More Sega Channel prototypes dumped.

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    I've got no issues sharing images of what I have. I do have images on my IG of some newer stuff and the museum display. Of course, I would like to get some better quality images of what is there. And eventually take that sweet ass background home with me
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    Pardon me if this ends up being off topic.

    Its been a long time since I posted here but I may have uncovered some useful information. I've been trying to recreate 8-Bit Flashback's Demo #4 Rom everdrive hack using a healthy supply of trace logs and poking hex addresses via game genie. Why you ask? Because I'm infatuated with all things Sega Channel.

    I found the line of code used to boot the rom back to the title screen after your selected game has "loaded".

    Hex Offset Command JUMP to
    00:2D80 4E F9 JMP ($00FF0104)

    By modifying 002D82 - 00:2D84 to jump to a different offset in the rom, I have managed to get the demo rom to go to a black screen upon 100% with no other errors in the rom.

    I guess the next order of business is to get the rom to boot literally anything else. I imagine It would require the use of an assembler.
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