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Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Azu, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Azu


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    About 4 years ago, I had this idea about a Megaman Engine in the style of Sonic Worlds. In fact, the engine I made was based of an old revision of SonicWorlds. I was thinking of starting it backup, but I don't want to if people are not interested in. I again, will be using Sonic Worlds as a base. I'll most likely gut a lot of the movement and gimicks. The engine I have in mind would be one that can easily be made in a Megaman X on classic Megaman engine. Although, It might be better to make one from scratch.

    Also, the controls for the engine I posted.

    Arrow Key = Move
    Z = Jump
    X = Fire
    A/S = Weapon swap.

    *Note only the first weapon works and can be charged.

    So, I'll post my progress here. Things like tests, vidoes, pics, lists, etc.


    Basic Checklist:
    • Basic Movement
    • Animations & Actions
    • Slopes
    • Camera System (It might need to be redone...if anyone is up to it lol)
    • Enemies & Bosses
    • Platforms
    • Ladders
    • Hazards
    • Multiple Character Playstyle
    • Items
    • Music System
    • Gimmicks
    *If you want to help, let me know.

    Edit: So having problems with the engine, it likes to randomly lock up, so I may have to design the engine..
  2. Elektro-Omega


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    I'm not a huge Megaman fan, but I say, this is brilliant. Very faithful and plays very nicely, the odd glitch here and there but as you said, you'd probably gut it and start over.

    By all means, I believe you should continue with this project, I imagine it would make a huge amount of Megaman fans and fan-game makers very happy. Plus it's always nice to see lots of fan-game engines come out.

    I would advise caution though as I'm not sure how strong Capcom are about firing off C&Ds regarding fan-games, although I'm fairly sure you would already know this, so I'm mainly saying it to anyone in this community that doesn't know.
  3. Strife


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    I've seen such a question get asked on the official Capcom forums, and they basically have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy on fangames. They will not actively issue C&D's against fangames if they're freeware, but if a fangame grows popular enough that they're forced to make a statement on it, they will have no choice but to C&D or else risk losing the security of their IP. That's the reason they had to shut down that Streets of Rage remake a few years back.
    So basically, if your fangame is A) free, and B) obscure, you're fine. Even then, I'd personally only recommend making a fangame to hone your game design skills; You'd have a lot to gain from stepping away from it eventually and using what you learned to make something original.

    Anyway, loving the work on this engine so far! Plays quite smoothly. :D
  4. Candescence


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    Huh, interesting. Certainly works quite well so far.

    As for questions of C&Ding, I'm not really sure if Capcom's justification is entirely valid. It certainly is the case for trademarks that you NEED to protect it to keep it, but copyright and patenting is another matter entirely. The 'protect it or lose it' clause applies to trademarks only, as far as I know.
  5. P3DR0


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    That's pretty good, Azu. I'd love to see it get done. A friend of mine had a Megaman project and was waiting on that X Engine to be released (but it never did I believe), if you do manage to work it out, you already have at least one game to have your engine used on. :3

    Looking foward.
  6. Azu


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    I'd love to make an original game, but I'm not artist or music maker and I doubt I'd find anyone willing to work for free lol. Anyway, the only reason I'm considering starting over is because I want to add anti-gravity. However, if remember, doing this in Sonic World is a "bitch" from Techokami what said (He didn't use the world "bitch", kind just threw that in).

    I plan to do a Mega Man X/Megaman classic engine. I'll most likely be using the Wily Wars for the classic because, not a fan of 8-bit (well it's kind of coo). lol The color swapping will most likely not use the method for Super Sonic's glow and instead will use HWA. That requires you have a GPU with at least pixel shader 2.0. It's 2014, even a computer built/bought in like the last 10 years should have this. However, I will post a quick palette swap test in bit.
  7. Falk


    re: Capcom and C&Ds

    ¯\_(?)_/¯ weird shit happens from time to time

    edit: Also, wasn't Streets of Rage SEGA?
  8. Azu


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    I just there was a sold engine for me to get a base off of. I can make my on static engine, but I kind of have a problem with slops and sinking...=E
  9. Azu


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    So, for the Mega Man X part of the engine, I was gonna have X and Zero, but, well. there's a problem. See, I was going to do Zero's black armor but...

    So, I'm gonna have to edit his hair to be a different color. It's no biggie, but eh... The sprite edit is by someone named DanmanX5792 I found on DA.