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    One of these days I'm going to download the DS Winter Olympics and get a 100% save file to try out some of the Dream Events. Looking at the Wii version of the game so long ago's dream events was made me interested in that game in the first place. Meanwhile I haven't progressed any further into the Story Mode of 2016 because Sticks is kicking my ass at Archery Plus.

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    Thing is, past quarterly / FY IR reports from Sega show the M&S games are usually front loaded. They make the bulk of their sales in the first quarter of release, make a very small fraction of what they initially sold during the second quarter, and then don't show up again afterwards.

    M&S Olympic Winter Games / Vancouver 2010 (including both the Wii and DS installments), last marked total being 6.53M:
    5.67M units in the first quarter of its release (Sega 2010 Q3; November to February).
    860K units in second quarter of release (Sega 2010 Q4 / FY Results, February to May). Note that this quarter was when the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games actually took place.

    M&S London 2012 Olympic Games, last marked total being 3.28M:
    2.39M in the first quarter of its release (Sega 2012 Q3; November to February). Note that only the Wii version of the game was released in this quarter.
    890K units in second quarter of release (Sega 2012 Q4 / FY Results, February to May). This includes sales of the Wii version and the 3DS version, which was released in this quarter.
    And both games were released months before the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games actually took place, which was throughout July and August. M&S London 2012 did not appear in Sega's 2013 Q1 (May to August) or Q2 (August to November) reports--and both of those reports had titles that didn't even surpass 1M in sales.

    And given how badly the Wii U-exclusive M&S Sochi 2014 performed (sales results never showed up in Sega's 2014 IR reports...even the Sonic Boom tie-in games had their lousy sales posted, that should tell you something), Rio 2016 3DS will have to make up the lion's share of sales, because I really don't see Rio 2016 Wii U performing vastly better than Sochi 2014 when it launches.
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    Ouch, really? There's a genuine worry here then. =/
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    Are any of the remixes notable? That's usually the saving graces for these games.
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    The 3DS version reportedly doesn't have any remixes, actually. With that said, the handheld versions of the game usually don't have many remixes, only the console versions do. You'll have to wait for the the Wii U version in order to see if there are any remixes.
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    Buuump, cause it came out on Wii U today. Here's the launch trailer, cause why not.

    I'm having a good time so far, but it looks like they went a different direction with dream events this time. There's only three, and they're just powered-up variations of Rugby, Football, and Volley Ball from what I've seen. You can use any character in any event, except the Guest (unlockable) Characters who are only available in the events you face them in (so Zavok can only be used in Boxing, which is awesome by the way). Rather than the 3DS version where you had to go hunt down the extra character before you won the event, you face them as a Boss after winning here.

    There also appear to be no motion controls and I've played most of the events. Just button presses, which I'm honestly okay with.

    Anyone else pick it up?
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    That arrangement of Rosalina's Comet Observatory is lovely.
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    I already have the London 2012 version on my 3DS so do you thinks its with getting the Rio 2016 version?
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    Shadow's a naughty boy!

    In other news, there's a demo up for this on the Wii U eShop. I've downloaded it, but haven't actually played it because come on guys I have a life =P
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    Damn, not here.
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    That would be Kirk Thornton trying and failing to say the word "caught". They really should replace him already.

    ill fookin chaos blast ya m8, swar on me mum
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    He does such a good Orbot, but his Shadow is simply the worst. I'm surprised that nobody QAing this game noticed what that voice clip sounds like. It's really no stretch to think it sounds like "cunt".
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    Anyone know where I can get my hands on the raw audio rips from the Wii U version of this game? I'm curious if they switched back to .adx/.aax from the Wii incarnations or if they're still using some Nintendo format that they used in the last game on the Wii U and brought more than half of the files down to 32K Hz as well (seriously guys? In 2013/2014 on a home console?).
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    So there's apparently an arcade version?
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    I actually heard the Dave & Busters ad for the game earlier after the new episode of Steven Universe aired. :v: (I was in the other room, but heard the commercial describe the game. :v: )