"Multiple" new Sonic games planned for 2021

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    This is far more likely, given it's today: https://twitter.com/kaztsu/status/1308541827729879041

    The lady is making a Japanese symbol for no over a box of Game Gear Micros, hiding a secret inside.

    Sega is a public Japanese company, which means:

    1) Any buyout would have to have been made public already LONG before any announcement of a conclusion happened
    2) Japanese public companies have various laws protecting them from being bought out by foreign companies without jumping through a LOT of hoops.

    Microsoft is not buying Sega, stop saying otherwise.
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    Or it could be, like, the 2020 Tokyo Game Show which starts today.

    Just a thought.
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    Think we'll finally get some news? Or are Sonic announcements now reserved specifically for SXSW panels? Because that seems to be the trend lately.
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    I'll just take anything game related at this point, just give us something already SEGA it's been four fucking years
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    I'd certainly hope a remake doesn't look like that. Surfaces are shiny for no reason. Same dorky looking modern Sonic model that everyone uses with the same dorky looking animations. The guy who made the video says in the comments that it was literally just a test for putting assets into Unreal, with fairly minimal effort.
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    Yeah there’s no stylization on that video-
    I’d be really worried if they put out something looking like that.
  7. As far as ports go, I would love if they'd put everything on the PC and on a digital distribution platform (ideally Steam since they already have most of their stuff on there). From Retro Sonic 1 and 2, to the Saturn-era (including Sonic the Fighters), all the way to Sonic Colors and filling in the gaps in between (including stuff that's been ported to the PC but no longer available, like the Saturn version of 3D Blast, Sonic R, and Sonic Heroes). Partly because I haven't had a console since the Dreamcast and GBA, but also because porting to the PC means it's essentially available forever through some combination of Microsoft's generally strong backwards compatibility and fan support (e.g., Sega PC Reloaded).
  8. I mean, those are just tiny nitpicks that’d easily be ironed out in an official product. The general look is still great.
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    Re: SA compared to platformers, I haven't played SM64 outside of like, three minutes in the DS version, and that was so long ago I don't remember, which is why I compare it against the first Spyro game, a similar collect-a-thon to SM64 and game that I've played front to back numerous times more times than I can count, and handles and is better designed than SA even if it wasn't as ambitious. And mind you, Insomniac literally had one other game to their name prior, a first-person shooter (Disruptor). Sonic Team already had Nights, Sonic Jam, and years and years of 2D platforming experience, and yet...you can break SA by looking at it funny and it fails utterly at telling a decent narrative outside of, like, E-102, which is still extremely rushed.

    I legitimately can go on a huge rant about what I fucking hate about Crash's modern design and why (starting with his creepy, pendulous, flesh-colored lower jaw) but that would derail the topic further.

    And Sonic in a modern environment has not only been done multiple times with diminishing returns, but the last time it broke the series so hard it's still a punchline, so let's maybe not do that Sega hmmmm?

    I really, really hope both for more Sonic and more MegaTen at TGS ;w; That's something to look forward to at least!!
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    I really don't want an SA1 remake to just be the same exact level design with modern models and textures, honestly.

    yet on the other hand I don't trust Sonic Team to actually expand and improve on Adventure's design especially since they haven't tried to make 3D levels like that since literally 2000 :V

    (I played SA1 DC yesterday and was still blown away by how levels like Red Mountain are actually cohesive places with their own gimmicks and twists and turns and not just completely linear one-route hallways like SA2's levels)
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    After all the noise Sega made around Lost Worlds release that "Sonic sold best on Nintendo" and "Nintendo is the natural home of Sonic" (or something or other, I can't remember), Microsoft/Xbox is reeeeaaalllyyy gonna need some serious cash to nab the exclusive rights to Sonic. And... well... they're the rights to Sonic the Hedgehog, washed up "06", "Baldy Nosehair" Mean Meme Machine whose only even remotely good things to happen to him in nearly a decade are Mania and the Movie. They have much more lucrative properties to spend money on.
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    Can't say I agree. I found the first Spyro really underwhelming, especially compared to other contemporary collectathons like Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie. You just roam the levels grabbing gems and touching dragon statues. Said statues were the closest thing the game had to Mario 64's stars or Banjo's jiggies, but they felt so pointless, as most of them are just lying there in the open. Mario and Banjo had you overcome challenges to collect them, but here... you just walk up to them. I didn't find them rewarding or fun, I just found them pointless. There aren't many real challenges, surprises or excitements. Everything feels so formulaic and repetitive, it's like Banjo-Kazooie with all the fun parts removed. And the equally underwhelming bosses don't even feel like bosses -- most of them consist in chasing a random enemy and hitting him a few times. Later Spyros improved on it by introducing deeper, more varied gameplay and better bosses, but I enjoyed SA1 (warts and all) far more than the first Spyro. Even with the glitches and lack of polish, I found SA1's levels infinitely more inspired, interesting and fun. Spyro 1 didn't have moments equivalent to getting sucked into a tornado and climbing your way up, running on the side of tall skyscrappers and then all the way down one of them, or escaping an avalanche by snowboarding down a ski slope.

    And I liked SA1's story just fine, even with the goofy animations in the cutscenes and the dub's bad voice acting (the latter of which wasn't mandatory). I liked the worldbuilding, I enjoyed the way we slowly learn more about the history of Angel Island, Chaos and the Emeralds by going through the game's multiple stories. I also enjoyed seeing the Sonic characters interact with each other in cutscenes with actual dialogue for the first time.
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  13. Hey. You forgot Colors and Generations :V
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    Microsoft is not acquiring SEGA.

    And the IDW comic, and the YouTube animations, and...Mania Plus ;)

    Whatever the next game is, I hope it is good and not any sort of Adventure remake, honestly. I like the Adventure games fine enough, but I think the core gameplay style can be expanded on better in a new game where they aren't bound by the structure of those games. A remake wouldn't be super disappointing but it's not exactly what I'm hoping for. But again, what really matters is that the game is good, so uh, I'll hope for that the most lol
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    But the general fear of an Adventure remake is because we can't trust Sonic Team is gonna do a good job.
  16. Plotwist: The 30th Anniversary game will be actually Sonic Robo Blast 2 being a offficial game.:eng101:
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    Something something Tencent buys everyone. Now that's a collab I can't wait for ...
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