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Minecraft x Sonic the Hedgehog

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JcFerggy, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Has anyone else tried playing this on Switch? It's not just that the Sonic gameplay in Minecraft is clunky (and it is), it's basically unplayable because it's constantly freezing to load the rest of the stage (or whatever is going on).

    I really want to like it, but so far it's just been very awkward in my experience.
  2. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    Yeah, same. Mojang said they are working on a patch if I'm not mistaken, so it's not going to be permanent (hopefully)
  3. shilz


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    I know all of the Sonic Minecraft stuff was pretty much forever ago but I just realized that they have even more stuff in the character store than I thought, in addition to the existing free shirt.[​IMG]
    Items available, in order:
    Amy's boots
    Sonic's sneakers
    Sonic's hair
    Knuckles' Knuckles
    Tails' sneakers
    Sonic - victory spinning (emote)
    Sonic - finger wagging (emote)
    Eggman's goggles
    Sonic - running (emote)
    Tails' tails
    Knuckles' sneakers
    Eggman's moustache
    Amy's ring bracelets
    Total price converted from Minecoin/Tokens: $16-$17.

    A little ridiculous, but that's just how the store works, unfortunately. They aren't included with the pack.
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    Maybe my perspective has been skewed by the development of microtransactions that has been going on for years, but that doesn't seem too bad a price for all that stuff...
  5. shilz


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    I'd honestly rather use that money to buy other items on the store that can make my character actually look original something like the Steven Universe mashup pack DLC, which not only includes nearly 50 skins, it also comes with a custom-built world and SU-themed texture pack to go along with it that you can apply everywhere else.

    But that's also because I feel like most of the items on this would be covered up the second you put on a set of armor - and at that point, it's hard to tell you even have anything on. It's not just a Sonic specific issue, but there's aspects of them being on here that make me go "Why should I pay for parts of skins I already actually own, now applied to my character, when they'll just be covered up anyways?"
  6. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Meanwhile I'm looking at it and thinking "I can't believe people have lapped up this shit so readily that this is the state of the industry". Thinking that close to $20 is reasonable for a few textures and emotes is crazy. You can buy whole games for that money. Or just in terms of Minecraft itself, the standard Sonic pack is $7.99...

    But my perspective is skewed by the fact that I've purposefully avoided "live services" and microtransactions ever since they became a thing.
  7. Only for viewing

    Only for viewing

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    The Minecraft DLC just got an update to tie into the release of the new movie. It adds a new level in the form of Labyrinth Zone and 5 more skins, 4 of which are based on the two movies.
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    Crimson Neo

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    I've heard there's actually spoiler from the movie in the DLC. With that said, that DLC looks cute.
  9. shilz


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    Gamemode One, the creators of the previous Sonic pack, have released a new Sonic Texture Pack separate from that pack.

    This pack is a little more of what you'd expect from a "Sonic and Minecraft collaboration". A bunch of the mobs are rethemed as animals or robots from the franchise (Some actual deep cuts here, actually, and including some Frontiers elements as well!), with textures attempting to match different Sonic level themes or at least look "Sonic-like". Priced at 990 Minecoins / Tokens (Playstation) or 5.99 USD (which will purchase 1020 minecoins/tokens and immediately redeem 990 of them on the pack)

    There's also a few new character creator items, including the currently free Super Sonic hoodie, a Mecha Sonic Visor, a Chao head, Item Monitor head, Badnik Creepy (their Creeper for the pack) head, and Eggman's Jacket. All with the similarly ridiculous prices as the previous (and still available!) Sonic items.

    No world included with the texture pack (the one thing I want out of Sonic and Minecraft, come on, you built structures for the video...), No skins included. You have to buy the Sonic the Hedgehog pack for those.

    + - (I wonder if we won't be seeing another update for the Sonic the Hedgehog pack to promote either Prime or Frontiers or both?)  

    Minecraft blog post | Minecraft Marketplace listing

    As for my personal opinion... I still don't like Gamemode's style. I don't think they're particularly successful in emulating the feel of any sprite based Sonic artwork. While their references remain really nice (and I do think they get some of the mobs in the pack looking right) a lot of times it just doesn't look like what I would expect "Sonic in Minecraft" to look like, especially when it comes to their skins. Comparatively, "Mega Man X" by 57Digital manages to recreate the feeling and art style of Mega Man X in the Minecraft setting rather well, even if they also restrict it as a minigame.
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