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Lost Graphics in Sonic CD 510

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by SegaLoco, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. SegaLoco


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    Alright, so as you probably guessed, I'll be finding unused data as I go through Sonic CD 510. Here is some stuff I've found in R11A__.MMD:

    Lost jumpy pole? (Like in Sonic Advance)

    Lost Ball/Chain/Tube thing (No idea what this is actually)

    I also found the lost broken button sprite but that is already known so I won't be posting it again.

    If anyone knows what these are please let me know, and again, I'll be updating this list as I go along.

    Edit: Oh, and I jacked the Sonic 2 palette for these because there are several palette entries in Sonic CD and I didn't know which to use, I figured Sonic 2 could get close enough.
  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Both of those are still in the final. They're in palmtree panic past. The second graphic is a swinging platform.
  3. Andrew75


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    keep an eye out for R2 stuff !
  4. GeneHF


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    I wouldn't focus on R2 stuff at all, as it apparently got killed very early on, even before an actual level could be developed.

    Naturally, I'd love to be wrong, but it's been years with only two signs of the level's existence.
  5. Fred


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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    AGAIN TRY, though if you said you found them in 11A (PPZ1 Present) then they're in fact unused there, unless it's customary to have object graphics from various time zones all in the same file.
  6. MainMemory


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    It is customary for all time zones to have the same sprite graphics, because they share an object layout (so if you destroy a monitor in the past, it's still destroyed in the present). But, the PC version doesn't have the swinging platform gfx in SCMP11?.CMP, only SCMP12?.CMP.
  7. SegaLoco


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    Thanks so much guys! I appreciate it. Anyway, R11A just has a mixmatch of random graphics from the other Palmtree Panic levels but not all of it. It's weird, it has the seed egg or whatever the thing after the boss is called, it has a lot of stuff from past and future, but it doesn't have any different level graphics or the boss tiles, I wonder if that is how they padded it was sticking in irrelevant art to fill space?
  8. It does not work like that. There are no R2 MMA files so there is no trace of the level if it ever existed at all.
  9. Mercury


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    Not necessarily... in the final, some level MMDs were built from others, meaning there's bits of WW in SS and MM, IIRC. While very unlikely, some of R2 could still be present here and there.
  10. SegaLoco


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    R2 is a holdover from the game being based on Sonic 1. Stop obsessing over it people. Sonic CD was built from Sonic 1

    Green Hill Zone -> Palmtree Panic Zone
    Marble Zone -> ?
    Spring Yard Zone -> Collision Chaos Zone
    Labryinth Zone -> Tidal Tempest Zone
    Starlight Zone -> Stardust Speedway Zone
    Scrap Brain Zone -> Metallic Madness Zone

    Neither of the remaining zones share much of anything with Marble Zone. The first build of Sonic CD was likely just Sonic 1 for Sega CD. They decided so early on that there would be enough brick/ruins style graphics in Tidal Tempest to not even worry about converting Marble Zone too, so they just saved a few graphic stylings for pillars in Tidal Tempest (and if you remember, the secret room in Wacky Workbench) and then chucked everything labeled R2 and instead of going through all the trouble to rename each level project with it's multiple acts and timezones down one number to fill the void, they figured nobody would go so far to overanalyze the files in the iso and just enjoy their nice video game. (I suspect Wacky Workbench was either designed from the ground up as it's own level independent of any Sonic 1 influence after they decided it would actually be it's own game, not CD-Sonic The Hedgehog, or it also draws from Scrap Brain Zone.) Anyway, don't obsess over R2, there is nothing at ALL in the code so far that disproves what I've just said. There are two files (DISP0_.MMD and DISP1_.MMD) but I assume they have to do with debugging with the Cross Products Mega CD units (if anyone knows of any released debug builds of Sega CD games let me know) There are absolutely no references to anything R2 anywhere in the code, not in any of the file loading segments, in fact if I remember correctly there isn't even enough empty space left in the level selection table (in level select or the internal code) to squeeze in a whole set of zones.
  11. Sik


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    For some reason I'm more interested in that than in R2... though going by the filenames I doubt they had to do anything with debugging, unless "DISP" means "DISPLAY" and it displays debugging values, but really, "display" could stand for anything.
  12. SteelBrush


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    Has anyone ever considered that Marble Zone became Quartz Quadrant Zone? They are both set underground and feature falling blocks.
  13. Mastered Realm

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    I made a topic about this, sometime ago.
  14. Sik


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    Wasn't it mentioned once that they scrapped R2 simply because it wasn't good enough? Maybe even this is overthinking =P
  15. David The Lurker

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    EDIT: Oh also

  16. SegaLoco


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    Okay fine whatever, I just want people to shut up. R2 has no trace in this or any dumped beta so don't ask again. If you want R2 go contact the guy from the Sonic 2: Solid Gold Guide or Sega Japan.
  17. Cinossu


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    Temper temper, while R2 has no trace in any of the betas (most likely due to the nature of how SCD programs are set up, and how they can just leave out the entire program instead of leaving unused code/resources), you made it sound like it never existed period. It did, at one point, in development, and we have proof of that. David was just showing that due to the way you were saying things.

    There was nothing in the Sonic 2: Solid Gold Guide about R2, just the beta of Sonic 2 itself.
  18. SegaLoco


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    There were two shots of an earlier build of Sonic CD than any known dump. This build is later than the earliest I know of but it is earlier than 510 and perhaps is from a build that contained R2 at whatever point in development it was axed (although personally again, I doubt it ever got past a souped up Marble Zone). It had the earlier Time Zone stage programming. As for the build earlier than that, it still had a special stage built on the Sonic 1 special stages, albeit multi layered and taking advantage of Scaling/Rotation.

    Edit: And sorry I have a temper but it seems like everyone and their mother pesters me about if I've found R2 in the beta yet and I want to make it absolutely clear that it was obviously much earlier than this build that the level was removed as there is absolutely no trace if it anywhere in the code.