Forces. It can't be too difficult to do that right? :V
  6. Someone did a animation for the logo and wow.
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    Okay, not worth a new thread (at least not yet) but having seen the PS5 announcements today.
    Are we expecting the big new tentpole game to be new console exclusive or will it be cross compatible with PS4 and Xbox One? If it is then I feel switch compatability more likely as it indicates the tech is scalable, however if its new console exclusive switch architecture presumably impossible.

    Just who are the best target market for Sega right now? I have no idea.
    Which is why it makes sense that there will be multiple announcements but... I feel like we're heading into 06 and Secret rings territory again if they try that (please no - I don't mean in that way - i mean in the sense anyone with only 1 console is watchign with jealousy at the other because it looks better than the one they have)
  8. After seeing Forces and TSR, I don't think Sonic games will be all that graphically intensive anymore. If Naka and Ohshima's new Ballan Wonderworld game can be cross-gen and be on all 5 consoles (including the Switch) and PC, I don't see why SEGA/Sonic Team can't do the same for Sonic games.
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    It's almost absolutely given that the next Sonic game will be on Switch.

    06, Unleashed and Generations are the only three Sonic games in the past near-20 years that didn't release on a Nintendo console, and even then 06's Wii development became a new game (Secret Rings) while Unleashed and Gens got Wii and 3DS demakes respectively. Now that the gaps between console gens aren't as enormous anymore and the option to do portable/waggle-based demakes is out, any major Sonic game is bound to be released for Switch alongside the others.

    I'd honestly moreso expect a Switch-exclusive game than for them to omit it, lol. Storybook games and Lost World leave precedent.
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    I hope it's Sonic Mania 2. Would be perfectly fine without a 3D title after Forces.

    I do wonder if something was supposed to be announced at SXSW back in April.
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    I think a Switch version for the next major Sonic title is virtually guaranteed, but I'm more curious on if the Switch hardware will be used as the baseline for future games. The Switch version of Forces came pretty late in development, well after production started for the more powerful PS4/XBO/PC platforms; Sonic Team in an interview even said they weren't sure if they would be able to complete the Switch port in time for the game's release. And it shows with its 30fps framerate, significantly pared-back textures/lighting, and overall drastically-lowered performance. That's not even covering the multiple pre-release impressions of the Switch version slamming it as a technical mess that struggled to hit stable performance.

    So hopefully, all of the above is a lesson learned for whomever is responsible for developing the next title(s). (Although if it's a game with "run on a toaster" specs and/or is outsourced to a competent porting studio like Mania, then the developers don't need to worry too much.)

    As for Switch exclusivity....I have my doubts Nintendo and Sega would want to try that again after the 2013 Wii U/3DS partnership (as well as Sega's efforts to quickly bail from it with RoL). I wouldn't rule out the possibility though. Mania and Forces had a more prominent presence on the Switch's eShop compared to the PS Store and Steam when they released, Mania especially. The 2013 partnership also made a point of Sega giving/sharing with Nintendo worldwide publishing and distribution rights over the games, something that hadn't been done with the previous Nintendo exclusives besides the first three Mario & Sonic games (where Nintendo published them in Japan). I could definitely see Sega striking a similar scenario with Nintendo with a Switch-exclusive Sonic game, where Nintendo covered publishing and even (mainstream) marketing duties.
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