"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Sep 7, 2020.

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  1. Laura


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    Sonic Forces wasn't a flop commercially, it sold very well and it's one of the most frequently downloaded game on PS Plus. I don't think Sonic Team really cares that much about critical reviews, so I think it's very possible they'll continue down that road.
  2. Icewarrior


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    Is it?
    Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed Sonic Forces but I was under the impression it didn't do great numbers saleswise.

    Anyway, even though I enjoyed the game, I truly hope we don't get a spiritual sequel.
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  3. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Forces did do fine commercially. We don't know the exact sales numbers, but Sega has said it performed strongly on multiple occasions. That being said, '06 also did well commercially, and we know how Sonic Team really took the criticisms of that game to heart, so I don't think they just completely ignore the reviews.
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  4. Zephyr


    Probably a 3D game (it will be mediocre to bad), a 2D game (it will be good to mediocre), and a spin off (as usual, I will pass, so who knows).

    That might be Sonic Generations 3 and Sonic Mania 2 (called by other names, of course), or it might be something worse. It might be "Sonic Adventure Collection" and "Sonic Advance Collection", or might be something worse. Either way, I can't imagine it being something better, though.
  5. Josh


    Hm... I don't dispute that there are some fans who feel as burned by Forces now as some in the previous generation were by 06. But I think it's awfully striking that if I don't go looking for this harsh anti-Forces (and anti-2010s) sentiment, I never actually encounter it, and that's the biggest difference between then and now. Essentially, we're the only ones still talking about Forces, whereas even NOW, 15 years later, many in the wider gaming community will _still_ bring up 06 anytime the series is mentioned. I don't think Sonic Team broke away from that style so completely just because _fans_ were sick of it, I think it was because _everyone_ was pushing against it.

    Lost World and Forces might have gotten some middling reviews, and might have been a major letdown for longtime fans, but not even BOOM could tank Sonic's reputation to the degree that 06 did. I've seen all kinds of casual gamers and parents talking about how much they/their kids loved Forces, so I'd say it was successful in at least being accessible.

    That's the issue, though. The series' output has historically alternated between "games for the fans" and "games to make new fans." Adventure 2 was released on the dying Dreamcast and was aimed at Sega nerds, Heroes paired all that back and tried to be more accessible. Unleashed's high skill ceiling frustrated people, so Colors addressed those complaints to appeal to new fans (and blended some VERY traditional platforming levels between all the "good" stages), then Generations struck a nice balance.

    The issue right now is:
    A) The last two 3D Sonic games were both designed to gain new fans.
    B) The last two 3D Sonic games came out three and SEVEN(!) years ago, respectively, so there's not been much for the existing fanbase to chew on in a LONG time.

    A caveat here is that 2017 absolutely did follow the pattern. It had a game that was aimed at hardcore, longtime fans in Mania, and one that was meant to be more accessible in Forces.

    But Sonic Mania ended up being significantly MORE successful in the mainstream than Forces was.

    If Mania didn't appeal to you, it'd be easy to resent all the positive attention it was getting, and Forces ("we've got something for YOU too, modern fans!") may have let you down even MORE.

    That's all why I think there's a huge chance the boost style could stick around. It's the one strand of 3D game design that's actually been iterated on over the course of multiple games, and it's the only one that's particularly well-regarded outside of the fandom.

    Though as long as it's been, I think absolutely anything is possible. Ooh, how about we turn the tables, and get a 3D momentum-focused Classic Sonic game, and a 2D retro throwback to the Advance trilogy!
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  6. Scarred Sun

    Scarred Sun

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    Welp, this.
    I'm not a betting person, but if I was...

    • A new game from a Sega-affiliated studio like Sumo Digital that's vaguely-Sonic-related but not racing (think another Sega ensemble game)
    • A new 3D game based on the movie. May or may not be outsourced to some random development squad with Sonic Team supervising, but likely at least partially outsourced.
    • A new Sega Hardlight mobile Sonic game
    • Some sort of SA2 thing because The Kids Love That Game
  7. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Honestly, I'll take anything they offer as long as it doesn't suck. Don't care if it's classic, Adventure, boost, or something new. Just don't half-ass it this time.
  8. Laura


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    I think the age demographic is something important to consider. I know it's obvious, but Sonic is a kids game. In the world of childhood, a few years is a big deal. I think of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes as completely different stages of my life, even though they were released only four years apart in the West. The age jump from eight years old to twelve years old is a big deal when you are kid.

    If someone was eight years old when Unleashed launched, they'd be twenty now. If someone was eight when Generations launched, they'd be sixteen now. I don't think it's a bif surprise that they do so much nostalgia for games between Heroes to Unleashed, since those who played those games as kids are in their late teens to early twenties now, which is a key demographic forbanking on nostalgia. Keep in mind that a lot of us were in our early twenties when Generations launched. The Heroes generation of players would have the same reaction to an anniversary title celebrating those games as we do for City Escape coming back in Generations. The only difference is that Sonic has banked on nostalgia a lot recently

    I mean, let's take Sonic Boom. If you were eight when Sonic Boom launched, you'd be fourteen now. The dynamic of the Sonic gaming community will change soon. By the time the new game comes out, there will be people who are nostalgic for Sonic Boom in the same way we are nostalgic for Sonic 2.

    So no matter what the game is, I predict there will be the predictable celebration of levels from Heroes and Unleashed.
  9. Rudie Radio Waves

    Rudie Radio Waves

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    Many a game.
    Hm, don't really know about this one. Big tie-in games aren't really a thing anymore (for the most part) and there has almost never been any crossover between video games and the non-SEGASonic universes (barring some old SATAM prototypes, Sonic X for the Leapster, Mean Bean Machine and part of Spinball), but I wouldn't be surprised if a new mobile game was released.
  10. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    I really hope they stop with the nostalgia-baiting unless they're actually remaking a game. Sega's pretty tone deaf, but hopefully they heard at least *some* of the complaints regarding Mania and Forces.
  11. Beltway


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    Multiple titles in development for the 30th? Yeah, we figured as much. Nice to have confirmation though.

    Honestly, the best anniversary gift Sega could give us is that Sonic Team is no longer designing/producing Sonic games and they have other studios/divisions in charge of Sonic games in their place. With each major style (2D Sonic, 3D Sonic, 2D/3D Boost Sonic) getting their own dedicated development teams.

    Assuming the next big game is yet another Sonic Team joint that continues their streak of cynical, banal, and lazy game design (which is highly probable), it should be a prolific failure. Not something like Lost World and Forces, where they could be swept under the rug due to merely lackluster reviews and sales, no; it should be an inglorious 2006-tier bomba that Sega cannot blithely ignore and finally serves as the last straw against ST.

    On more optimistic/positive predictions, I think there’s a better chance than not of EveningStar/TaxStealth & Compadres called back for another Genesis Sonic/Mania followup. The main concern there is if Sega’s confident enough to cut loose in making a new game from scratch and give the team enough resources and creative freedom to pull it off.

    I know I just said “if we get another ST Sonic game that continues a lack of course correction, I hope it’s a disaster,” but even I wouldn’t wish for such cruel things :(

    (Although regarding 3D Jam, I would also include Boom: Rise of Lyric)
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  12. BadBehavior


    That and it was made on a smaller budget and sold for less than what is considered full price. Essentially the minimum floor for success is much, much lower than most games.

    I mean if getting mass-downloaded for free by soccer moms is considered a success then maayybbee you should have higher standards?
  13. Overlord


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    Also the fact it did so well on PS+ is surely a sign that not as many people bought it as some say it did? Forces is mediocre, not awful - if it's free people will happily play something they'd not pay for.
  14. Josh


    According to this site, Forces had ~1.17 million players on PS4 before becoming free on PS+. I would hazard a guess that it sold below that on Xbox One, and probably quite a bit more on Switch. I think "at least three million" is a safe assumption, and it might've done significantly better than that.

    On PS4, it jumped to over six million by the time the PS+ free period ended, and has risen further to 7.35 million now. (But, a portion of those may be people who downloaded it for free back in March, and didn't get around to playing it until later.)
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  15. TheInvisibleSun


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    That jump to 7 mil. is quite staggering; I didn't know it was that dramatic. I'm also surprised that the game seems to be most popular in Ukraine of all places, (if I'm reading the chart properly)?
  16. BadBehavior


    Oh, that's amazing. Sonic Forces 2 is basically inevitable. They already removed the drift, what move are they gonna remove next? The quickstep? The slide? Jumping?
  17. Yeah, as some others have said I couldn't really give two shits either.

    Burnt out by the disappointment over the years, all the 3D games since SA1 have been fucking shite anyway (controversial), and I've had more fun getting into more consistent series, and discovering new-old gems (like Okami)

    If Mania 2 pops along with mysterious new magazine style screenshots of stages sparkling like crystals in the night I'll play it, but if there's another zone remake then no fucking chance.
  18. Black Squirrel

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    You're going to get a wonky 3D Sonic game because Takashi Iizuka is still employed. And in many ways you probably want that, so he's not fiddling elsewhere.

    I have never been a fan of Sonic Mania recycling two thirds of its content, but if they do pull that stunt again, at least there'll be less to choose from. Unless you're repeating Mania stages, you can't touch Sonic 3 without addressing the music issue*.

    That being said, it could just as easily be a case of having a big game on the PS5/Xbox Series X, and having something different for the Switch. But yes I'm half expecting a movie sequel tie-in too, especially if they put Tails or Knuckles in there.

    *Except Marble Garden. But eeehh the others are more iconic.
  19. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Did they say when we should brace for impa-I MEAN STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS?
  20. Laura


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    I don't see how that makes sense. People download games on PS Plus which they would never normally play or aren't interested enough in to buy, they don't wait for games to go on there before buying. It being downloaded a lot on PS Plus has no bearing on its sales.

    SEGA said it did well commercially, which is confirmation enough.
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