"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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    Yeah I'm just surprised about the side games. They used Big in Team Racing but not Cream. Maybe she is just "too young to drive" and not already a technical pro like Tails who pilots the even more complicated airplanes.
  2. Laura


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    My friend asked me if they made a Sonic Mania 2. He knows nothing about Sonic and doesn't really like the series, but he's aware of Mania from my discussions with him. When I told him about its story (it's a game made by a different team who haven't released anything since) he seemed very bemused.
  3. Shadow tends to be the exception in this case.
  4. The Team Sonic Racing characters were picked/left out based on the needs of the team based mechanics. Each team had three types: Speed, Technique, and Power. Right off the bat this sounds like Sonic Heroes, which it basically is as far as the teams are concerned. My assumption is that to differentiate the game from Heroes and keep it up to date they would remove/swap around/include certain characters. Cream, Espio, and Charmy are dropped in favor of the Chao team, Silver, and Blaze. Metal Sonic and Zavok also appear on Eggman's team.

    Cream being left out of TSR doesn't mean Sega/Sonic Team are retiring her or ignoring her, its more a testament to the scrambled development of TSR than anything. I guarantee she'll pop up the next time they need a character to stand around and drop exposition without any explanation as to why they're there (Silver in Forces)
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    Cream is also majorly in the comics too (on covers even!), so it's not like Sega has mandated her to stop appearing or something...
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  6. Mana


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    As for multiple games I'm expecting one big 3D game, one spin off, and a mobile game. I don't expect 2 big games in one year.

    Even with Mania and Forces, Mania was technically a side project and it reflected in both the pricing and lack of physical until over a year later. Just not how they roll.
  7. MH MD

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    So i am not sure about rumors/leaks policy here, so i don't know if it deserves it's own thread, but i also find this article interesting from known "insider" called Zippo, he had some information about the possible upcoming games, here is the whole article if you are interested, i recommend to read the whole thing:

    But to summarize:
    1 - There will be a collection that have some games that didn't release in a collection before, maybe pocket adventure or Advance games, it will NOT include Taxman's Sonic 1 and 2 but maybe M2 versions that released on 3DS, also not Sonic 3 for obvious reasons.
    2 - a new 2D sonic game, but with modern cast, he is unsure about developers, but mention that DIMPS have empty schedule right now so it's likely that they returns, no confirmation tho.
    3 - new 3D Sonic game -duh- , not boost, full 3D -not hybrid like anything from Unleashed-, return of spin dash in 3D, multiple characters
    4 - This anniversary will focus on modern sonic, or he basically says that this is the direction they are heading, he gove the full reasons in the article, just check it.

    Finally he says that all of this will be likely revealed in March like we suspect, so it shouldn't be long before we find out.
    Again i recommend to just check the article as he has more details that i didn't put here, some are VERY interesting.
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  8. Crimson Neo

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    It would be lovely to have new Advance / Rush games without the Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS limitations.
  9. Only for viewing

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    In regards to the article, I'm honestly more worried by the statement that there won't ever be any more Classic Sonic-only games, or at the very least, a major focus on Classic Sonic as a whole. This would also corroborate one of Hesse's posts on this forum.

    This is also very likely to be someone trying to pass off as an insider.
  10. MH MD

    MH MD

    It can be, but he has a history of getting things right in resetera, so it's a thing to consider at least, didn't mean to say that you should believe it 100% tho, as usual with any rumors/leaks you should take it with a grain of salt
  11. RDNexus


    Which post, if I may ask?

    About the article... Not surprised.

    Both the live movie and Netflix series will have the modern cast.
    Them letting classic to rest seems obvious, even if many fans may rage at it.

    Consoles, nowadays, seem more than capable of handling good Sonic games, either 2D or 3D.
    So, if they really release those kinds of games, I hope they'll be good.
    And a return to a full 3D, more Adventure-style gameplay may become a breath of fresh air.
  12. Imagine Sonic Mania doing so tremendously well as it did where even the Mania Adventures cartoon beats everything else on their YouTube channel by a country mile and Sega’s response being “Nah we don’t need more of this, also does anyone know what Dimps has been up to lately?”
    If they choose this route we have to consider that this is the result of certain people in that company acting maliciously who didn’t like that reality disgraces with them saying that Mania was niche.
  13. Josh


    If there's a grain of truth to that rumor, then all I can say is... those games better be REAL good. The pressure's on! Because if they don't live up to the standard Sonic Mania set, then Sega's gonna be raked over the coals for not doing a more direct follow up.
  14. Starduster


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    As somebody who got into the series on Rush before going backwards into Advance 2 and 3, it’s really hard for me to not buy into this article whole hog. Advance 2 in particular is a great alternative take on 2D Sonic, taking the philosophy of earning speed to an extreme. Advance 3, in spite of its level design, has a brilliant depth to its mechanics that affords the game great replayability. Both of these games are also a joy to watch in terms of speed runs.

    Rush is a notably more mechanically shallow game but was nevertheless competent and I wouldn’t be opposed to them going back to the formula and expanding upon it for more depth.

    Alleged Adventure styled game would be very interesting too. My philosophy on 3D Sonic is that there’s a happy medium to be found between Adventure and boost styles that returns Sonic to the Spindash for a more committal approach to instant speed while also giving him the affordances of the boost games such as the drift and stomp that would allow for more precise control of that movement.

    Overall however my biggest desire is just to see the supporting cast mean something again. The comics are good at making me forget, but the supporting cast in Forces are complete jobbers that are absolutely incapable without the force of nature that is Sonic being around to help them. I think it’d be foolish to expect them all to be fully playable in a future game but at least give Tails and Knuckles their own stories again. I think people are a lot more appreciating now of those unique gameplay styles of Adventure that weren’t strictly the core of Sonic, but had a fun and frenetic energy nevertheless (well, the mech stages did anyway, can’t say I’m a lover of the treasure hunting in either game).
  15. Dark Sonic

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    You know I was thinking the other day, it might not be the worst thing to have a 2D game with the modern cast. As long as it has some style to it, I see it as a good way to bring younger fans into the 2D side. Then they can play as Shadow or whoever but the core is still like the classics.

    But that thing about not using classic or wanting to be defined by a pixel based indie game, well hate to say it but that was their own damn fault. If they didn't make steamer after steamer then that would have been a pleasant footnote and not a return to form. But i suppose they have a point. Fans do a LOT with Classic Sonic and as long as Sega continues to turn a blind eye then eh, that's fine. Still don't see why they can't just make classic a skin style but whatever.

    But anyways, if this is true, it certainly sounds like a good idea. A compilation that contains the Advance series and some of the more obscure titles (Chaotix FFS) would be welcome, as well as a pure 3D game. I really hope whatever they have in store is good though. Pleaseeee be good. And if SXSW is canceled again just drop a fucking trailer. Still can't believe they didn't tell us 1 thing after that conference was canceled last year what a fucking joke.
  16. Dek Rollins

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    Yeah they really got us with that "announcements in April" thing.
  17. SuperSnoopy


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    All of this sounds WAY too good to be true, no way Sega is doing any of that haha.
    I've been burned on fake leaks way too many times before so... yeah. Not believing in any of that for now.

    That being said... I'd be delighted for a Advance or Rush follow up, and a new Adventure game? Yes please.
  18. This had my attention until I saw that Dimps was mentioned.. Geesh a Mania follow up should not be developed by the same company who did Sonic 4.. springs and speed boosters galore!!! If I don’t see Evening Star as one of the developers, I will seriously not be interested honestly unless I see a trailer

    - The collection will be interesting in terms of which games will be on there, whether 2D or 3D (Pocket Adventure needs a rerelease IMO) If Sonic 3&K DOES get announced to be a part of it then I will be very shocked (but I don’t think it will). Those Taxman remasters NEED to be “Officially” ported to consoles
  19. Sai Start Marker

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    This was all being thrown around in September last year on one of the chans (can't remember which). Some of the posts promised a reveal of the mooted compilation at the end of the year - which never happened, obviously. For various reasons, most of this is probably wrong, but the erroneous comparison to Dragonball's evolution to justify Modern Sonic being "the main Sonic" is pretty funny. The mental gymnastics that some people, and SEGA if this "source" is to be believed, go to to defend this current direction of the series is baffling.
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  20. Its amusing that the idea of phasing Classic Sonic out bothers so many of you so much.

    I have no strong feelings either way, but after all of that focus on Sonic Mania, y'all just gonna sweep it under the rug like it was nothing huh. I'd imagine its because Sega wouldn't be able to contact Evening Star, and Sega trying to make their own Mania 2 would be a fucking disaster.

    So no Mania team=No Mania sequel, it seems that simple. So you may as well go back to the thing that was marginally popular before.

    Sucks for Classic Sonic fans tho.
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