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Mega Drive Mini 2 Announced (Includes Mega CD Games)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Ashura96, May 27, 2022.

  1. It's very easy to blame Vic. It could also be SEGA America wasn't ready to pay that bit extra or go the extra mile. And no doubt even if you had the WD ports people would bitch over the WD changes anyway.
    There was nothing stopping SEGA from handling the translation of the games themself's, they could have just translated the text in Popfulmail for example.
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    I just got this a few days ago and I love it. Wish it had some of the bigger hits (it was sort of a letdown to show to my friends) but I guess that's why the 1 existed.

    Anyways I'm hoping mods come soon for this thing. I know the Mini 1 was blown open after a while, but no revelations yet for this one. I would've just got a Mini 1 and loaded it with stuff, but it requires a USB stick since the Mini 1 doesn't have enough space to hold much else, while this one looks like it does.
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    Yeah it's hard to say that 2 is more for the hardcore enthusiasts when it has a bunch of questionable additions and the CD side is lacking. I'm glad for the solid rarities like Alien Soldier, but what the fuck is Clayfighters doing here? The picks don't seem as stellar this time around and it sure as hell isn't because of a lack of titles to pick from in the Genesis/CD library. I'm with Andro on this one. SEGA should have either paid Vic or killed Vic. Whatever is logistically easier.
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    Jack shit.
    The real problem is that the Mini 1 should have had 50+ games through all sequels being on it plus a few others and that this should have exclusively been a CD Mini. If they wanted more Genesis games they would have to dig deeper is all.

    Plus it could have connected to the Mini 1 like it's supposed to if it was just a CD unit. + - Then we could prepare for 32X minis and have TRUE TOWER MINIS!