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Mobius Engine revival thread

Discussion in 'Mobius Engine Project' started by Sofox, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Sofox


    As I said in the "Last call" thread, this project has a lot of potential, there were a lot of great people involved and there were many places it could go. It seemed a waste to just have it stop like it did.

    Looking over why the project stalled, it seems the clearest reason was Gen becoming inactive. We voted him as the team leader, yet became inactive months ago and no one was sure what to do.

    I've decided that if we're going to restart this project, we need a new team leader, and unless anyone objects so I've decided to self appoint myself as Team Leader of this project. I to help everyone move this project as forward as much as possible and create the open source 3d game engine we all wanted to create.

    So let's take action right now. Namely, let's establish short, medium and long term goals.

    Our ultimate goal is to create a high quality open source 3d game engine, that could be adapted to make 3d Sonic fangames, each of which would have slightly different styles of gameplay (Adventure, 2.5D, Unleashed, etc.).

    Previously, our goal was to make a demo, based on an English countryside. This would show off the engine at it's best and encourage others to adopt the engine and take it seriously. This fits quite nicely into a medium term goal that, will probably take many months to get to.

    In terms of a long term goal, no engine is fully serious unless it has been used in a full game.

    Which brings us to our short term goals.

    Given that short term goals are constantly in flux, I've set up an online todo list at this link:

    To go through the points:

    Reform team
    I don't know who's still interested or if there are new people who want to be involved. Speak up if you're interested in the project and let me know what you can contribute. Actually, a much better way to get involved would be to volunteer for one of the todo items, both current and future ones. Or even propose your own. (you should be able to post in this forum, even when it's in the Archive)

    Create concept art of first level
    We talked a lot about the first English Countryside level for our demo, we now need to move onto concept art. We'll need an artist for this who can do a few renditions of what the level would be like.

    Set up source control
    Either I get Gen to return control of the BitBucket account, or I create a new one. I'll take care of this one. (EDIT: done)

    Restore Forum
    Right now the forum is in the archives, while I could just ask Sun directly to restore it to it's original place, I believe first we'll need to prove it's worth restoring by showing that there is still activity and interest left in this project (ie. by posting, asking questions, helping out). Everyone is responsible for this one.

    Create "Hello World" 3d level
    Something we should have done earlier. A blue cube on a green plane (with maybe some keyboard moving the cube around?) would suffice. I aim to give this one a shot myself before the weekend is out, but if there are any programmers who are interested, collaboration should begin early. (done, well a rectangle rather than a cube, but same idea).

    There are a few other things I want to discuss, in terms of management and technical details, but I think this is enough for the initial post.