"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I'm not even sure Sega has what it takes to produce a good Adventure-style game anymore. When was the last time we got a non-boost 3d Sonic game with spindash that was actually playable? SA2? And that's if you ignore the crappy mech and treasure hunting stages.
  2. SystemsReady


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    I was more thinking of how their last two adventure-type attempts (Unleashed was called World Adventure in Japan and had adventure fields with multiple gameplay styles) were almost a franchise-killer and considered rather uneven, respectively. That's without the team's actual last two games at the moment being mediocre if not outright just bad, depending on who you ask. I'm not optimistic about the idea of this same team attempting something more ambitious when they could barely make Forces a game longer than 2 hours.
  3. Azookara


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    When a company like Sonic Team is constantly having staff shifted around, I honestly couldn't give you a for-certain statement on if they'd do a good OR bad job in the next game. What seems to make the largest difference with this company is how things are managed, and if we're following what the rumor is saying, then what was described for their new setup is pretty decent.

    Also as an aside, trying to shoo away games for resembling past titles is extremely self-defeatist, as it leaves no room to win. Imagine if we decided before Mania that we shouldn't even see new attempts at classic Sonic games because of Sonic 4.
  4. Your sarcasm is only making this funnier for me tbh.
  5. Glaber


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    Sonic Lost World, but then my idea of playable for Sonic games tends to be much wider and makes Sonic 06 borderline unplayable.
  6. Mana


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    They could get an entire trilogy out of the Lost World gameplay style if they fixed the kinks like the run button and weird momentum and added other playable characters. They could even try their hand at the open world type game using the gameplay style if they wanted.

    I was used to Sonic Team messing up the first time in some way and redoing a style and perfecting it that I thought it was a sure thing. That Zelda DLC made my mind glow with the possibilities for an Open World Sonic game in that vein and I hope SEGA does something like it one day.
  7. Wildcat


    I just want to say something before getting to the rumors.

    We know the expression “take it with a grain of salt” means don’t put much trust in the info...size of a grain. Makes sense. Every time though with any supposed news some say - I’m taking it with a giant grain of salt or a pile of salt. Which contradicts the expression. It’s funny because that would mean you’re taking the info with more trust than just the 1 normal sized grain.

    If you really want to emphasize your skepticism you should say something like - I’m taking it with a microscopic grain of salt. It’s so small the naked eye can’t see it. Ok I’m done. Haha.

    I don’t really believe Classic Sonic (or the Classic theme) will stop appearing in games but if they really are putting the focus on Modern Sonic I’m fine with that. I consider it the same character anyway.

    Modern Sonic can easily have his own Mania-style game. I know some people want the Classic era theme but it’s the same character. I’m not mad they had split. I’m trying to say the Classic theme can be used regardless if they really wanted to.
  8. Mana


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    Wasn't Generations already Modern Sonic Mania though?
  9. Wildcat


    Ya I guess but that’s 3D. I meant you could make a Genesis-style game with Modern Sonic. You don’t need the 90s designs to do one.

    Let’s say they make Mania 2 but with the modern cast. It not weird for them to appear in another Genesis-style game. Basically like Sonic 4. I’ve never played it but I’m talking about the format.
  10. Beltway


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    Internally I definitely believe that was the prevailing thought process at Sega in the aftermath of "as you truly imagined it". Episode III was quietly binned after Episode II's tepid reception and we later learned about TaxStealth's 3&K remaster pitch being turned down shortly after that; music rights notwithstanding. Those events combined with Sega refocusing their attention on Boom as their new face of Sonic to promote, definitely made it look like they would never look back at that part of the series (besides the obligatory merchandise); and everything Zippo's rumor says about their internal feelings about the Mega Drive department of Sonic feels perfectly in line with that.

    ...which IMO makes it absolutely bewildering that Sega gave Mania the promotion and support that it did during and after release, let alone greenlit at all if that's how they truly felt about that part of the series. Taxman should had been shown the door the minute right after his Sonic Discovery pitch; if not outright treated like this:



    On that note, the only two cents I can chip in with is that if this rumor is true, and that's really their mentality going forward? I can't say I'm expecting whatever they're planning for the Millennium half for this anniversary to not be more of the same mediocrity, sadly. For all of the changes they may be setting up for "a new era of Sonic," it still sounds like the same old traps of franchise mismanagement and hamfisted misunderstanding of consumer feedback aren't going anywhere. (Especially if they truly are giving the crown of "chief 2D Sonic developer" back to Dimps of all studios.)

    This isn't even me being bitter of Mega Drive Sonic being shelved, that was looking evident for a while now and it's not the first time they've done this, so w/e. I'm saying that based on the flawed arguments being made to support their decisions. I could re-contextualize those reasons in the context of various other franchises and the logic would look just as bad, if not worse.
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  11. Josh


    I'm trying my best to keep this in perspective. It's still just a rumor. "Hold on to what if," and all that. But speaking purely for myself, I'm still going to be pretty sad if those rumors are true. I know Forces was disappointing, but boost is still my favorite 3D gameplay style, and it's sad to think I might never actually see that quality follow-up to Generations.

    To say nothing of how it'd feel to never get a follow-up to Sonic Mania. Classic Sonic has appeared in three games since 1998, and he's starred in ONE by himself. I don't really care whether he's past Sonic or alternate dimension Sonic, whether he's an art shift or a separate character. I just want more of him, his cast, his gameplay, and his aesthetic.

    The fact that the most vocal contingent of fans see Classic Sonic the way they do makes me feel ostracized enough as it is. The idea that Sega might internally see him that way too... man. If this is true, it's gonna be a rough time, but my fandom's made it through worse.

    Ultimately, of course what matters more than anything is that the next games are actually good. Gameplay is paramount, and that's way more important to me than whether the series hits my preferences.

    Still, I feel the vocal zeitgeist has never been weighted so much against my preferences, and I get it, but it's hard not to feel bummed about it.


    It's really off-putting to take joy from other fans' dissatisfaction. Be happy that the series might be moving in a direction that suits you, sure. But please, don't describe other people being upset over it as "amusing," or "funny."
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  12. This bugs you? Like, I'm actually curious (I, myself, am excited at the possibility of their return). Sure, sonic 4 flopped hard and lost world 3ds was ok, but then you have pocket adventure, advance 1, 2, and 3, as well as rush, rush adventure, colors, and gens 3ds which were all average at their worst and universally appreciated at best. That's 8 successes and only 3 failures- that's a better track record than sonic team themselves.

    Sure, I think we'd all like evening star or the like to head another 2d game, but if sega can't get them, I'd choose dimps next without hesitation. Not a single dimps sonic game I've played to date has left me disappointed- the worst one was sonic 4 ep 1 and that gets like a 5/10 from me. I've played far worse games from sonic team themselves, so I'd much rather have a developer who has proved they can make good sonic games (advance 1 is their best :p) over a developer who clearly doesn't (sorry not sorry sonic team).

    I'd like to hear your thoughts- I think this could be an interesting discussion
  13. Azookara


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    Dimps was a guess made by Zippo and not a lock-in for who's handling the 2D game mentioned in the rumor.
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  14. Metalwario64


    The way I see classic Sonic is this:

    It was cute when Generations was made, because it was a fun look at both eras of Sonic. However, the fact that he was basically treated as a separate character after that really rubbed me the wrong way and just furthered the divide between the fanbase.

    I'll always say this, but it's like if Nintendo fans were against the leaner, taller 3D Mario with denim overalls and realistic hair so much that Nintendo made "Mario Generations" with that Mario and SMB1 Mario with the super stubby limbs and red overalls, and only that Mario could be used for 2D games going forward and the blue overall, taller one only in the 3D games. That, and the fanbase constantly fighting over Mario's height and overall color and debating if they're truly separate entities or just an art direction shift.

    Well, if we got actual classic inspired aesthetics for the 2D Mario games going forward, that might actually be a good thing. XD

    Or maybe Metroid Fans debating if all of the different Samus designs are actually from the same universe, or if they're all really Samus.

    But I'll never understand why Sonic stands out SO much for having a modernized design that is still very clearly recognizable as the same character. The complaints about the green eyes always mystifies me as well, considering Mega Man fans are okay with their blue boy having green eyes.
  15. Blugenesi(Jarty)


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    Like I said on twitter as this rumour came out, Sega not capitalizing on the Success of Mania and Whitehead’s talent is.... the most Sega thing i’ve ever heard of. I hope it’s not the case as Whiteheads remakes and Mania are by far my favourite Sonic anything of the 2010s. Hell i’d take just the 3 remakes we got released on the current consoles besides Xbox with extras like drop dash. But here’s hoping we get something from Mr. Whitehead, and this rumour is a load
  16. Pengi


    As Azookara mentioned above, people are confusing the leaked info Zippo supposedly heard with Zippo's own commentary/guesses based upon that info.

    The rumour is that there will be a 2D Sonic game, with the Modern Sonic cast and multiple playable characters. No info on who is or isn't developing it.

    I would hope that Sega would approach Evening Star first. I'm sure they're perfectly capable of colouring Sonic's eyes green.
  17. big smile

    big smile

    Sega's got two problems with Modern Sonic:

    1. They've been making Modern Sonic games for 20 years and still haven't nailed the formula (And it's debatable if they ever will given how fractured they have made the fan base). Whilst it's admirable that they keep trying, all the misfires slowly damage the rep of the brand over time.

    2. They need to have at least one new modern game a year. They have got better at leaving more time between main game releases. But we still get a lot of spin-offs to pad out the gaps, which again, don't always help the rep of the brand.

    That's why letting the Mania series continue seems like a no brainer. It maintains the rep of the brand while also allowing them to have something in addition than spin-offs for the gaps between main titles. And I bet Mania cost a lot less to produce than some of the other games.

    It's true that they don’t want to take away the shine away from Modern Sonic games, or make the franchise look like it's stuck in the past.

    But I bet the average person doesn't see Classic Sonic as a different Sonic from Modern Sonic. To them it's all just Sonic. If they do see a difference, then it's because Sega keeps on mandating that that Classic be a separate character from a different dimension without a voice, which is all stuff that the hardcore dislike anyway.

    Mario effortlessly switches between his classic and modern designs (sometimes in the same level), without any distinction. Why does Sega need split Sonic?

    And also if the fan base is making lots of Classic games, why doesn't Sega capitalise on that and release a Mario Maker clone (they were first with idea with Play Sega anyway).
  18. Hanging Waters

    Hanging Waters

    ....why you gotta do this in literally every thread? Trying to "own the classic sonic fanboys" at every crossroads isn't exactly a good look. I get that it's amusing to you, but idk personally I don't wanna throw shade at them for caring about something they like. It's not a crime.

    I'm also not sure what you mean because SEGA has direct contact with Whitehead and would easily be able to contact Evening Star. If they don't make a Mania 2 it's because they don't want to, not because they somehow can't reach Taxman's email.
  19. LucasMadword


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    I feel cautiously optimistic for what they've got in store for this year. Whether the rumour is true or not... I dunno, I have a feeling that Mania might have finally made them learn from their mistakes! That, and I kind of have to be cautiously optimistic after the disappointment that was Forces, otherwise I'd have given up on the series lol :P

    To me, although I prefer the boost gameplay (when done right like Generations), along with classic 2D (again when done right like Mania), I'm not against anything really. They wanna do a 2D game with Modern Sonic? Sure. They wanna do a 3D game with Classic Sonic? Sure. They wanna merge the characters again then have a completely unique thing? Sure. I just want something that is good haha, I don't care what it is, I want something I can sit and play and enjoy myself with.
  20. BadBehavior


    I can only account for my own experience, but this is just schadenfreude from seeing something Sega used as a crutch for the better part of the last decade get thrown in the trash along with substantive stories and non-Sonic playable characters, things that some (definitely not all) Classic fans were happy to similarly see trashed with the shift from Unleashed to Colours. "Now YOU know how it feels, nyeh!" is the general sentiment.

    As you say, toxicity breeds toxicity. In the future, Meta era fans are gonna be gloating at us that adventure throwback games are being replaced in favour of VR endless runners (including the most anticipated Nintendo Labo VR exclusive of 2031: Sonic 4orces) that play like the minecart level from Astro Bot Rescue Mission. "This is what you get for dunking on what we liked!" they'll say.
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