"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

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  1. I don't think this fandom really cares :V

    In any case, while I do understand the general restlessness about the state of the franchise, I also don't think it does anyone any good to so obsessed about it. The more you obsess about this, the more expectations you build and because of that, whenever something actually IS announced, you'll inevitably be disappointed because you got your expectations so high.

    It's the vicious cycle of Sonic games; fans will build up very unreasonable expectations, and then get upset when those expectations aren't met. And I'm positive Sega is aware of that, which is why there's been so much radio silence, because they're afraid of whatever gets announced is going to be torn to shreds, and the longer they wait, the more likely that's going to happen unfortunately.

    For my part, I'm older now and kind of over the whole uncertainty and anticipation of Sonic games; if it's good, then I'll be happy and satisfied. If it's another mediocre game, then it's just business as usual, but I'm kind of tired of losing sleep about this franchise because honestly, nobody knows what's going to happen and I'd rather just play other games in the meantime until one gets announced.
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    Do we even know that they've got one in active development right now and that it's not just gonna be another Sonic Forces situation where they spend 3+ years twiddling their thumbs and then crap out some obviously rushed POS when they realize the deadline is looming and they wasted all the time? Cos after this much silence, I'm inclined to believe that.
  3. We're not going to know anything until something is announced, that's all there is too it.
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    Hey, stay positive, at least this time they already have the lighting engine done. :V

    I think the bad thing isn't absence of game news, but absence of enjoyable content. Give us some pictures of Iizuka with some cross promotion between Sega, Playboy and Ikea, and we'll have something to talk about for a while. :ruby:

    On the wishlist: an Amy Rose exclusive game. I'd accept a bold title such as "Amy Adventure 3" or "Amy Boom: Rise of Melody". Ok, the title is more easy fun, but I think it's a good time to release an spin-off for her as long as it's a decent game.
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    Here was my exact thoughts on reading that:

    "Sega, Playboy and Ikea? What the hell would it-



    Here's what I want: a Sonic equivalent of this:

    Basically have Iizuka write a terrible SonAmy hentai, and have Roger Craig Smith and Cindy Robinson roast it on Youtube.

    EDIT: If you're wondering where Ikea fits in, search the phrase "Ikea erotica" on TVTropes.
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    Boom Amy is the best Amy.
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    For me I just want to see what on Earth they'll do after Forces. I've never been so unsure of what the series might do in the future as of now. Will they double down on the more serious plot after Forces? Will they return to boost or do something new? Shit, man I dunno. I'm morbidly curious at what the direction of the series will be. Back in 2016 or so there was a mostly consistent direction with Unleashed > Colors > Generations but Forces threw a massive wrench into that.
  8. Think the lack of community engagement is the biggest annoyance; at least if they did that, it'd distract us until a new game was announced.
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    Even once we do get whatever Sonic game awaits us next, how much will it really tell us about the future of the franchise? I think at this point even a good game is just going to feel like a fluke more than anything else. An enjoyable fluke, perhaps, but after Forces managed to trip so hard with the baton passed between Unleashed, Colors, and Generations, it'll take a hell of an effort to inspire any sort of confidence in the Sonic series, at least for me.
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    I doubt that this is a popular opinion, but I would love to see a Sonic: Into the Multiverse game, where you can play as Classic Sonic, Adventure Sonic, Boost Sonic, and maybe Boom Sonic if Sega's feeling lucky. The plot could be that Infinite uses what Phantom Ruby power he has left to try to alter the universe, but it doesn't have the intended effect, and the result is that the different multiverse versions of Earth (or Mobius) get combined into one, and the Sonics have to correct the multiverse. I know this would probably mean a lot of old stages, which I don't know that I would particularly enjoy after Generations and Mania doing it, but maybe they could come up with some new destinations that were created as a result of the crisis. How good this game would be I don't know, but I think the concept of creating a canon Sonic Multiverse would be cool.
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    Literally the first post in this thread.
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    Well this game could still be Forces esq. Maybe they dicked around the last 2 years and are just now starting up creation of another mediocre turd :specialed:
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    I don't think that's what they meant, though- they were just wondering if Sonic Team is actually working on the game full time, or just dicking around with the engine and are gonna rush to get it done by the 2021 deadline like they did with Forces. That has nothing to do with announcing new games for 2021. We know its coming, we just don't know how finished it is right now.

    And I'm wondering the same thing too, honestly. I was overjoyed to see them take 4 years to work on the next Sonic game when Forces was announced... the game was going to be so content packed and polished, I couldn't wait for it.
    And then, you know... we got one of the shortest Sonic game ever made, with a lot of weird omissions like a fucking IDLE ANIMATION for modern Sonic.
    And I'm saying that as someone that actually liked Forces. But it's pretty clear they didn't spend 4 years on the game, they even said it themselves.

    So that's the big question of the moment: what the fuck have Sonic Team been doing since 2017? Working on a new game full time? Or just smoking weed and throwing darts on a bingo chart trying to figure out what the fuck they're gonna do for the next Sonic game that's supposed to come out next year?
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    Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is coming out by them and it seems to be surprisingly feature packed. But I don't know how much of the team works on that while they work on Sonic games.
  15. https://twitter.com/SamsProStation/status/1310524943130595328?s=20

    I'm not gonna muse on it too much, but uhh. The italicized doesn't bode well.
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    I know normally new = bad, but hey, fuck it, surprise me. Series needs a bit of a kick in the ass anyway
  17. No I'm down for new things too, I mean the part where he says "online".
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    I think Sonic games could easily have an online component in the form of multi-player, they just never bother except for the strange time from like 2006 to 2016 where Dimps bothered putting online multi-player in the portable games (and Sonic 2 mobile had online 2 player).

    Still salty Mania's multi-player was local only. I've only had the chance to play that mode like twice. Instead we have pointless leaderboards that get destroyed by exploits within the 1st two weeks
  19. It's probably irrational but I just get worried since their last game was Forces, and I think on a list of things I'd like to see Sonic do, an mmo/battle royale Sonic game where customizable characters return is maybe the last thing I can think of. lol
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    He actually does have one...... in the sections when he dive from the sky, if you don't move him he suddenly does idle animation with his back towards earth, which surprised me, cause it didn't exist before in unleashed and generations, its random, but i loved it all the same, such weird attention to details in unexpected place lol , at least someone had fun developing Forces.