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Micro Machines 2 Hacking Data

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Overlord, Dec 25, 2008.

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    So I was randomly messing about with Micro Machines 2 a few days ago and wondered if I could figure out how to change the playable tracks on Time Trial mode. Having no clue where to start, I IM'd Tweaker who noted if I had an AR patch he'd be able to find the ROM point. After arming myself with the relevant tools, I found by pure luck the right address (noting it was only changing when I switched between levels on the selection screen), fired it his way and he sent back a bit later the ROM address. I investigated a bit further, mapped out things and whipped up a utility that I completed on Sunday - I've been deliberately saving it for today, as I've posted hacking utilities at Xmas before. =P I did intend to post it when I got back from the Xmas Eve celebrations last night but, uh, I kinda got a bit drunk and wasn't in a state to post anything. ;P

    Enough babble, to the details!

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    You're awesome!!!

    This is one of my favorite games for the Genesis, can't wait to try this out.