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Mega World Vol. 6 mentions time travel in Sonic 2

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Linkabel, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Linkabel


    (Just in case people have trouble with the pics here's a link to my tweet with them.)

    So a while ago I saw that this issue was available on ebay, I mostly got it due to the Yamaguchi Eggman artwork along with Micky, but apparently both pages mention time travel.

    (With one page mentioning "...that exceeds the speed of sound and even time" and the other having this "from the age of dinosaurs to the future" )


    It's interesting that the marketing still mentioned this aspect of the game so late in the year.

    Obviously things get print in advance, but not that by much. (Though I'm saying this from my own experience at work that deals with publications, who knows what the setup was in 1992 Japan.)

    And seems like time travel was dropped earlier in the development of the game, right?

    Anyways, thought it might interest people here to see.

    You can check the whole issue here.
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  2. Black Squirrel

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    I'm going to vote that they weren't too concerned with the fine details - those screenshots for example are a mixture of final Sonic 2 (with the Western "Tails" and Japanese "Miles" on show) and three of the pre-release shots which stem from the Wai beta.

    Interesting to see though!
  3. MastaSys


    This is the first time i saw Micky's official art.
    Pretty Cool!
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  4. Linkabel


    Yeah, my theory is that they accidentally used old marketing material text and it slipped through.
  5. DefinitiveDubs


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    I can still remember when Sonic 2 having time travel was still considered a theory that was "debunked" by the community and the one English magazine that mentioned it was thought of as a mixup between 2 and CD. It's funny in hindsight.

    I'm imagining what would've happened if scans of this were available back then. "Man, the press really goofed on checking their facts, huh?"
  6. McAleeCh


    Amazing to see that Micky's official art was actually printed somewhere - a shame his name at the time wasn't also printed alongside it!

    Interestingly, this also seems to confirm the existing theory that the artist for that one Sonic the Comic Summer Special strip which featured Micky as a background character had a copy of his official art for use as reference, as details specific to the official art such as the buck teeth, bulging cheeks and tuft of hair are all present in both.
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  7. YuTwo


    Here is the panel in case anyone else wants to see it:
    I remember coming across this image from another thread by @Pengi who discussed this:

    EDIT: Fixed error in image not appearing
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