"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

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  1. Blue Blood

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    I believe that Sonic's model and animations in Forces are lifted directly from Lost World. No idle animation in that game either, but that's where the "sleeping in the air" animation comes from.
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  2. SuperSonicRider


    Sonic has a lot of idle animations in Lost World. He even has some unique ones for 2D sections. But yeah the skydiving idle animation was taken from LW in Forces, Shadow even has it.
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  3. Xiao Hayes

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    Well, that idea of having blended levels sounds cool; not that much since Forces has Casino Forest and Chemical Plant in Green Hill, but, if you're rehashing content, at least do it in style. A shame that, if you mix Star Light zone and Carnival Night zone, you get Starlight Carnival, and that name's already in use.
  4. Beamer the Meep

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    The author himself said that the statement was fairly vague and that the translation may not have picked up on some of the nuances.

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  5. Xiao Hayes

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    I wouldn't be surprised if that happened, anyways. It's time for a Sonic text adventure! :V
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  7. The Claw

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    If I must read I'm more Phoenix Wright than text adventure, but it sounds neat. I had one of those Mario adventure books long ago...
  8. Xiao Hayes

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    Well played :V, but I mean one of those japanese games, usually involving dating as such, but not limited to them. Will Amy finally forget about Sonic and choose Shadow instead? Could they find the lost female echidna that would give Knuckles a heir as a the guardian of Angel Island and was not created by Ken Penders? ... Sorry, I don't have not-dating examples, but there's a fandom out there wishing to ship every character with each other, so it would sell.
  9. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    You mean a Visual Novel? Pretty sure Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3 had elements of that.
  10. You know, the tone of Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3's story is one I'd love to see in a regular Sonic game. No joke that game made me piss my pants laughing.
  11. Others have said it before, but I'll add to the list of people who would love to see an "All-Stars"-like compilation of the 8-bit Sonic games remade with enhanced graphics and music. Actually, just a PC release of the 8-bit games would be nice to see.

    Unrealistic wishful thinking: They should totally do a remake of the original "Sonic 1" with Nirvana's "Nevermind" album as the soundtrack, since next year is the 30th anniversary of both. I can already imagine the cover art with Sonic underwater and a ring on the fish hook. But I'm pretty sure it'll never happen!
  12. raphael_fc


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    My hack has Come As You Are :P
  13. Nah, Sonic 3 with Launch Base Act 1 using "Suit & Tie" and Act 2 using "SexyBack".
  14. almeda


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    And maybe they'll throw in Crazy in Love for Carnival Night Act 1. Act 2 can get Drunk in Love. Lmfao.

    No but on a serious note, I'm just hoping they start using the potential the series has. My intuition tells me this game is gonna be good. I'm hoping that this one will push things in the right direction. And a new 2D game like Mania (with original stages) sounds great. I don't know what else to think.
  15. Gestalt


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    I imagine it to be like this:
    Takashi Iizuka: *enters the stage* "We've prepared a new game, please take a look."
    (It's a remake of SA!)
    Takashi Iizuka: "What do you think?"
    Audience: *silence*
    Random guy from the audience: "Is this for real?"
    Takashi Iiuzka: "Yes, we're really making it."
    Audience: *silence*
    Takashi Iizuka: "Look, we even brought back Chao."
    *crowd bursts into cheers*
  16. Wildcat


    If there's a SA remake this is how it should be revealed.

    Teaser trailer:
    Dark screen
    Sonic rushes by
    we hear "Ah ya, this is happenin"
    Open your Heart starts playing
    HD SA logo appears.
  17. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

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    It will be revealed like this:

    A scene-by-scene recreation of the Sonic Adventure intro movie remade with modern CGI. We see Station Square in beautiful CGI, we see it start to flood as Perfect Chaos appears with his Sonic Generations design, we see HD Angel Island falling, we see the OG Egg Carrier but now in ultra HD, and the classic SA cast we all know and love: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, E-102 Gamma, and even Big the Cat, all in their updated modern CGI models. Just when it seems like the intro is over, a new scene plays that shows Sonic running through Emerald Coast, when all of a sudden...a portal opens up and Classic Sonic pops out, then another portal opens up and the Avatar from Sonic Forces pops out, and then the three do a triple boost while Fist Bump plays in the background. Then finally, the title reveal: SONIC FORCES 2: ADVENTURE DX-II & Knuckles.

    It is then revealed that only Sonic, Sonic, and Avatar will be playable. But this time there will be Knuckles DLC instead of Shadow.

    It is then further revealed that Jason Griffith will return as Sonic, but only because they're just gonna reuse his lines from Sonic X when they covered Sonic Adventure lmao
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  18. Sid Starkiller

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    Even with Chao, I imagine it would go more like:

    "We're remaking Sonic Adventure!"
    "Yeah, great. How are you gonna fuck it up?"

    At least that's how I would react.