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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Fred, Aug 20, 2005.

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    I have recently acquired Sonic Mega Collection, for the Gamecube. Upon loading Sonic 3D, I realized that although the menu displayed "Sonic 3D Flickies? Island", the title screen had a different opinion: "Sonic 3D Blast". Now, I?ll assume that you know about the localized titles for Sonic 3D. (In the US the subtitle was "Blast" while in Europe and Japan it was "Flickies? Island".) Do keep in mind that I am in Europe, and the game is straight from the GB. (According to that information, the title should be "Flickies? Island".) I was surprised, because although I knew that the Japanese version had both menu and title texts saying "Blast", in contrary of what would be expected, I heard no such thing as the different references in the European version. But I decided to let it slide as an honest mistake by Sega. I couldn?t be "wronger".

    A few days after acquiring the Mega Collection, I decided to try the old PAL50 mode for a laugh. Every thing went slower, brighter and damn more "flickerier". But I thought "what the hay" and went and tried S&K. To my surprise, instead of a "60 fps trying to run on 50 fps" frame skip, the emulator actually clocked down to the normal European Mega Drive speed. Moonjump everywhere. Then, just to make sure if what I was seeing was correct, I opened up Sonic 1. I then inputted the US code (since v00 would be the only to run in an European system) - Up, Z, down, Z, left, Z, right, Z. Nothing. I inputted it again. Nada. Zilch. I then inputted the JP2 code - Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, up, down, left, right. (Yes, only 6 ?Z?s suffice.) Again, nothing. I inputted both codes once more, just to make sure. Nope. Well, I launched Sonic 1 anyway. As soon as the Title Screen appeared, I started listening: Pow? pow? pow? dun? de, duh? duh, de? doh? and so on the music played - really slow. And Green Hill Zone had no moving clouds. Now, a normal homo-sapiens would stop and say that the region had changed to Europe(PAL). But not me - I launched Sonic 3D just to see "Flickies? Island" on the Title Screen.

    Text for the lazy:

    While under PAL60, the European Mega Collection Region is set to U.S.A.(NTSC) and is the same as the US one, except for the "Sonic 3D Flickies? Island" button. Under PAL50, it changes the region to Europe(PAL) and therefore all games behave like they would on an European Mega Drive.

    So, Sonic Mega Collection (at least the European version) can be set to both U.S.A.(NTSC) and Europe(PAL). But no Japan. Ah well.

    And this marks my first original topic on S2B. Hurray for me :)
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    Very interesting post. I'm guessing my US version has just the US (NTSC) stuff and that's it. Oh well...I have my roms...
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    Excelent post. That's really interesting!
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    Mega Collection seems to have two emulators on it, even on the NTSC version. Looking at the information on the disc, a friend of mine worked out that the PAL50/PAL60 option is not only a refresh software switch, but it's also the protocal to select which version of the Megadrive emulator to run. Why VR1 couldn't make an emulator with on-the-fly speed switching like Gens or Kega Fusion I don't know. I'm starting to wonder if Sega should hire us all and fire their current staff... Anyway, the NTSC version has all the graphics and coding needed for the PAL switching, but the game's startup code ignores that screen and defaults to 60Hz. All Sonic 3D detects is the territory of the emulator (or hardware originally), and for some reason the coders simply didn't bother to alter that to PAL for the 60Hz emulator for Europe. Lazy fucks...

    Actually, the 'Cube will automatically switch to 60Hz in any game unless it's asked to display a PAL switch option or to default to 50Hz. Only found that out yesterday.

    BIOS software is so much fun... :P
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    IIRC, Mega Collection uses an old version of DGEN. Maybe messing around with it will explain things more?
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