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Mega Man X3 MSU-1 - Dracula9AntiChapel

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by LimBreakRevo, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Update 11/19/21:
    I am no longer working on this for multiple reasons. The project as a whole has slowed down, and I see no need to do my part since this is a basic MSU-1 hack after all. In the future, if the sound engine of the MMX games are solved, I might come back to it and hack the tracks in properly. I have come to the realization that X3's soundtrack is miles better than X2's and I don't understand why somebody who has little praise for it would try to fix it beyond the original composer's labors. I deleted the source files a while back and won't recreate them.

    If you would like, I ask of you to preview my first ever hack! Using the MSU-1 extension, I have created a music patch for Mega Man X3 using Dracula9AntiChapel's amazing rendition of the X3 soundtrack. They have lengthened the compositions for a less repetitive soundtrack and game experience as a whole. Combining the divisive soundtracks of both the "one instrument" SNES and "too chill/slow" PS1 versions can allow anyone who grew up with either of them to relish it along with the new pieces of each song. The songs currently available on D9AC's channel fully realized Yamashita-san's musical visions. (who composed the first Castlevania, further proving that there must be something wrong with these songs) I do not have written permission from D9AC yet to make this hack a reality, so I have only created a demo featuring the Intro Stage and Zero's Theme (I implore you to listen to them in their entirety). If anyone can, please talk to Dracula9AntiChapel to give permission. I would contact him on twitter, but my account has been suspended, likely because of the suspicion that it's a bot account. Just replace mmx3_msu1-1 and mmx3_msu1-32, and you're good to go. Enjoy and discuss this hack in the comments. Thank you! Link Here:
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  2. Thats actually very cool!
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    I've been following this guy's music for years so it's really cool to see his music used in an actual hack!

    Is there a guide somewhere I can follow in order to get this set up and working? I found an MSU patch for MMX3 but it doesn't seem to boot up after I apply it. Maybe I have the wrong version of the game.
  4. I use bsnes to play the hack and a Windows OS. In a single file (which may need to be named "mmx3_msu1", I'm not sure), these files must be included:
    -A patched NA X3 ROM renamed "mmx3_msu1"
    -mmx3_msu1 (Microsoft Update Standalone Package)
    -mmx3_msu1 (XML Document)
    -Tracks intended for use with the hack available at download link