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Mega-Soft Information Vol.3

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by ICEknight, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. ICEknight


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    So there was this pamphlet inside my copy of Dynamite Headdy, where I found:


    And the (most likely old) bike pic from Bare Knuckle 3:


    Just needed to share this. Sorry for the crap quality.
  2. cool pics. :) I love pulseman, played it when I used to own a Sega Channel, and still play it on my emulator.

    As for the SOR3 bike pic, they were supposed to have multiple bike routes like that one, such as a bike scene on a bridge similar to the second stage in SOR2, and one in a valley thats near the final stage (route 1 if you saved the president before the time runs out).
  3. Ashura96


    Either that and also perhaps steal and use bikes in other levels, since that one appears to be stage 2.
  4. evilhamwizard


    Sorry for a minibump.

    I actually saw some prototype video footage of Pulseman 2 or 3 months before release. The cool thing is that even though the title screen says "Pulseman", the voice from the girl on the top left corner of the screen still says "Be careful Spark!". :)

    Other than that I didn't see anymore differences other than this. I'm not big on the game (I only play it for the music), and I didn't notice anything.

    I'll have to find a way to get it out there sometime.