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Mega Man X general research topic.

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by GoldS, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Videos for Hellfire Commentaries.
    That's sort of what I'm starting to think. The white city is concept art. Nothing more.

    I always thought the Hoganmer was the Sniper Joe of the X series. I'd love to see that code implemented into a hack of Megaman X.
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    This is probably the wrong place for it, but here are the addresses for palette information and loading points in the rom.


    2B900-2B91F: X's main palette (no weapon).

    2B920-2B93F: Rush Roader's palette.
    2B940-2B95F: Hoganmer's palette.
    2B960-2B97F: Dodge Blaster's palette.
    2B980-2B99F: Sine Faller's palette.

    2B9A0-2B9BF: Boomerang Cutter weapon palette.

    2B9C0-2B9DF: X's secondary palette.

    2B9E0-2B9FF: Flashing color palette.

    2BA00-2BA1F: Flammingle's palette.

    ((2BA20-2BA3F: MYSTERY PALETTE #1))

    2BA40-2BA5F: Planty + Iworm's palette.

    2BA60-2BA7F: X Buster weapon palette.

    2BA80-2BA9F: Light Capsule palette.
    2BAA0-2BADF: Light Capsule glowing palette.

    2BAE0-2BAFF: Homing Torpedo weapon palette.

    2BB00-2BB1F: Chameleon Sting weapon palette.

    2BB20-2BB3F: Large stone block's palette.
    2BB40-2BB5F: RT-55J's palette.

    ((2BB60-2BB7F: MYSTERY PALETTE #2))

    2BB80-2BB9F: Boss door's palette.
    2BBA0-2BBBF: Axe Max + Axe wood + falling leaves' palette.

    2BBC0-2BBFF: Megaman in Light Capsule flashing palette.

    2BC00-2BC1F: Road Attacker's palette.
    2BC20-2BC3F: Crusher's palette.
    2BC40-2BC5F: Spiky's palette.

    2BC60-2BC7F: Sting Chameleon + falling spikes' palette.

    2BC80-2BC9F: Bomb Been's palette.


    2BCC0-2BCDF: Highway breakway platform's palette.
    2BCE0-2BCFF: Road Attacker deployer's palette.
    2BD00-2BD1F: Gulpfer's palette.
    2BD20-2BD3F: Mad Pecker + Creeper's palette.
    2BD40-2BD5F: Sea Attacker's palette.
    2BD60-2BD7F: Amenhopper's palette.
    2BD80-2BD9F: Bee Blader's palette.
    2BDA0-2BDBF: Utuboros' palette.
    2BDC0-2BDDF: Ball De Voux's palette.
    2BDE0-2BDFF: Gun Volt's palette.
    2BE00-2BE1F: Anglerge parts + snake missile's palette.
    2BE20-2BE3F: Boss intro lightning's palette.
    2BE40-2BE5F: Death Rogumer cannon's palette.
    2BE60-2BE5F: Heart Tank palette.
    2BE80-2BE9F: Utuboros sand cloud's palette.
    2BEA0-2BEBF: Highway car's palette.
    2BEC0-2BEDF: Highway trailer trucks's palette.
    2BEE0-2BEFF: Highway van's palette.

    2BF00-2BF1F: Final Form Sigma head + eyes + claws' palette.
    2BF20-2BF9F: Final Form Sigma's fade-in palette.
    2BFA0-2BFBF: Final Form Sigma's flames + sparks' palette.

    2BFC0-2BFDF: Jellyfish enemy's palette. [UNUSED]
    2BFE0-2BFFF: Cruiziler parts' palette.
    2C000-2C01F: Stage select cursor + map screen dot's palette.

    2C020-2C03F: Storm Tornado weapon palette.

    2C040-2C05F: Scrap Robo + Broken Utuboros head's palette.
    2C060-2C07F: Scrap Robo + Broken Utuboros head's melting palette.
    2C080-2C09F: Mine cart platform's palette.

    2C0A0-2C0BF: Shotgun Ice weapon palette.
    2C0C0-2C0DF: Fire Wave weapon palette.
    2C0E0-2C0FF: Electric Spark weapon palette.
    2C100-2C11F: Rolling Shield weapon palette.
    2C120-2C19F: Charged Rolling Shield weapon palette.

    2C1A0-2C2BF: Mole Borer's palette.
    2C1C0-2C1DF: Pink Ride Armor + Pink Armor Soldier's palette.
    2C1E0-2C1FF: Bat Bone's palette.
    2C200-2C21F: Batton M-501's palette.
    2C220-2C23F: Met C-15 + password cursor's palette.
    2C240-2C25F: Crag Man + small stone block + Forest rubble's palette.
    2C260-2C27F: Dig Labour + factory rubble's palette.
    2C280-2C29F: Unknown (Duplicate Dig Labour palette.)

    2C2A0-2C2BF: Vile + Vile's first ride armor's palette.

    2C2C0-2C2DF: Zero's palette.
    2C2E0-2C31F: Zero's Beta charging palette?
    2C320-2C33F: Zero's charged shot's palette.

    2C340-2C37F: Password screen number's palette.
    2C380-2C39F: Password screen cursor's palette.
    2C3A0-2C3BF: Hotarion's palette.
    2C3C0-2C3DF: Metal Wing's palette.
    2C3E0-2C3FF: Conveyor belt crusher's palette.
    2C400-2C41F: Jamminger's palette.

    ((2C420-2C43F: MYSTERY PALETTE #4))

    2C440-2C45F: Airport conveyor platform's palette.
    2C460-2C47F: Flamer + floating platform's palette.
    2C480-2C49F: Thunder Slimer's palette.

    2C4A0-2C4BF: Armored Armadillo + spark palette.
    2C4C0-2C51F: Armored Armadillo's charging palette.
    2C520-2C53F: Armored Armadillo's rubble palette.

    2C540-2C55F: Tombot's palette.
    2C560-2C57F: Thunder Slimer's slime blob + electric bolt's palette.

    2C580-2C59F: Chill Penguin palette.
    2C5A0-2C5BF: Chill Penguin's iceball + sculpture palette.
    2C5C0-2C5DF: Unknown (Duplicate Chill Penguin palette, unused)
    2C5E0-2C5FF: Unknown (Chill Penguin palette, but all colors are black)

    2C600-2C61F: Slide Cannon + sliding platform's palette.
    2C620-2C63F: Spring's palette.

    2C640-2C65F: X's charged palette.
    2C660-2C67F: X's supercharged palette.

    2C680-2C69F: Floating laser trap + laser's palette.

    2C6A0-2C6BF: Boomer Kuwanger + boomerang palette.
    2C6C0-2C6DF: Boomer Kuwanger's afterimage palette.

    2C6E0-2C6FF: Launch Octopus + Homing Torpedo's palette.
    2C700-2C73F: Launch Octopus' E.Drain palette.
    2C740-2C75F: Launch Octopus' fish missile palette.
    2C760-2C77F: Launch Octopus' twister palette.

    2C780-2C79F: Ladder Yadder's palette.

    ((2C7A0-2C7BF: MYSTERY PALETTE #5))

    2C7C0-2C7DF: Tower elevator platform's palette.
    2C7E0-2C7FF: Power plant spark's palette.
    2C800-2C81F: Flame pillar's palette.

    2C820-2C83F: Dummy palette (Palette is completely black)

    2C840-2C85F: Shattering glass pane's palette.

    2C860-2C87F: Dummy palette (Palette is black except for transparent color)

    2C880-2C89F: Sky Claw's palette.
    2C8A0-2C8BF: Cruiziler missile's palette.

    2C8C0-2C8DF: Flame Mammoth + oil + flame's palette.
    2C8E0-2C8FF: Unknown (Duplicate Flame Mammoth palette. Used for trunk?)
    2C900-2C91F: Flame Mammoth's oil fire palette.

    2C920-2C93F: Rolling Gabyool + lava drip's palette.
    2C940-2C95F: Ray Bit's palette.

    ((2C960-2C97F: MYSTERY PALETTE #6))

    2C980-2C99F: Snow Shooter's palette.

    2C9A0-2C9BF: Storm Eagle + eagret palette.
    2C9C0-2C9DF: Storm Eagle's Storm Tornado palette.

    2C9E0-2C9FF: Rolling snowball's palette.
    2CA00-2CA1F: Turn Cannon + Turn Cannon's floating platform's + long pillar's palette.

    ((2CA20-2CA3F: MYSTERY PALETTE #7))

    2CA40-2CA5F: Spark Mandrill's palette.
    2CA60-2CA7F: Spark Mandrill's frozen palette.
    2CA80-2CA9F: Spark Mandrill's Electric Spark palette.
    2CAA0-2CABF: Spark Mandrill's groundshock palette.

    2CAC0-2CADF: Igloo rubble's palette.
    2CAE0-2CAFF: Green Ride Armor + Green Armor Soldier's palette.
    2CB00-2CB1F: Mega Tortoise's palette.

    2CB20-2CB3F: Velguarder + flames' palette.
    2CB40-2CB5F: Velguarder's spark palette.

    2CB60-2CB7F: Rangda Bangda green eye + nose's palette.
    2CB80-2CB9F: Rangda Bangda blue eye's palette.
    2CBA0-2CBBF: Rangda Bangda red eye's palette.
    2CBC0-2CBDF: Rangda Bangda closing wall's palette.
    2CBE0-2CC5F: Rangda Bangda fading in palette.

    2CC60-2CC7F: Vile's cage's force field + cage parts' palette.

    2CC80-2CC9F: Bospider + Bospider baby's palette.
    2CCA0-2CCBF: Bospider's retracting thread palette.

    2CCC0-2CCDF: D-Rex's head palette.
    2CCE0-2CCFF: D-Rex plasma ball's palette.
    2CD00-2CD1F: D-Rex's charging palette.

    2CD20-2CD3F: Sigma's palette.
    2CD40-2CD5F: Sigma's cape palette.

    ((2CD60-2CD7F: MYSTERY PALETTE #8))

    2CD80-2CD9F: X specification screen analyzer's palette.
    2CDA0-2CDBF: Airport rubble's palette.
    2CDC0-2CDDF: Mine small rubble's palette.
    2CDE0-2CDFF: Sigma's flying fortress explosion + splash's palette.
    2CE00-2CE1F: Sigma's flying fortress' palette.
    2CE20-2CE3F: Vile's second ride armor's palette.

    2CE40-2CE5F: X's Homing.T palette.
    2CE60-2CE7F: X's C.Sting palette.
    2CE80-2CE9F: X's S.Ice palette.
    2CEA0-2CEBF: X's B.Cutter palette.
    2CEC0-2CEDF: X's Storm.T palette.
    2CEE0-2CEFF: X's E.Spark palette.
    2CF00-2CF1F: X's Fire.W palette.
    2CF20-2CF3F: X's R.Shield palette.
    2CF40-2D03F: Chameleon Sting rotating color palette.
    2D040-2D05F: "Weapon Acquired" X's Homing.T object palette.
    2D060-2D07F: "Weapon Acquired" X's C.Sting object palette.
    2D080-2D09F: "Weapon Acquired" X's Storm.T object palette.
    2D0A0-2D0BF: "Weapon Acquired" X's Fire.W object palette.
    2D0C0-2D0DF: "Weapon Acquired" X's R.Shield object palette.
    2D0E0-2D0FF: "Weapon Acquired" X's E.Spark object palette.
    2D100-2D11F: "Weapon Acquired" X's B.Cutter object palette.
    2D120-2D13F: "Weapon Acquired" X's S.Ice object palette.

    2D140-2D15F: "Weapon Acquired" X's Homing.T object palette.
    2D160-2D17F: "Weapon Acquired" X's C.Sting background palette.
    2D180-2D19F: "Weapon Acquired" X's Storm.T background palette.
    2D1A0-2D1BF: "Weapon Acquired" X's Fire.W background palette.
    2D1C0-2D1DF: "Weapon Acquired" X's R.Shield background palette.
    2D1E0-2D1FF: "Weapon Acquired" X's E.Spark background palette.
    2D200-2D21F: "Weapon Acquired" X's B.Cutter background palette.
    2D220-2D23F: "Weapon Acquired" X's S.Ice background palette.
    2D240-2D25F: "Weapon Acquired" R.shield device palette.
    2D260-2D27F: "Weapon Acquired" C.Sting device palette.
    2D280-2D29F: "Weapon Acquired" E.Spark device palette.
    2D2A0-2D2BF: "Weapon Acquired" Fire.W device palette.
    2D2C0-2D2DF: "Weapon Acquired" S.Ice device palette.
    2D2E0-2D2FF: "Weapon Acquired" Homing.T device palette.
    2D300-2D31F: "Weapon Acquired" B.Cutter device palette.
    2D320-2D33F: "Weapon Acquired" Storm.T device palette.
    2D340-2D37F: Dialogue palette.
    2D380-2D47F: Sting Chameleon stage main palette.
    2D480-2D57F: Armored Armadillo stage main palette.
    2D580-2D67F: Flame Mammoth stage main palette (lava).
    2D680-2D71F: Title screen palette.
    2D720-2D81F: Highway stage palette.
    2D820-2D83F: Storm Eagle alt. palette #1.
    2D840-2D87F: Highway stage alt. palette #2.
    2D880-2D89F: Highway stage alt. palette #1.
    2D8A0-2D91F: Large Capcom logo flashing palette.
    2D920-2DA1F: Launch Octopus stage main palette.
    2DA20-2DADF: Boss intro screen palette.
    2DAE0-2DAFF: Launch Octopus alt. palette #2.
    2DB00-2DB7F: Launch Octopus cycling water palette.
    2DB80-2DBBF: Launch Octopus alt. palette #4.
    2DBC0-2DBFF: Launch Octopus alt. palette #1.
    2DC00-2DC1F: Launch Octopus alt. palette #3.
    2DC20-2DCBF: Stage select main palette.
    2DCC0-2DCDF: Stage select map picture palette.
    2DCE0-2DCFF: Stage select boss spec palette.
    2DD00-2DD1F: Stage select Megaman X icon palette.
    2DD20-2DD3F: Title screen small Capcom logo palette.
    2DD40-2DD5F: Launch Octopus stage picture palette.
    2DD60-2DD7F: Armored Armadillo stage picture palette.
    2DD80-2DD9F: Sting Chamleon stage picture palette.
    2DDA0-2DDBF: Flame Mammoth stage picture palette.
    2DDC0-2DDDF: Storm Eagle stage picture palette.
    2DDE0-2DDFF: Chill Penguin stage picture palette.
    2DE00-2DE1F: Spark Mandrill stage picture palette.
    2DE20-2DE3F: Boomer Kuwanger stage picture palette.
    2DE40-2DF3F: Storm Eagle stage main palette.
    2DF40-2DFFF: Sting Chameleon alt. palette #1.
    2E000-2E0BF: Sting Chameleon alt. palette #2.
    2E0C0-2E0DF: Armored Armadillo alt. rock palette [UNUSED]
    2E0E0-2E1DF: Weapons / Password screen palette.
    2E1E0-2E29F: Sting Chameleon boss room palette.
    2E2A0-2E2FF: Armored Armadillo alt. palette #1.
    2E300-2E35F: Armored Armadillo cycling waterfall background palette.
    2E360-2E3DF: Armored Armadillo cycling water background palette.
    2E3E0-2E4DF: Spark Mandrill stage main palette.
    2E4E0-2E5DF: Chill Penguin stage main palette.
    2E5E0-2E63F: Flame Mammoth cycling lava + conveyor belt palette.
    2E640-2E65F: Flame Mammoth alternate palette #1.
    2E660-2E7DF: Flame Mammoth cycling lights + lava river palette.
    2E7E0-2E83F: Options menu palette.
    2E840-2E93F: Boomer Kuwanger stage main palette.
    2E940-2E9FF: Storm Eagle cycling conveyor belt + clouds palette.
    2EA00-2EA3F: Storm Eagle alternate palette #2.
    2EA40-2EADF: Storm Eagle cycling light palette.
    2EAE0-2EAFF: "Weapon Acquired" regular X palette.
    2EB00-2EB1F: "Weapon Acquired" border palette.
    2EB20-2EB3F: "Weapon Acquired" flashing device palette.
    2EB40-2EB5F: Chill Penguin alt. palette #1.
    2EB60-2EBBF: Chill Penguin alt. palette #2.
    2EBC0-2ECBF: Boomer Kuwanger alt. palette #1.
    2ECC0-2ECFF: Spark Mandrill cycling yellow electricity palette.
    2ED00-2ED5F: Spark Mandrill cycling green electricity palette.
    2ED60-2ED7F: Spark Mandrill alt. palette #1.
    2ED80-2EDBF: Spark Mandrill alt. palette #2.
    2EDC0-2EEBF: Sigma Stage 1 main palette.
    2EEC0-2EFBF: Sigma Stage 2 main palette.
    2EFC0-2F0BF: Flame Mammoth stage main palette (Frozen).
    2F0C0-2F0DF: Stage select Sigma icon palette.
    2F0E0-2F0FF: Sigma stage picture palette.
    2F100-2F1FF: Sigma Stage 3 main palette.
    2F200-2F23F: Sigma Stage 3 cycling water palette.
    2F240-2F29F: Sigma Stage 3 conveyor belt palette.
    2F2A0-2F2BF: Sigma Stage 3 alt. palette #1.
    2F2C0-2F2DF: Sigma Stage 3 D-Rex body flashing palette.
    2F2E0-2F3DF: Sigma Stage 4 main palette.
    2F3E0-2F45F: Boss Intro Sigma symbol fading palette.
    2F460-2F4BF: Sting Chameleon cycling water palette.
    2F500-2F53F: Flame Mammoth cycling lava + conveyor belt palette (Frozen).
    2F540-2F57F: Sigma Stage 1 flashing light palette.
    2F580-2F63F: Sigma Stage 1 alt. palette #1.
    2F640-2F69F: Sigma Stage 2 cycling light palettes.
    2F6A0-2F6DF: Sigma Stage 2 alt. palette #3.
    2F6E0-2F6FF: Sigma Stage 2 att. palette #4.
    2F700-2F73F: Sigma Stage 2 alt. palette #1.
    2F740-2F77F: <DUMMY PALETTE>
    2F780-2F79F: Megaman X specification screen green outline palette.
    2F7A0-2F83F: <DUMMY PALETTE>
    2F840-2F89F: Megaman X specification screen fading palette.
    2F8A0-2F8BF: Megaman X specification screen palette.
    2F8C0-2F8DF: Spark Mandrill shut-off yellow electricity palette.
    2F8E0-2F8FF: Spark Mandrill shut-off green electricity palette.
    2F900-2F91F: Spark Mandrill plane wreckage palette.
    2F920-2F93F: Sigma Stage 1 alt. palette #2.
    2F940-2F95F: Sigma Stage 1 alt. palette #3.
    2F960-2F97F: Sigma Stage 1 alt. palette #4 (8 bosses defeated cutscene).
    2F980-2FA5F: Sigma Stage 2 brightening background palette.
    2FA60-2FA7F: Sigma Stage 2 alt. palette #2.
    2FA80-2FAFF: Sigma Stage 2 fade-in boss palette.
    2FB00-2FCFF: Sigma Stage 4 fade-in boss palette.
    2FD00-2FE5F: Cast roll fading foreground palette.
    2FE60-2FFFF: Cast roll fading background palette.
    30000-3001F: Dr. Light warning screen palette.
    30020-3003F: Credits palette.
    30040-3007F: Ending cutscene palette.
    30080-300FF: Ending cutscene flashing cliff palette.
    30100-3019F: Credits fading palette.
    301A0-301FF: <EMPTY>

    The loading point format is as follows, where A represents a hexidecimal number:
    A = Object loader value. Values do different things in different levels.
    B = Tile loader value.
    C = Palette loader value.
    D = X location of Megaman X.
    E = Y location of Megaman X.
    F = X location of left side of screen.
    G = Y location of bottom side of screen.
    H = X offset of background. Background is
    moved to the left by HH pixels before
    X appears onscreen.
    I = Y offset of background. Background is
    moved up by II pixels.
    J = Border for left side of screen. The screen cannot
    move past this point, nor can X.
    K = Border for right side of screen.
    L = Border for top side of screen.
    M = Border for bottom side of screen.
    N = Forced X offset. Differs from H in that the
    background will not try to correct itself based
    on X's position. It's also applied after X appears
    on screen, not before.
    O = Forced Y offset.
    P = Background scrolling modifier. Affects how background
    scrolls. Needs more research.
    Q = Teleport modifier. Affects how far down X goes after he
    has been teleported.

    329F2-32A0E: Loading point #1 (Highway stage)
    32A0F-32A2B: Loading point #2 (Highway stage)
    32A2C-32A48: Loading point #3 (Highway stage)
    32A49-32A65: Loading point #4 (SPECIAL: Cast roll)
    32A66-32A82: Loading point #1 (Launch Octopus)
    32A83-32A9F: Loading point #2 (Launch Octopus)
    32AA0-32ABC: Loading point #3 (Launch Octopus)
    32ABD-32AD9: Loading point #1 (Sting Chameleon)
    32ADA-32AF6: Loading point #2 (Sting Chameleon)
    32AF7-32B13: Loading point #3 (Sting Chameleon)
    32B14-32B30: Loading point #1 (Armored Armadillo)
    32B31-32B4D: Loading point #2 (Armored Armadillo)
    32B4E-32B6A: Loading point #3 (Armored Armadillo)
    32B6B-32B87: Loading point #1 (Flame Mammoth)
    32B88-32BA4: Loading point #2 (Flame Mammoth)
    32BA5-32BC1: Loading point #3 (Flame Mammoth)
    32BC2-32BDE: Loading point #1 (Storm Eagle)
    32BDF-32BFB: Loading point #2 (Storm Eagle)
    32BFC-32C18: Loading point #3 (Storm Eagle)
    32C19-32C35: Loading point #1 (Spark Mandrill)
    32C36-32C52: Loading point #2 (Spark Mandrill)
    32C53-32C6F: Loading point #3 (Spark Mandrill)
    32C70-32C8C: Loading point #1 (Boomer Kuwanger)
    32C8D-32CA9: Loading point #2 (Boomer Kuwanger)
    32CAA-32CC8: Loading point #3 (Boomer Kuwanger)
    32CC7-32CE3: Loading point #1 (Chill Penguin)
    32CE4-32D00: Loading point #2 (Chill Penguin)
    32D01-32D1D: Loading point #3 (Chill Penguin)
    32D1E-32D3A: Loading point #1 (Sigma stage 1)
    32D3B-32D57: Loading point #2 (Sigma stage 1)
    32D58-32D74: Loading point #3 (Sigma stage 1)
    32D75-32D91: Loading point #4 (SPECIAL: 8 bosses defeated cutscene)
    32D92-32DAE: Loading point #5 (Sigma stage 1)
    32DAF-32DCB: Loading point #1 (Sigma stage 2)
    32DCC-32DE8: Loading point #2 (Sigma stage 2)
    32DE9-32E05: Loading point #3 (Sigma stage 2)
    32E06-32E22: Loading point #4 (Sigma stage 2)
    32E23-32E3F: Loading point #1 (Sigma stage 3)
    32E40-32E5C: Loading point #2 (Sigma stage 3)
    32E5D-32E79: Loading point #3 (Sigma stage 3)
    32E7A-32E96: Loading point #4 (Sigma stage 3)
    32E97-32EB3: Loading point #5 (Sigma stage 3)
    32EB4-32ED0: Loading point #6 (Sigma stage 3)
    32ED1-32EED: Loading point #1 (Sigma stage 4)

    32EEE-32EEF: Loading pointer (Highway stage)
    32EF0-32EF1: Loading pointer (Launch Octopus)
    32EF2-32EF3: Loading pointer (Sting Chameleon)
    32EF4-32EF5: Loading pointer (Armored Armadillo)
    32EF6-32EF7: Loading pointer (Flame Mammoth)
    32EF8-32EF9: Loading pointer (Storm Eagle)
    32EFA-32EFB: Loading pointer (Spark Mandrill)
    32EFC-32EFD: Loading pointer (Boomer Kuwanger)
    32EFE-32EFF: Loading pointer (Chill Penguin)
    32F00-32F01: Loading pointer (Sigma Stage 1)
    32F02-32F03: Loading pointer (Sigma Stage 2)
    32F04-32F05: Loading pointer (Sigma Stage 3)
    32F06-32F07: Loading pointer (Sigma Stage 4)
  4. GoldS


    Since this is in Technical Discussion now, here's a preliminary and very incomplete map of Megaman X's RAM.


    7E003B: Start Screen counter. 1 byte.
    Counts down from 255 at the title screen.
    When it reaches 0, there is a fade out and
    the intro sequence starts again. The counter
    is reset to 234 when a new option is selected.
    7E003C: Start Screen option. 1 byte.
    Used to determine which mode is selected.

    00: Start game.
    01: Password screen.
    02: Options menu.

    7E00B3: Fader variable. 1 byte.
    Used to fade in and out of different screens.
    At 15, the screen will be at full brightness.
    At 0, the screen will be completely black.

    7E00B4: Layer 1 X value. 2 bytes.
    Used to move and position the 1st BG layer.
    The X position of the left side of the layer is
    (X value of bottom border - Layer 1 X value).
    7E00B6: Layer 1 Y value. 2 bytes.
    Used to move and position the 1st BG layer.
    The Y position of the top of the layer is
    (Y value of right border - Layer 1 Y value).
    7E00B8: Layer 2 X value. 2 bytes.
    7E00BA: Layer 2 Y value. 2 bytes.
    7E00BC: Layer 3 X value. 2 bytes.
    7E00BE: Layer 3 Y value. 2 bytes.

    7E00C0: Layer toggle. 1 byte.
    Uses bit checks to determine what layers
    to display.

    01: Display layer 1.
    02: Display layer 2.
    04: Display layer 3.
    08: Display layer 4 [UNUSED]
    10: Display sprites.

    7E00C1: Opaque variable. 1 byte.
    Used to determine what layers NOT to make
    transparent when the level uses layer

    01: Make layer 1 opaque.
    02: Make layer 2 opaque.
    04: Make layer 3 opaque.
    08: Make layer 4 opaque [UNUSED].
    10: Make sprite layer opaque.

    7E00CA: Palette effect variable. 1 byte.
    Used to control the palette effect settings
    in a stage. Uses variables 7E00CB-7E00CD
    to determine how to affect palette colors.
    Checks bits to determine what layers
    to affect. When the dark bit is set, the
    variables subtract from the palette values
    instead of adding to them.

    01: Apply to layer 1.
    02: Apply to layer 2.
    04: Apply to layer 3.
    08: ???
    10: Apply to objects (excluding Megaman X)
    20: ???
    40: Apply palette effect below transparent
    layer Y value.
    80: Dark bit.
    7E00CB: Blue palette effect variable. 1 byte.
    7E00CC: Green palette effect variable. 1 byte.
    7E00CD: Red palette effect variable. 1 byte.


    7E0300-7E03FF: Layers 1 & 2 palette. 2 bytes per color.
    128 colors (1 transparent) divided between
    the foreground layer and the background layer. If dialogue
    needs to be loaded, the dialogue palette will ALWAYS occupy
    the first two rows (300-33F) of the palette.

    7E0400-7E041F: Hit palette / Sprite palette #1. 2 bytes per color.
    This palette is used intermittently with
    the normal palette of every enemy and boss
    in the game to indicate that something has been hit.
    It is only used as a main palette by the particles
    that go into X when he begins to charge his
    7E0420-7E043F: X's main palette / Sprite palette #2. 2 bytes per color.
    Palette information for the main palette in the game.
    This palette is used exclusively for the X sprite and the 1-up item.
    7E0440-7E045F: X's secondary palette / Sprite palette #3. 2 bytes per color.
    This palette is used by X's health bar, the glowing particles
    from his charged effect, buster shots, and energy and weapon
    7E0460-7E047F: X's weapon palette / Sprite palette #4. 2 bytes per color.
    This palette is used by X's weapons bar, the particles
    generated to indicate the buster has been supercharged,
    and all of X's weapons, discluding the uncharged
    buster shots.
    7E0480-7E049F: Sprite palette #5. 2 bytes per color.
    Changes on the objects loaded in a stage.
    7E04A0-7E04BF: Sprite palette #6. 2 bytes per color.
    7E04C0-7E04DF: Sprite palette #7. 2 bytes per color.
    7E04E0-7E04FF: Sprite palette #8. 2 bytes per color.

    7E0BAD: Current X position of Megaman X. 2 bytes.
    7E0BB0: Current Y position of Megaman X. 2 bytes.

    7E0BBD: Number of own shots on screen. 1 byte.
    Default is 0. L/R weapon changing is disabled at
    any number higher than 0. Going to the start menu
    and choosing a weapon sets the value to zero and
    clears all own projectiles before switching to weapon.
    Max number of shots per weapon:
    Buster: 3
    H.Torpedo: 2
    C.Sting: 4 (1 for initial burst, 3 for sting)
    R.Shield: 1
    F.Wave: 5
    Storm T.: 1
    E.Spark: 6 (3 for initial shot, 3 for wall shot)
    B.Cutter: 3

    7E0BC5: X vertical acceleration. 1 byte.
    Measured in pixels. Determines how to push Megaman up/down
    when he is not on the ground. Values above 128 will push
    Megaman down, others will push him upwards.

    7E0BC6: X gravity. 1 byte.
    Determines at what point Megaman's vertical acceleration
    declines. Default is 64, 33 underwater.

    7E0BCF: Current health. 1 byte.
    The cap on health is determined by the maximum
    health value. Once health reaches 0, X will die. Control
    is taken away from the player when health reaches 0. Upon
    spawning, this value is set to the current max health value,
    unless it is greater than 32, in which case it is set to 32.

    7E0BD8: Just Hit counter. 1 byte.
    Default value is 0. After being hit by an enemy,
    the value is set to 8 and Megaman can't be hit again.

    7E0BDB: Current weapon. 1 byte.
    00: X.Buster (default)
    02: Homing.T
    04: C.Sting
    06: R.Shield
    08: Fire.W
    0A: Storm.T
    0C: E.Spark
    0E: B.Cutter
    10: S.Ice
    12: Storm.T (duplicate? Charged shot does nothing)
    14: Charged Homing.T
    16: Charged C.Sting
    18: Charged R.Shield
    1A: Charged Fire.W
    1C: Charged Storm.T
    1E: Charged E.Spark
    20: Charged B.Cutter
    22: Charged S.Ice
    24: Storm.T (duplicate? Charged shot does nothing)

    7E0BDF: Button lock. 1 byte.
    Uses a bitcheck to determine what button has been
    pressed. When the value is set, the button can't
    be pressed again. Value is set to 0 after action is

    01: Right button.
    02: Left button.
    04: Down button.
    08: Up button.
    10: Start button.
    20: ???
    40: Shoot button.
    80: Jump button.

    7E0BF8: Buster pointing modifier. 1 byte.
    Default value is 255. When the shoot button is
    pushed, X's buster pointing animations are used
    and the value is set to 15. After counting down
    to 0, X is set back to his animations that don't
    show the X buster.

    7E0BFA: Dash modifier? 1 byte.

    7E0C03: Current charge level. 1 byte.
    00: Uncharged shot.
    01: Supercharged shot. This is the only value a boss
    weapon can be charged to, it is otherwise 0.
    02: Charged.
    03: Midcharged.

    7E0C05: Jump speed modifier. 1 byte.
    Controls how fast X can move horizontally
    while jumping. Default is 1 while walking
    and 3 while dashing. Different values are possible
    when jumping from moving objects.

    7E0C11: Current direction. 1 byte.
    If Megaman X is facing right, then the 64 bit
    is toggled. Otherwise the value is 0.
    00: Left
    40: Right

    7E0C13: Flash counter. 1 byte.
    Counter is set to 60 after X complete his being hit
    animation. The value is subtracted steadily until
    it reaches 0. When the value is greater than 1, X
    will flash on the screen and not take damage. When
    the counter reaches 1, the Just Hit counter is set to 0.

    7E0E68: Object presence of first object on screen. 1 byte.
    At 0, the object will not appear on screen and
    cannot be interacted with.
    7E0E69: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E6A: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E6B: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E6D: X position of first object on screen. 2 bytes.
    7E0E70: Y position of first object on screen. 2 bytes.
    7E0E72: Object ID. 1 byte.
    7E0E73: Object subID. 1 byte.
    7E0E7B: Frame delay of first object on screen. 1 byte.
    7E0E7F: Frame number of first object on screen. 1 byte.
    7E0E8F: HP of first object on screen. 1 byte.
    7E0E90: Projectile reflect bit. 1 byte.
    At 0, this object will reflect all projectiles and take
    no damage. Otherwise, this object will destroy projectiles
    and take damage appropriately.
    7E0E9B: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E9C: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E9D: Generic object variable. 1 byte.
    7E0E9E: Generic object variable. 1 byte.

    7E0EAD: X position of second object on screen. 2 bytes.
    7E0EB0: Y position of second object on screen. 2 bytes.
    7E0EBB: Frame delay of second object on screen. 1 byte.
    7E0ECF: HP of second object on screen. 1 byte.

    7E122C: X variable of first shot from player. 1 byte.

    7E1242: Horizontal accelerator of shot #1. 1 byte.
    This number is set depending on what type of shot
    is used. It increases (or decreases, depending on the
    direction) until it reaches 255, at which it flips back
    to 0 and it stops affecting the speed of the shot.
    7E1243: Horizontal speed of shot #1. 1 byte.
    The speed of the first shot from the player, measured
    in pixels. If the 128 bit is toggled the shot moves to the
    left at a speed of (256 - VAR). Otherwise the shot moves at
    VAR speed to the right.
    7E1244: Vertical acceleration of shot #1. 1 byte.
    7E1245: Vertical speed of shot #1. 1 byte.
    Vertical speed, measured in pixels. If the 128 bit is toggled
    the shot moves up at a speed of (256 - VAR). Otherwise the
    shot moves at VAR speed downwards. Note that only shots that
    can move up and down use this bit.
    7E1247: Starting acceleration speed?
    7E125F: Shot #1 variable. 1 byte.
    7E1262: Shot #1 variable. 1 byte.
    7E1282: Horizontal acceleration of shot #2. 1 byte.
    7E1283: Horizontal speed of shot #2. 1 byte.
    7E1284: Vertical acceleration of shot #2. 1 byte.
    7E1285: Vertical speed of shot #2. 1 byte.

    7E143B: Stage select map locator frame number. 1 byte.

    7E168D: Simple object #1 X coordinate. 2 bytes.
    7E1690: Simple object #1 Y coordinate. 2 bytes.

    7E193C: Sting Chameleon water palette cycling handler. 1 byte.
    Values range from 220 to 226. Used to animate the top
    of the water in the Sting Chameleon stage.

    7E1CED: X position of READY text. 2 bytes.

    7E1E4B: Stage select information mode. 1 byte.
    00: Area image (default)
    02: Map screen.
    04: Boss information.

    7E1E5E: Stage select boss spec toggle. 1 byte.
    Determines whether to display text when the cursor is
    over an icon in the stage select with Spec mode on.
    When switching over to the next icon, the 1 bit is set
    briefly before determining if text should be displayed,
    and the text on screen is paused. If it should display
    text, the 128 bit is set and any text remaining on screen
    is cleared. Otherwise the 1 bit is unset and no text is
    00: False
    01: Switching
    81: True

    7E1E5F: Stage select boss spec number. 1 byte.
    This value is used to lookup and display the boss
    specifications in the main screen of the stage select.
    It is only used when Spec mode has been selected. Text
    will not be displayed if the boss spec value's 128 bit
    has not been set.
    00: Launch Octopus
    01: Sting Chameleon
    02: Armored Armadillo
    03: Flame Mammoth
    04: Storm Eagle
    05: Spark Mandrill
    06: Boomer Kuwanger
    07: Chill Penguin

    7E1E60: Password screen number #1. 1 byte.
    First number on the password screen (Going left to right,
    then down).
    00: 1
    01: 2
    02: 3
    03: 4
    04: 5
    05: 6
    06: 7
    07: 8
    7E1E61: Password screen number #2. 1 byte.
    7E1E62: Password screen number #3. 1 byte.
    7E1E63: Password screen number #4. 1 byte.
    7E1E64: Password screen number #5. 1 byte.
    7E1E65: Password screen number #6. 1 byte.
    7E1E66: Password screen number #7. 1 byte.
    7E1E67: Password screen number #8. 1 byte.
    7E1E68: Password screen number #9. 1 byte.
    7E1E69: Password screen number #10. 1 byte.
    7E1E6A: Password screen number #11. 1 byte.
    7E1E6B: Password screen number #12. 1 byte.

    7E1E5C: Downward scrolling thing. 2 bytes.

    7E1E70: Upward scrolling modifier. 1 byte.
    Specifies the number of pixels needed between the
    player and the top side of the screen to scroll
    up. Default is 96.
    7E1E72: Downward scrolling modifier. 1 byte.
    Specifies the number of pixels needed between the
    player and the top side of the screen to scroll
    down. Default is 128.
    7E1E74: Left scrolling modifier. 1 byte.
    Specifies the number of pixels needed between the
    player and the left side of the screen to scroll to
    the left. Default is 128.
    7E1E76: Right scrolling modifier. 1 byte.
    Specifies the number of pixels needed between the
    player and the left side of the screen to scroll to
    the left. Default is 128.

    7E1ED2: Weapon Screen selected item variable. 1 byte.
    00: X. Buster
    01: Homing.T
    02: C.Sting
    03: R.Shield
    04: Fire.W
    05: Storm.T
    06: E.Spark
    07: B.Cutter
    08: S.Ice
    09: Escape.U
    0A: Sub Tank #1
    0B: Sub Tank #2
    0C: Sub Tank #3
    0D: Sub Tank #4

    7E1F7A: Level ID. 1 byte.
    00: Highway stage.
    01: Launch Octopus.
    02: Sting Chameleon.
    03: Armored Armadillo.
    04: Flame Mammoth.
    05: Storm Eagle.
    06: Spark Mandrill.
    07: Boomer Kuwanger.
    08: Chill Penguin.
    09: Sigma Stage 1.
    0A: Sigma Stage 2.
    0B: Sigma Stage 3.
    0C: Sigma Stage 4.

    7E1F80: Current number of lives. 1 byte.
    Game gives you three lives at the start. The number
    of lives is capped at value 09.

    7E1F83: First subtank check + energy level. 1 byte.
    Game checks 128 bit to determine whether or not
    the subtank has been collected. The energy level
    of the subtank is added to that. Maximum energy
    level is 14.
    7E1F84: Second subtank check + energy level. 1 byte.
    7E1F85: Third subtank check + energy level. 1 byte.
    7E1F86: Fourth subtank check + energy level. 1 byte.

    7E1F88: Homing.T Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every 2 times the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F8A: C.Sting Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every 2 times the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F8C: R.Shield Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every time the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F8E: F.Wave Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every 0.5 seconds
    the shot button is held. When the counter reaches
    64, the weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F90: Storm.T Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every time the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F92: E.Spark Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every time the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F94: B.Cutter Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every time the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.
    7E1F96: S.Ice Weapon level. 1 byte.
    Default is 92. Decreases by 1 every time the shot
    button is pressed. When the counter reaches 64, the
    weapon cannot be fired.

    7E1F98: Exit "Weapon" level. 1 byte.
    Default is 220. This is the energy level displayed
    on the menu screen. Any value below 192 will cause
    the exit "weapon" to disappear.

    7E1F99: X upgrades. 1 byte.
    Default is 0. Game checks bits to determine what
    upgrades X has. That bit is added to the address
    after X enters the appropriate Light capusle.
    00: No upgrades.
    01: Head upgrade.
    02: Buster upgrade.
    03: Head + Buster upgrades.
    04: Armor upgrade.
    05: Head + Armor upgrades.
    06: Buster + Armor upgrades.
    07: Head + Buster + Armor upgrades.
    08: Leg upgrade.
    09: Head + Leg upgrades.
    0A: Buster + Leg upgrades.
    0B: Head + Buster + Leg upgrades.
    0C: Armor + Leg upgrades.
    0D: Head + Armor + Leg upgrades.
    0E: Buster + Armor + Leg upgrades.
    0F: Head + Buster + Armor + Leg upgrades.

    7E1F9A: Max health. 1 byte.
    Value is set at 16 at the beginning of the game, and
    is increased by 2 with every heart tank. There is a
    soft cap at 32.

    7E1F9B: Intro variable. 1 byte.
    Value is default at 0. At the end of the intro stage
    this value is set to 4.

    Extended RAM

    7EFF80: Options menu variable. 1 byte.
    Used to determine what option is selected
    on the options menu.
    00: Shot button.
    01: Jump button.
    02: Dash button.
    03: Select_L button.
    04: Select_R button.
    05: Menu button.
    06: Stereo/Mono option.
    07: BGM test.
    08: S.E. test.
    09: Exit.
    7EFFC0: Shot button variable. 1 byte.
    00: * (No button selected).
    01: Start.
    02: Select.
    04: R button.
    08: L button.
    10: X button.
    20: A button.
    40: Y button.
    80: B button.
    7EFFC1: Jump button variable. 1 byte.
    7EFFC2: Dash button variable. 1 byte.
    7EFFC3: Select_L button variable. 1 byte.
    7EFFC4: Select_R button variable. 1 byte.
    7EFFC5: Menu button variable. 1 byte.
    7EFFC8: Options menu BGM selection. 1 byte.
    7EFFC9: Options menu S.E. selection. 1 byte.
    7EFFCA: Options menu Stereo/Mono variable. 1 byte.
    F7: Stereo.
    F8: Monoraul.
  5. GoldS


    Hey guys I can palette hack.

    This is from a hack that turns the game into a Boss Rush. So far the only major things edited are the loading points for levels and the highway stage's palette, but as I learn more about hacking the Megaman X engine I hope to add a scoring system as well.

    Unfortunately I don't really have a place to permanently upload what I've got so far.
  6. Yuzu


    I have a place for you to upload the hack to, PM'ed you.
  7. GoldS


    Thank you, Krigo!

    Got it uploaded. Yay. It's a very early version of course but there's still some notable stuff in there.

    Note that this ROM is played on what will be the Hard Mode of the game, meaning you get no parts, E-tanks, or heart tanks.
  8. GoldS


    I've started to slow down on the amount of information I'm able to get from this ROM. Is there anyone here proficient in 65c816 assembly hacking or SNES hacking of any kind? Collaboration is key.
  9. Yuzu


    Your welcome, I don't normally just give out hosting for free but this project is something that's worth it :(
  10. Rachel Mae

    Rachel Mae

    heart of gold, dumb of ass Oldbie
    Henderson, NV
    I remember finding that debug text in the ROM, too, but couldn't find its associated code. It might not exist anymore. :objection:

    However, I DID find working debug code in Mega Man 7 a few years ago, which is very likely similar to MMX's. Behold!


    Sprite test: C00620:02
    Lets you view all the sprites in the game and tweak their various parameters. I forgot what all the buttons do, but it's not hard to figure out.


    Sound test: C00620:04
    Pretty self-explanatory. There's supposed to be a cursor there, but for some reason it's invisible (maybe there's some initialization code I'm missing).

    Mega Man 6 has a very similar sprite viewer/sound test, but unfortunately I lost the information on how to activate it (I couldn't find the original entry point for the code, so I did some voodoo bankswitching and memory poking to make it appear). I have a screenshot, though:


    I've found a lot of debugging stuff in other SNES games, as well as a few NES games, including an arcade-like test mode for Final Fight and a stage select for Super Castlevania IV. Most of my notes seem to have been lost over the years, though. Perhaps I should start a separate topic for the ones I do have...
  11. GoldS


    I hope the debug menu still exits in at least one of the SNES X games...

    So I'm finally starting to find stuff related to level maps. These are the 32x32 blocks for Launch Octopus's stage. Each block is made of 8x8 tiles, and these large blocks go into the larger 256 x 256 blocks that make up the levels. Once I find out where the game uses the 256 x 256 blocks to construct the levels I can finally start level editing.
  12. MathUser


    3rd top wiki contributor Researcher
  13. Rachel Mae

    Rachel Mae

    heart of gold, dumb of ass Oldbie
    Henderson, NV
    <!--quoteo(post=230782:date=Sep 30 2008, 08:26 PM:name=MathUser)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (MathUser @ Sep 30 2008, 08:26 PM) [​IMG]
  14. GoldS


    Looking through the mapping of Sting Chameleon's stage, it's obvious that it was used to test stuff in the game. It has some features that I haven't found in any other area's mapping.
    Image linked due to size.

    First, note the garbled tiles in the upper area towards the end. These mark the places where the palette changes.
    The yellow blocks are solid walls that X can't walldash on. They appear in other levels, but there's an additional two walls above the boss room. I guess this is to mark the end of the level.
    Also note the long vertical line of garbled tiles. I don't know what this represents (Where the level ends vertically?)
    Lastly (not pictured here), there's a mapping in the ROM for a 256x256 background piece that is identical to the boss room.
  15. Rachel Mae

    Rachel Mae

    heart of gold, dumb of ass Oldbie
    Henderson, NV
    Interesting stuff. What's with the rooms in the bottom-left corner?
  16. MoDule


    Tech Member
    Procrastinating from writing bug-fix guides
    I assume they replace the areas on top after you beat Launch Octopus?
  17. GoldS


    Yeah, they replace those areas. There's a similar 256x256 room in Flame Mammoth's stage with frost on it after you beat Chill Penguin.
  18. Rarmander


    Poetaster Member
    An Empyreal Child
    As far as I know, Zero was meant to be the main character. X was added afterwords. So, I'm not surprised there are leftovers.
  19. GoldS


    I'm still working on hacking right now, but I'm also researching the differences between the 5 different revisions of Mega Man / Rockman X. Here's what I have so far. Note that it doesn't include stuff like translation changes, just programming ones. Also note that bugs common to all versions are not listed.

    Code (Text):
    1. JP 1.0
    3.         REVISION BUGS
    4.         *The powered up S.Ice platform does not
    5.          self-destruct if it's used to kill
    6.          a boss. This can lead to a bug when
    7.          fighting Storm Eagle where the player can
    8.          get credit for defeating him after dying.
    9.         *Bug occurs if Sigma and X are killed at the
    10.          same time -- the boss is defeated, but the
    11.          player does not regain control and can't
    12.          advance the cutscene dialogue.
    13.         *Glitch password is present -- several
    14.          passwords can start out X with either 0
    15.          life or max life and all weapons / subtanks
    16.          depending on if the game demo was accessed
    17.          or not.
    18.         *X can walk on the ceiling in the beginning
    19.          of Flame Mammoth's room by hopping on the
    20.          Utuboros heads and climbing up the tube. Walking
    21.          right and climbing up an invisible wall leads
    22.          to the central room with the palette and enemy
    23.          graphics incorrectly loaded, as well as an
    24.          incorrect lower Y boundary.
    27. JP 1.1
    29.         FIXES
    30.         *Fixed the Storm Eagle S.Ice bug by having
    31.          the platform destruct when the boss's
    32.          health reaches 0.
    33.         *Fixed Sigma double death bug. Sigma can no
    34.          longer be hurt when player health reaches
    35.          zero.
    36.         REVISION BUGS
    37.          *Glitch password is present.
    38.          *Flame Mammoth ceiling glitch is present.
    40. ----
    42. US 1.0
    44.         FIXES
    45.         *Fixed Storm Eagle S.Ice bug.
    46.         REVISION BUGS
    47.         *Double death Sigma bug is present.
    48.         *Glitch password is present.
    49.         *Flame Mammoth ceiling glitch is present.
    50.         OTHER
    51.         *Expands dialogue box length from 64 pixels
    52.          to 88 pixels to fit in more text.
    53. US 1.1
    55.         FIXES
    56.         *All US 1.0 version differences.
    57.         *Fixed Sigma double death bug.
    58.         REVISION BUGS
    59.         *Glitch password is present.
    60.         *Flame Mammoth ceiling glitch is present.
    62. ----
    64. EU 1.0
    66.         FIXES
    67.         *All US 1.1 version differences.
    68.         *Removes the glitch password as a valid
    69.          password.
    70.         *Fixes Flame Mammoth ceiling glitch by making
    71.          the upper part of the tubes solid.
    72.         OTHER
    73.         *Epilogue text is formatted differently than
    74.          in the other US versions due to PAL timing
    75.          differences.
    77. ----
    79. Version Timeline (speculative)
    80. ----
    81. JP 1.0 -> US 1.0 -> JP 1.1 -> US 1.1 -> EU 1.0
    83. US 1.0 based off JP 1.0
    84. EU 1.0 based off US 1.1
  20. Yuzu


    Wasn't there an EU version of 1.1? Or my ROM I downloaded was incorrectly labeled.