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    Man, it's been a while since I've made a topic.

    For a few years now, since the whole "SNCBNKs were meant for looping" thing cropped up and Shadow Hog made his set of MP3s, I've always wanted to take a jab at the idea myself. And I did. ...about three years ago. Unfortunately, I had both the attention span of a dying walrus and the misguided idea of starting with Palmtree Panic, which is nigh impossible to loop convincingly, prompting me to give up after having created one measly track.

    But no longer. I got it into my head about three days ago that I was going to see this project through, even though I have already been beaten to the point several times over. So between eating, bathing, and playing Goof Troop with Ritz, I've come up with this.

    Sonic CD Looping (OGG format, 24.4 MB)

    Now, what does this one have that the others don't? Well, for one thing, it's in looping OGG format. So you can loop it over and over and over and

    Secondly, even though it was the SNCBNK talk that initially drove me to do this, these loops don't use the SNCBNK samples. At all. This is chiefly due to two reasons: 1) I didn't get a quick enough answer to this post, 2) the samples themselves are of much lower quality than the CD-quality soundtrack, kind of defeating the point, and 3) whether they went unused due to technical reasons or not doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, they went unused, and reintroducing them will always sound alien because it's not what we're used to hearing since 1993.

    As a result, a lot of these tracks are identical to those found in the 712 prototype, just with clever loop metadata applied. However, a fair amount also required some creative rejiggering to make everything feel right, so I hope you'll appreciate that too.

    What's that, Billy? You'd rather have a properly tagged set of 320kbps MP3s to listen on your iDoowacky? Well we've got that too.

    Sonic CD Looping (MP3 format, 222 MB)

    Constructive criticism is not only allowed and expected, but encouraged. Sure, it'll most likely piss me off having to change stuff after all that work making such a clean release, but I'll be damned if this doesn't go down in history as the greatest re-re-re-re-release of a 1993 video game soundtrack ever. By the way, webmasters, mirrors would be a nice gesture.

    Happy Easter!

    Note to moderators: I briefly considered putting this in the Creative Works forum, but decided against it on the grounds that I didn't really create anything. Besides, I think this is of general interest to all Sonic fans, right?
  2. About SNCBNK, you may find what you are looking for in Valley Bell's VGM rip of Sonic CD.

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    Still downloading , Although I have a feeling I may want to use this in my Fan game, Would it be OK by you Neo?