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Mega-CD 1 & Mega-Drive 1 problems

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Naoki-S, May 3, 2010.

  1. Even though I already have a well educated guess at why, can someone explain why my Mega-CD either boots with the space picture and freezes, and then other random times works including opening the tray but not reading any discs? I have a fairly good suspicsion that it's do with a componant that broke off (Small one), and my ribbon cable. I'll post a video of what happensif neccssry. It's not the drive failing to register, it's the disc not being read I want to know. I have had this problem for months on end and really want it to work again.

    Also, my Mega-Drive has completely lost the red colour channel on the RF, I'm not sure if the AV out suffers the same, but can anyone offer a guess why? Plus there's a ton of static using an RF cable (not the MD switching one since that doesn't work, the one used to connect a TV to a VHS or similar.).
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    My Amstrad CPC 464 suffers from this problem, and in that case, it's because the connector is slightly loose. Wiggling the wire about a bit solves the problem. It's probably something different for the Mega Drive, but you never know.
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    This problem's caused by a loose ribbon cable between the MC68000 board and the CD controller.

    The tray issue is caused by old age, unfortunately.
  4. Nope, definatly something else since all the RF cable is is a single core sheilded wire. Plus I have tried this.

    Actually both BIOS and tray work at random, normally aftwer being handel for a while. Example, sometimes the BIOS stalls, other times it doesn't, sometimes the tray works like new, others it doesn't. It's definatly the cable, but what is fairly consistant accross the times is the CD laser seems to work, but acts as if no disc was inserted. Onn Eidolons Forums I said the same, never got a reply, asked another time asking if siomeone would take a pic of the variable resistors at the back of the drive to see if it was changed, but no reply.
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    The 'wire/connection' before RF (inside the MD)