"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

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    @Blue Blood almost, but don't forget to bloat the file size, add the Sega Forever branding, and be sure to include ads at inconvenient times. Oh and keep that 4:3 aspect ratio because we all know it's impossible for this game to be played in wide-screen :specialed:
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    Thinking about it, one could say that Sonic's entire life has been a series of cycles like these. Sonic 1 to S&K was only a couple years...and then what after that? Between S&K in 94 and Adventure in 98, you had a bunch of titles that were mostly shit or re-releases with like, one or two maybe middling games. And then after Adventure 2 (or, fine, Heroes, even though I think that game is extremely overrated in the fandom), you had another multi-year-and-game period where a bunch of shit titles came out. Again. And then you had Colors and Generations and then......well.....
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    Something which hasn't been directly brought up in this thread is specifically the marketing for the next Sonic games, and Sonic's 30th Anniversary as a whole. I firmly believe that some reform in this department is pretty important.

    I seriously hope that not only are the next Sonic games at least unironically good, but also that their hype build-up, teases, trailers and general marketing actually matches those games. Team Sonic Racing, and even moreso Sonic Forces, had a fair amount of dishonest (or at the very least significantly misleading) marketing/branding which left a bitter taste in my mouth. (This is in addition to Sonic Forces being a bad, confused, bland mish-mash game, piling on my disappointments even further.)

    Team Sonic Racing was first teased with a deliberately Sonic R stylised letter R in the game's logo, without anything else from the game's full title revealed at that point. Could this have been of some significance? Were we going to get an on-foot Sonic racer again ala Sonic R to, y'know, tie into the marketing? Oh, no, instead we get a mostly neutered Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed experience, with a drastically reduced playable cast and overall lesser-looking production quality. Don't get me wrong, the team racing mechanic is a cool idea, and the soundtrack is bangin', but when all that teaser and letter R branding amounts to is, what, a few Sonic R music remixes at most? Nah dude, that's not cool, and feels like a slap in the face. This is particularly annoying when considering the squandered potential of say, using Modern Sonic and other characters to drift and skid around race courses while racing on foot.

    Sonic Forces also had its fair share of deceptive teasing, in the form of some pre-launch trailers. Okay so, aside from the self-aware-lacking move of bringing Zavok (or any of The Deadly Six for that matter) back for another game, what's really annoying is the way Chaos and Shadow were presented, with the implication that there will be some boss battles or other significant gameplay involvement with those characters. Yeah, about that: They're both in fact reduced to being defeated via 2 incredibly underwhelming cutscenes and... that's it. Zero gameplay interaction and ridiculously small screen time. Are SEGA taking the piss or what?! That's what months of teases, speculation and hype building amounts to in the final game, fucking cutscene defeats. Ah, and one of those cutscene defeats is even done by Classic Sonic, who is very awkwardly shoehorned into the utter mess that is Sonic Forces, all of which comes after the good vibes Sonic Mania set up via Classic Sonic and other Classic characters. Well played, SEGA, very classy of you(!)

    I sincerely wish that whatever games are next for Sonic, even if they are smaller scale low budget games, are not marketed with the recent style of deception. Yes I know, company want money, so company promote game heavily, make big deals out of small things, yada yada... But, there's a line to draw here, and I draw it firmly at being misleading, resulting with inevitable disappointments. SEGA will be shown to have learned nothing noteworthy Sonic advertising-wise if 2021 rolls around, and their marketing teams/tactics/people/etcetera haven't changed substantially to better reflect their games. Putting out average to bad Sonic games is frustrating enough as it is, pairing that with official shady marketing just sours things even more.

    That rant aside, a Sonic Mania "2", with all original Zones (plus all, or at least most, of Sonic Mania's developers returning) pretty please? Also, I'm half-expecting some sort of new Sonic mobile game from SEGA's HARDlight division.
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  4. I have a weird feeling that the Chao Garden mobile game we've long been craving may finally come to be. I really don't know if it will happen, but I just have a feeling.
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    Well, a lot of negativity in here. I’m honestly excited. I always am for a new Sonic game and being the 30th anniversary it’s even more exciting imo.

    I thought Forces was alright but flawed. Only game that really disappointed me was Black Knight. So I’m excited for whatever they have planned.

    I predict at least 3 new:
    Next mainline game of course
    A mobile game
    Sonic Mania 2

    Maybe a SA remaster unless they’d consider that “new”. If not that another compilation like Gems. Like Ive mentioned before SegaSonic, Chaotix and other obscure stuff could be put on there.
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    Why do people keep hoping for this when both Stealth and Taxman have games coming out so their current development time being spent is accounted for?
  7. We have no idea what Taxman and the rest of the core Mania team's working on right now. They've been radio-silent for a while. I think that silence is reason for hope.
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    Taxman's whereabouts are well accounted for.
  9. You realize that was some time before he even started working on Mania?
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    Gotta show me that but I'll concede if you do.
  11. Whitehead was announced to be working on FP2 in 2015, for which he was responsible for programming the engine. Mania entered development in 2016, so I'd imagine that he left FP2 around that time so he could focus on directing Mania. He then went back to work on Plus after Mania was released in 2017-2018, after which he formed Evening Star. The last time he said anything about FP2 seems to have been in January 2017 from what I can tell from his Twitter feed.

    For the last year or so since then he's been pretty quiet. He does use Twitter, but he hasn't been saying too much.
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    Great, great...I still don't think it's happening but this is the one time I wouldn't mind being wrong. I wouldn't want a Mania 2 without both Taxman and Stealth either though btw.
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    If there is a Sonic Mania 2 then Stealth is not on the project, since he's confirmed he's bankrupt and is trying to get work and that SEGA hasn't offered anything.
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    Besides the deception in the marketing that @Naean documented, another thing that needs to be jettisoned is the drip-feed marketing cycle. Both of these directions for advertising Sonic games has been in place as far back as the Sonic 4 circus ("TRUE BLUE INITIATIVE") and it was en vogue then as it is now. Which was never.

    Forces is arguably the nadir of it all with how on top of the PR team just throwing crumbs of food out every five miles, promotion was blatantly surreptitious and exploitative across the board; to the point it felt like Sega was going out of their way to hide the game they were supposed to be selling (even given the game we are talking about here is Sonic Forces).

    "Our big gameplay reveal is 30 seconds of Sonic running in a straight after eight months of nothing but a CG teaser"
    "We're not going to admit our game has returning stages like Green Hill until nine months after the game's announcement"
    "We're only going to show Green Hill and Destroyed City Escape until two months before the game's release"
    "Shadow appears at the end of this level but we're going to cut off gameplay footage of the stage right before the goal even though in-game character dialogue mentions him anyway"
    "Here's a demo of the game with short time limits on every stage that we're releasing for Japan and only Japan because >>>>cultural differences<<<<"
    "We're not sending out advance copies or review codes to critics, ya'll can wait until the game is released like everyone else before you can review it"
    "*cricket noises on launch week*"

    It needs to end, and it has needed to end for some ten years now.
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    I betcha Another ghz redesign and chemical plant, oh boyeeee! Suppppper pumppped ! yeowzayeozayeoza!
  16. Yo.

    I like how 0 is Sonic's shoes because he's running.
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    It (officially) begins. Looking forward to game announcements.
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    Great logo, I like it a lot.
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    Is there any chance that they will begin celebrating the 30th anniversary as soon as TGS 2020 later this month? the timing of revealing this logo is suspect, with also how the TGS presentation have Sonic in it's logo.

    Granted, TGS is usually not the place where they announce Sonic games, but who knows at this point with covid and all that, and the time of the 30th anniversary reveal is honestly too soon otherwise
  20. IIRC Aaron said a little while ago the reason the reveal that was supposed to happen at SXSW wasn't revealed in April (as they originally planned) is that they were really happy with the reveal they had planned and wanted to be able to pull it off without any compromises. I think it's possible an announcement will happen at TGS (Sonic reveals have happened there in the past), but of course nothing is set in stone.