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Massive plot holes in the Sonic franchise.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Chad Devore, Jun 13, 2015.

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  1. Plot Hole #1 - Ever since Sonic Adventure 2, it's been proven that one can use a single Chaos Emerald to warp simply by saying Chaos Control. There is no way that Shadow found this out on his own, which means that he must have learned it from somewhere. Considering that it was taught, you'd think that Dr. Robotnik would have figured out how to do this by then, therefore giving him MUCH more power than he gives himself.

    Plot Hole #2 - Regardless of whether the story of Sonic '06 was reversed or not, the Chaos Emeralds still have the power to create a time-space rift to travel through time. Shadow originally knew how to do this before Shadow and Silver accidentally created the rift, so that means that Shadow even knew about time travel this way. However, how did he find out? He must have learned it from somewhere, unless Shadow got REALLY lucky. Again, Dr. Robotnik would've eventually discovered this and used it to his advantage. Heck, he could already time travel in Sonic CD, which adds ANOTHER plot hole.

    Plot Hole #3 - Where was the seventh Chaos Emerald in the first game? Based off of ancient legends and manuscripts within the Sonic universe, the seventh Chaos Emerald is present. Does this mean that Dr. Robotnik technically had one of them on him? If so, he could USE CHAOS CONTROL! If not, then where was it? Was it lost? If so, how did it suddenly re-appear?

    Plot Hole #4 - How is Dr. Robotnik able to build a bunch of ships and machinery within a super short period of time? Think of the Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes, the time machine in Sonic '06, every boss he's ever created, three copies of the Egg Carrier, all of Eggmanland, and so on? There's NO way just one person has been able to build that at once. He HAS to have a group or something to help him do it. Yes, I'm aware it's fiction at this point, but it's still unexplained.
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    I believe the reason for "Plot Hole #3" is to do with "Super Sonic". If they had not have included the seventh emerald, they would have had an even bigger plot hole through the fact that, Sonic would not have been able to change Super in the first game, but would in the second, something of which could not be explained as easily as, having an extra emerald appear. For "Plot Hole #4", as the majority of Robotnik's machines are able to function in an A.I. like form, it is possible that by building one machine/robot, it can assist in the building process of other machines, and that alone increases the building time capacity by x2+, which increments at a multiplication like rate.

    As for 1 and 2? I've never really cared beyond Adventure 1...

    At any rate, some of these are often ran under assumptions. It's like Tom & Jerry. You don't need an explanation to the story as to why they fight each other, you just know, or can at least put the pieces together, or make mild personal assumptions mentally without expression, and it doesn't impair the enjoyment beyond a fraction.
  3. "Massive"
    I.e. Minuscule tid bits of information that mean absolutely nothing and no one gives a damn about.
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    In episode 2F09 when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a magic xylophone or something? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.
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    Princess Elise had the blue Chaos Emerald since she was a child which means the only Sonic games that could have taken place up to that point were Sonic 1, Sonic CD and Sonic 2 (alongside assorted spin-offs). Sonic 3, the Adventure games etc. all feature all seven Chaos Emeralds as a part of their story so there's no way to account for one of them supposedly being missing.

    Sonic 2 has all seven but the ending isn't different whether you collect all of them or not, so we can take the regular ending as "canon."

    Explain this tomfoolery
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    Adding to that, Sonic wasn't meant to have the kind of depth that you might expect from the comics; each game is basically its own self-contained installment. Up until the sixth gen games, Sonic Team left things as vague as possible, so each region could subjectively make what they wanted of that darned hedgehog. Sonic CD wasn't even produced by the same team(s) that worked on the rest of the main trilogy, if its music direction wasn't obvious enough.

    There are plenty of other video games with a continuity to speak of, if anybody wants to over-analyze them. Why not try Dead Space on for size? Because at least that has some real meat to it, and it's better grounded than the Zelda timeline by miles. (Whether it's official or not, it's way too convoluted for me.)

    If you have to think this hard to enjoy a video game better, you're probably doing it wrong, or need to cure that fiction itch with some books.

    I would've stuck to lurking the topic if I had seen this post sooner. =P
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    #1 isn't a plot hole as only Shadow can perform Chaos control. The Official Japanese Strategy Guide (OSG) story states he was created with this ability.

    In SA2, one of the mysteries the writers set up was "Who is the real Ultimate Lifeform"?. This mystery is only touched on in the game, but it gets more coverage in the OSG.

    Sonic performing Chaos Control was one of the hints that he was the real Ultimate Lifeform. If the final battle is played for long enough, Shadow will state that he believes Sonic is the Ultimate Lifeform.

    When Shadow the Hedgehog came around, this plot line was dropped. However, seeing as Sonic is able to turn Super, it's not hard to assume he has some connection to the Emeralds. (Plus, he performed Chaos Control with a fake emerald in a life-or-death situation, which is a unique set of circumstances).

    #2 Time travel was only possible in Sonic CD because of Little Planet. The other games weren't set on Little Planet, which is why Eggman hasn't done any more time traveling.

    #3 The Emeralds move around in every game. Presumably the 7th one got stuck on Westside island.

    This is a real plot hole. Iizuka has even said he didn't know what they were thinking when they wrote 2006.
    Although again, the Emeralds move around, so presumably she only had it as child briefly and then required it later.
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    The next audtion
    Sonic has five fingers in Sonic 2, but only four fingers in Sonic 3.

    CONSPIRACY. :tinfoil:
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    oh my god is this re-
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    Regarding Elise, considering both her parents are dead, she should be the Queen, not a Princess. I mean, Princess may be a cuter title but Soleanna needs a ruler dammit!

    in b4 someone brings up the Floating Island from Sonic Adventure for the 50th time
  11. Yeah didn't you know in proto Sonic's tail used to be a third leg? And by that I don't mean penis.
  12. There's several elements of Sonic Battle that conflict in plot consistency with SA2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, particularly in regard to Shadow yet again. The details mostly elude my head at the moment but among one of them were the messages from Gerald which made him act a lot more sane than the vengeful madman who plotted a colony drop at the end of SA2, but was supposedly written around the same time.

    Of course, there's also Sonic Championship's "8th Chaos Emerald outta nowhere".

    (EDIT: Also, there's how Shadow the Hedgehog's "Last Story" doesn't seem to fit in the continuity of any of the possible plot branches.)
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    Sonic joined the Yakuza =P

    See, while my opinion on most of these matters alternates between, "there's no overarching canon", "It's a fucking video game", or "It's a shit game so who cares?" it did bother me that no Sonic game since SA2 has had a giant hole in the Moon.
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    Maybe when both Sonic and Shadow Chaos Control'd together, they warped into a slightly different dimension where Eggman/Robotnik never blew a hole in the moon.

    There, sorted it! [​IMG]

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    Every time Sonic finds the Green emerald first. Probably the Illuminati had something to do with it, being on a green dollar bill and all.
  16. Holy crap it all makes sense now! :specialed:
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    Since Sonic 3 Eggman never used his most effective weapon against rodents: carnival night barrel.
    Are we supposed to believe he has amnesia or something, I demand an explanation!
  18. I think Eggman suffers from a Wile E. Coyote syndrome. He's a genius and sure likes to claim himself as one, but he's not very well aware of his current surroundings.

    Is that legit enough for ya? :specialed:
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    What about... THE FUCKING MOON IN SONIC COLORS?! (Shessh, lot of plotholes involving the moon)

    After Sonic defeats that boss thingy, it's parts get scattered and one of them hits the moon that gets infected with the hyper go-go (I think that was it) and that's that... never mentioned again. I mean we can ignore Generations since it didn't had a plot exactly even if it's a continuation of Sonic Colors per se and Lost World since that happens in a little planet on top of earth (I think), also a sequel to Colors but no moon in the plot. No game has occured in earth itself, but I'd expect something to have happened, at least. I mean, we're just going to ignore the fact that the moon, the earth's satelite is infected with the same stuff that Dr. Eggman uses for his mind-control device?

    I do expect them visiting this in the near future, but 'til then it stays as a plothole in my book.
  20. [​IMG]
    Sonic Colors is a prequel to Majora's Mask.
    I personally don't give much thought to these things in Sonic, but I did have fun counting all the plot holes in Sonic 2006. I wouldn't be surprised if it single-handedly had more of them than the rest of the series combined. And then Sonic Generations made it even worse. Boy, they do not understand time traveling rules at all.
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