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Michael Jackson's role in Sonic 3 confirmed!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mad Echidna, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. I honestly really like the stranger in moscow song, so this mix is heavenly.
  2. Tweaker


    I was referring to the sample comparisons, actually. If you can't see the resemblance between those, then, well, I don't know what to tell you. :P
  3. hxc


    spotteddove Researcher
    Samples I can hear, definitely, those I'l gladly admit seem to be MJs work :)
  4. OKei


    OKeijiDragon Member
    Hello. I would like to thank you all very much for giving me the privilege to have a voice in the community today. For a while, I've known about the MJ and S3 connection for a while, and I've been intrigued by the recent discoveries found.

    I understand that this is a bump to an old topic, but I would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate a musical mix of Sonic 3 Credits & MJ's Stranger in Moscow (Instrumental).

    I know this is really old and perhaps maybe unnecessary, but I would like to share what I think is still an interesting experiment. Now I know everybody knows about the whole Stranger in Moscow/Sonic 3 Credits Roll connection, but I think its interesting to hear the instrumental version of the song mixed with the Sonic 3 credits, so we can hear just how close the chords and chorus match to each other without vocals.

    Again, thank you for the privilege.
  5. Shoemanbundy


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    Why is it there are some new members to this board that act as if they've been bestowed the honor by Queen Elizabeth herself to post here :P

    But on topic, I think this has been already done on
  6. Well you do gotta test to get in the forum. I suppose it is somewhat of a privilege to get to post. Anyhow, that page doesn't have a mix of the two songs together. It just has the instrumental version available to listen to. Good job on the mix Kei. The songs are pretty catchy together. No doubt about that. I personally think MJ should do a version of Stranger in Moscow with that Sonic Credits version mixed in (only higher quality of course).
  7. XCubed


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    Wow! Great job on this! This is a little different than the other comparisons out there. I found the pictures you put in very amusing as well! :)
  8. Mad Echidna

    Mad Echidna

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    Hey, being grateful to post here is better than being all like "I WOD LIK SONIC 2 ROMZ"
  9. neomerge


    Wow extremely interesting article. I had no clue Michael Jackson was ever going to be a part of Sonic 3. That is so epic!
  10. Aquaslash


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    I am 99.999999999999% sure that the reason ICZ, CNZ, and LBZ got remixed in the S&K PC collection is because the tracks were done by midi, and there was no way to get the drum samples in.

    Rather than playing botched tracks, they just opted to make new ones.

    IIRC, the S3 Midboss and Knuckles themes are absent too.
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