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    24th June was a Monday, which seems an unlikely day to release hardware on. That was most likely meant as "the week of" as mentioned in the Mega CD post several posts above. This article was also from quite some time after launch, so maybe they didn't have the exact release date beyond the week.

    This Sega advert from the Daily Mirror seems to put the date at Saturday 29th June, which is a more likely day to release hardware on. It's the only day this ad was run on. In fact, it was the only ad in the paper that Sega ran that year.


    I think that this makes it the first console to have a promoted UK release date.
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    Sorry if this is known from before. It's an interesting reading if you know Swedish because it goes into a lot of aspects about the launch and lifetime of the Mega Drive in Sweden.

    So while browsing the internet I came upon this interesting read in Swedish. The book is pretty long but it does give some interesting dates(or confirms other sources).
    1. In may 1990 Sega says it will be released in october 1990
    2. It is first shown in Europe on 19 june at Hotel de Sully in Paris
    3. Distributed by Brio in Sweden and launched to select retailers on 27 sep 1990(major launch was 22-26 oct) and sold out all of the initial 7000-8000 units(demands weren't met until feb 1991). Also states that it was one of the first in Europe.
    3b. 60 000 sales in Great Britain after expanding from an initial order of 20 000.
    4. Launched with nine games costing 349-449 sek in Sweden.
    5. Sonic 1 came out 22 aug 1991 a week before SMB3.
    6. Mega Drive 2 releases 10 sep 1993 in Sweden with 2 controllers and 1 game(Sonic 2 or Hockey) for 1995 SEK.
    7. Mega Drive ended up with 150 000 sales in Sweden with Ice Hockey and Sonic being among the most popular titles.

    There is also a part 1 for download covering the Master System and a part 3 covering Saturn and Dreamcast.
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