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Monster World I and IV finally coming overseas

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by ICEknight, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I'm with you on that. They are fantastic, and it goes to show there are some people out there in Sega's employ that actually KNOW how to make retro music that sounds like it could have come from the old hardware.

    (...Unlike a certain gentleman on Sonic Team who shall remain nameless that prefers to use faux-chiptune synth instruments that sound like strangled cats.)

    I'm seriously digging the laid back, funky track on the Streets Of Rage 1 menu - There may be only one Yuzo Koshiro, but whoever did this track... I doff my cap.
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    Guys!! GUYS!
    I found a Youtube account that has the main menu themes:

    Kudos to Yuzoboy for the find! :)

    Those SOR remixes are awesome!

    EDIT: Should have thought so, this is Renegade's 3rd account!
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    So why do I have to change the display mode to 16:9 in the console's configuration and then select 4:3 aspect inside the game in order to get a full screen display on 4:3 TVs? And that must be done for each game in all these new Vintage Collections.

    What the hell, M2. What the fucking hell. :argh:

    Anyway... In other news, any Monster World fans should read this interview with Nishizawa.

    Turns out the English translation in the Vintage Collection's Monster Land arcade was indeed made back in the day, and somebody found the old scrapped version in a SEGA warehouse!

    And he wants to make a new Monster World title! In 3D, though...

    Also, he has recently found the source to Westone's unreleased arcade Tokei Jikake no Aquario, and he seems to be interested in knowing if fans would be interested in playing it as another SEGA Vintage title.

    I guess it wouldn't hurt "Liking" the official Monster World Facebook fan page, which has just published an old design for the scrapped male player for Monster World IV, by the way.
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    2012/9/19 800円(税込)
    Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box

    2012/8/22 800円(税込)
    Dynamite Deka (Die Hard Arcade)

    2012/7/25 800円(税込)
    Dragon Force

    Not sure if these are the next entries or if they're PS2 downloadable titles from Sega Ages 2500 (the Gunstar Heroes one leans toward the latter) and says nothing, but keep your eyes open

    Also "In the Wake of Vampire" aka Master of Darkness is coming to 3DS Virtual Console
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    Writing my own MD/Genesis sound driver :D (bottom of page) well they added home page links for the three I mentioned above... and they all are just the Sega Ages 2500 versions via PSN :| but who knows
    Dragon Force got a new promo website though Defenders of Oasis also coming to 3DS
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    Writing my own MD/Genesis sound driver :D MW4 wallpaper for your phone, anyone? or how about a new Bare Knuckle soundtrack?
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    That BK OST is already mine for pre-ordering. :v: