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Mega Man X general research topic.

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by GoldS, Aug 20, 2008.

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    the bone zone
    I'll be damned. :)
  2. ICEknight


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    Simply put, great!

    Thanks for the info.
  3. Azu


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    Yep, I'm using ZSNES.
    Edit: Nevermind, I got it work.

    I'm try to ripping sound effects from MMX, but Snessor doesn't seem to work.
  4. Rick


    Alright, I just got here, so forgive my jumping back to an earlier topic.

    I remember seeing that there was an alternate Launch Octopus entryway or something. Funny enough, I don't recall exactly how it happened, or if I was just imagining it, that either myself or a friend was playing Mega Man X with a Game Genie and Launch Octopus' boss room was different. There was no ceiling and the ground was in "steps" (Think when you fight Protoman in Hard Man's stage of Mega Man 3, it was kinda like that). Is that in there too? I remember seeing the unused hall, but don't remember seeing anything 'bout the room.

    Very nice finds, GoldS, on a separate note, now. Good luck in trying to put the editor together.
  5. Azu


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    Indeed, I Megaman X editor (or a Megaman 7 Level editor) Would be very nice.
    I wish you luck if you attempt to make an editor.
  6. Varion Icaria

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    Beautiful research, I love the Megaman X games, I really hope you can find somebody willing to help you program a level editor, it would be awesome to finally get to modify this game.
  7. Azu


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  8. Sorry to necro-post this topic, but this is of some interest to me... And since I just RECENTLY found it, well...

    So, I've been fiddling around with the patch codes in the first page a little. I found some very interesting things...

    - All enemies which have physics WILL follow the angle of the ground if there's a slope there. This includes Mole Borers (going downhill only), Chill Penguin (during body slides), and likely other things.
    - The Mole Borer will destroy ANY ground in its path if not destroyed. If it falls into a 4x1 row of spikes, it will destroy itself. Case in point, if you place one at the beginning of Launch Octopus' stage, it destroys all up-hill and non-level land and eventually dies on the spikes up ahead.
    - Zero's projectile (from the intro of the game) IS physical! It will destroy ANY enemy with 16 Life Energy or less regardless of its armored state or not. (This includes Met C-15, Hoganmer, and Laser Trap (!!!) units.) If the enemy has more than 16 LE (RT-55J, Mole Borer, etc.), the game will treat the event as if Zero had struck Vile's Ride Armor (again, from the intro of the game) and eventually lock X in place until he takes injury as well as permenantly locking the screen in place. Why Zero's projectile is an active object, I have no idea. My best guess is that it has something to do with how the cutscene it appears in works.
    - On the topic of Zero's projectile, when it collides with another active object (any enemy with a collision box), it does the following damage:
    Enemies with 16 LE or less (shielded or not): One hit, 16 LE damage
    Enemies with more than 16 LE (not yet tested on Uburous): One hit, 0 LE damage, triggers Zero-Vile intro stage cutscene.
    Boss enemies with life bars: One hit, 1 LE damage.

    Just thought I'd toss this weirdness up since I'm a huge fan of Rockman and all. Hope to see more research into this game! And of course, that ROM hack.
  9. Azu


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    Sorrys for the bump.

    Someone at RomhackingNet is making a MegaMan X hacking tool.
    <a href=",8573.0.html" target="_blank">,8573.0.html</a>
    Says he needs help the address. Since someone you dabble in MMX's addresses, I think someone you might be able to help.