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    Why on Earth are we not discussing this?????


    Edit: Thanks DigitalDuck
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    I saw this video uploaded and wondered why there wasn't a topic.

    It looks like an incredibly well-done hack.

    Because the watch code starts with t=75

    Put that at the end instead:

    EDIT: Although it looks like you didn't actually want it in there at all, so take it out (leave the ?, remove the & sign).
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    Ugh, I don't know, this seems sloppy.

    You have your hardware incompatibility, springs galore, certain design choices that'll make you really regret getting Super Sonic. Add to that some poorly executed bosses, rampant Eggman monitors, and an unhealthy amount of bugs and oversights, and this just becomes uncomfortable. Also, I'm glitching through the level way more than I should be, and I'm pretty sure the last boss I fought killed me after I defeated it. No thanks, I'd rather experiment with something else. I am not sitting though another game over just to see another zone of this.

    I'm with this guy. Really, I get that hacks don't have to feel authentic, but there's a point where bosses become anti-Sonic, and just don't work in a hack.
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    Is nobody else going to question the Metallica M in Mobius or am I going insane
  5. Felik


    I'd take this over a great 1-zone hack any day.
    Pana and Brother trouble are great but they are demos and never gonna be released as a finished product BECAUSE they are so technically advanced.
    This may be sloppy but it has so much effort and soul put in it, I can't help but adore this hack.

    P.S. Those crazy frogs are the best new enemies I witnessed in a hack in a long time. Also that running animation, you can't not fall in love with it.
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    Well, now you're just going into quality vs quantity. I'm not looking for technically advanced-ness in hacks, I'm looking for playability.
  7. Phase


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    I think the colors are a bit weird. The first stage has that light-brown background with the green grass, it just doesn't go together. The other stages have similar backgrounds as their foregrounds, so it's harder to differentiate the two. It'd be a lot better if the background was a cold color and the foreground was a warm color, like the blues and greens in Sonic 1's first stage.


    You can immediately tell what the background is and what the foreground is.

    And SPRINGS GALORE!?!?!?!
  8. Chaud


    Oh boy, I'm conflicted on this one. It seems that for every good thing the hack needed a downside. :ohdear:

    • Some good art here and there (like the first level), but some bad art coming in the package (Uncharted Tide, and the last boss).
    • There are beautiful levels in there, but also, one of the most horrendous creations ever seen in a hack - the "lights" of Neon Star, what the hell was that, dear god.
    • Some interesting bosses (I love the concept of the first boss), but others extremely underwhelming (again, Uncharted Tide, and the last boss).
    • The levels appear to have multiple paths and are even somewhat lengthy, but... Springs. Springs everywhere. Too much of Dimps in there?

    Well... I can see that there was effort, creativity and dedication in the production of this hack, and it makes me want to like it. But I cannot really say that I do.
    If they weren't certain not-so-small problems with it...
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    This is awesome. I'd rather have something rough, ready and released than something that lounges in development hell for 10 years while the creator gets gradually more disinterested in the laborious cycle of bugfixing.
  10. Dark Sonic

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    Well isn't this something. I'll be testing this on my Genesis later for sure.
  11. Herm the Germ

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    I at least appreciate the love Sonic Chaos' soundtrack is getting from this, so, there's that. :B Doesn't look like something I'd actually wanna play, though...
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    Well, more Blaze is something I'm keen on, so I might check it out.
  13. Cinossu


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    There is a lot to be impressed about with this hack; We have overhauled levels, even though it's obvious what levels are based on what. We have new gimmicks in these levels instead of just the same ones again and again. We have new badniks or modifications of existing ones to make them something new. We have new bosses that look like they'd offer a challenge (the later ones, anyway). We have completely new sprites and ideas for moves - changing palette to show spindash charge, a new faster run animation that isn't just the same old peelout, an end pose that isn't just the Sonic CD sprite. We have a new character added that isn't just the normal Tails, Knuckles, etc. import or just a slight palette swap. We have a last level that takes gimmicks from the entire game and puts them to use one final time, to make use of your learning experience through the game itself.

    Yes, it's rough around the edges. Yes, it could do with a lot of little things neatening it up. Yes, it's not perfect. But don't go criticising it because it isn't immediately perfect on showing it. Constructive criticism, guys. For example, a lot of the new gimmicks are very jumpy in their movement and use of sprites, especially when it comes to changing the player's position and making the camera jump. You should look into making the transitions between states with use of them smoother, if only to make them seem less jarring to use.

    This hack looks great, and it has the potential to be one of the more memorable ones. Once you have everything in that you want start looking at neatening things up, rounding the square corners and such, and it could be amazing.
  14. Sparks


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    I think the problem with this hack is simply it lacks polish. The foundation is already laid out, and I would love to see them go through the game with proper feedback and improve the game.

    I think my main issue is, as said, the heavy reliance on springboards to move the player around the stage (dear God, why??). Some of the stages also lack a good contrast between the foreground and background in terms of palette (mainly Uncharted Tide and Egg Hell).
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    I don't have an opinion at the moment as I have not played it yet, but:

    I would like to go on record and state; the reason is because I have to work for a living (as in physically, and not behind some desk sneaking onto IRC, like most others), the "technical" aspect (even though the hacks you refer to are more "polished" than "technical") is irrelevant, and is not the reason for their incompletion. I believe Clownacy was in fact talking about the "polished" aspected ironically enough.
  16. Ritz


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    Is this the first feature complete Sonic hack ever? I'm super impressed. New special stage layouts are great. Neon Star looks cool. Boss design is correct with intricate patterns that take advantage of the entire screenspace to gate the player's movement in an engaging way. I don't know when we got so snooty, most of the community has a long way to go to in terms of providing a real world game experience like this hack does.
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    Well that's a run ender. Got stuck and can't get out. Looks like I will be using savestates from now on.
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    The hack could stand to see improvements... for sure, but it's certainly a strong entry. I like it. I especially like the incorporation of new objects and gimmicks put in. A tad rough around the edges as far as how they control, but it was really refreshing. My favorite is that bubble. Nice work...

    PS I would've liked to see something that'd make Blaze stand out more... even if it was merely an added fiery visual effect to her jump... or a glowing afterimage... something. But now I'm just being snooty.
  19. Super Egg

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    Alright, time for me to take a crack at this thing.....

    This hack is ok. I will admit, when I first watched the video, I was pretty fucking impressed. Layouts that made sense, new art, good music, and new gimmicks. But the more I watched the video, the more I started noticing the problems. I decided to take a crack at it and play it and confirm my suspicions and fears. They only got worse.

    Lemme start with the most painful thing, the layouts themselves.

    When watching the video, my eyes were caught on to the fact that the level layouts themselves made sense. I didn't see any mismatching chunks, Obj44 was placed where it needed to be, ect. It wasn't until about the third time watching, I saw the issues, and boy did they rear their ugly dick into my face.

    A. The layouts have issues. It isn't just my tastes, it's the fact that this is a Sonic hack.
    - Springs everywhere? This isn't a SMW hack, this is Sonic. You know, the character that can run really fucking fast? It boggles the mind why he bothered even plopping the Spin Dash into the game, but have a fuckton of autoplay segments with springs everywhere. Why bother? If the game makes you go fast every five seconds, the need for the player to use the Spin Dash just comes off as redundant and un-needed.
    - The chunk layout is fine, honestly, it may need a bit of tweaking here and there, but it is fine.
    - Another thing that bothers me is the crazy amount of Eggman monitors. Why? I literally died within the first 3 seconds because of the stupid Eggman monitor placed at the very fucking start. Don't give that shit "Oh, you just suck at playing." No, I don't. I have played S3K half asleep and didn't die in FBZ2, this should be no excuse for me dying within the first three seconds.

    The author needs to learn the basic concepts of Sonic platforming and level layouts. There is a right way to stylize a game and make it your own, but throwing all the conventions away, and saying, "fuck it, let's do us." is fucking stupid. If they want to make a layout with your own style, go for it. But ensure it matches with abilities of the character, otherwise, why bother? I don't remember ever saying, "You know, Sonic 4 was great. Wanna know why? Speed boosters." That's how this game feels. Speed Boosters.

    B. The use of the gimmicks. I like em', I like them a lot. You know what I'd like more? The use of these gimmicks for than a few seconds. For example, the Hot Air Balloon. You get on it in Act 1, then you get off of it, that's it. Never seen again until Act 2, but once more, briefly. Why? It is a great thing, use it more. Same with the hang glider. It boggles the mind why he would port a gimmick from S2 8-Bit, but then don't bother using it for more than a few seconds. Yes, I understand it was only used in 1 zone in S2, but it was used for a reason. The hang glider here is used for a literal 3 second run to the end. Why? On the note of the hang glider, it could control better. I know, I'm being a bit nitpicky, but it was bothersome enough.

    C. The art could be better. The level that's supposed to Star Light Zone is the most blatant in it's need for sprucing up. As noted, the BG and the FG sometimes converge into each other, which is a bit of a problem to me. The art has no complete depth, and the lighting is off. It is drawn as if the lighting source is coming from the screen, as opposed to somewhere in the level. So, a lot of the art I see is going dark-less dark-middle-less dark-dark. As opposed to dark-less dark-middle-slightly bright-bright, or the reverse. It definitely needs work, but I can see it is in the growing stages.

    D. Music is pretty good. Can't complain, all the ports sounded well. The only suggestion that I have is that instead he use a z80 driver. With the amount of shit going on music wise, there is many a time where a channel or two is lost due to sound effects taking priority. Once more, not a complaint, but a suggestion.

    Now, before I get blasted for being a spoil sport, an extremist, a heartless wretch, a thoughtless asshole, or eltitst; lemme say one thing; Fuck you.

    This thread is almost painful to see. I see people on here praising this hack as if it is the Second Coming of Christ. If anybody treats it any less, said poster is insulted, ridiculed, and/or shamed for not believing so. Guess I'm gonna get that treatment as well, because I have to say, I'm not impressed. Not to say I don't appreciate the effort, or don't see the potential greatness in this hack, but it isn't ready for it.

    You know, this thread almost reminds me of that one hack, "Into the Void." It was made by an obvious beginner, and when somebody cough* + - Clownacy   *cough called out any of it's issues that were in fact warranted, these were the responses....

    And I'm seeing the same shit here again.

    Seriously people? Giving well thought out & well written criticism is bad because it doesn't praise this hack for being "new."

    Lemme give you an example. I make some Fried Chicken. I decide I'm gonna season it with a fuckton, or quadruple, the amount of seasonings. Mind you, I didn't change the amount of chicken. So, a fuckton of salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper(I actually do this normally on fried chicken anyways. Love it spicy :ssh:/>/>), black pepper. Do any of you think you could eat it? Fuck no, you'd all choke because theirs too much seasoning. And that's what this hack is. It has great ideas, but it's sprinkled too much everywhere. In Act 1 alone, there is at least two new gimmicks that come into play, but they don't enhance the stage all that much. This hack needs to go back into the planning stages and re-evaluated to the core, as there is too much going on, but it isn't cohesive, nor is it all that fun. It felt more like playing a Super Mario World hack than a Sonic hack. The fact that you people are completely okay with accepting mediocrity, is just fucking ridiculous.

    I don't. This hack is in some need of polish, and tlc. This hack has the potential to be better, and I doubt it'd go into Developmental Hell for 10 years. The ideas are there, so maybe a year or so should be good. This hack did not need to be showcased on a "well known" Hacking Showcase and put out there for the public to judge, but since it is, I'm judging it from how I would judge any other hack.

    If this entered the Hacking Contest today, and I had to judge it, it wouldn't win anything. I would put it on my watch list for next year, but it wouldn't win anything this year. Regardless of the skill of the hacker, or the length of the developmental time of said hack, once it is placed into public domain, it is open for criticism; Good and/or bad. If any of you think that I won't say something is bad just because old Juan O' Juarez just started hacking, you're all fucking wrong. It isn't me being a prude, it isn't me being mean, it isn't me being an elitist, it is me being truthful and telling it like it is. If we sit here and just praise things and try to minimize the negative, this new generation of hackers will die out pretty quickly, because we aren't challenging them.

    To summarize. This hack is ok, it needs lots of work, TLC, and maybe some re-evaluation, but it has potential. I don't think it is ready for public distribution, though I guess it works out in the end because now he can have a wider audience to give opinions. Oh, and that most of the people who've posted in this thread is a bunch pussy ass Politically Correct bitches who can't write a negative criticism because "you don't want to hurt his feelings." You all make me sick.
  20. Felik


    Are you sure we read the same thread? Because what I see is a thread full of mixed reactions which is justifiable given how much good and bad things this hack has.
    I liked it, someone else didn't, it OK, it's called opinions.
    I also don't get why did you quote my post. I get why Clownacy doesn't like it and simply responded with why I did like it (well I said "adore" which does not necessarily means "enjoy playing", mind you).
    I see how much effort the creator have put into it and I see potential and really want to encourage him/her improve in his/her current and future work.

    You're like one of those people on IMDB and other sites with rating system who say "I wish I could give this a negative score because it's so overrated". Which essentially means "my opinion is more important that someone else's so it should have more weigh in score system". And the sad truth is: no it is not. It is as important as the guy's next to you. Stop being so selfimprtant and simply express your opinion without attentionwhoring.