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Logo Contest! - Vote!

Discussion in 'Mobius Engine Project' started by Gen, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

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    You know, I'd be lying if I said I'd never considered something like that. =P Using the actual ring, however, seems rather clashing with the level of detail already in the logo. In a logo where the highest level of detail is a gradient, putting the ring in there would stick out too much.

    I was thinking more like. . . the Sonic 2 HD ring animation, but with no shading or detail; just the solid-colored O emulating a ring. 'Would certainly be a neat little illusion, anyway.

    Of course, that doesn't need to be in the logo; that's up to the engine designers, but the idea's there in case anybody would like to do that. And if there ever were to be multiple openings for the logo, a la SEGA Genesis, people can always use the actual ring for the O if they want to.
  2. Elratauru


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    Well, I must admit that I pretty much like the font and text, its clean and simple enough to me. To me, the better triangle-like strip is this one, the thick one doesnt let you realize the shape of the object I guess. Though, your call. I'm able to switch colours and stuff too, I kinda like that this current font is art-deco like too.

    Edit; btw, I like pretty much all the logo concepts we're talking here. As the designer of tons of those, I do not have a favourite, that's where you guys come and help decide what should be trying or doing to get a better logo/concept. I like them all :P

    Also, I believe the logo must contain 4 things right now:

    1) Art-deco inspired fonts/shapes to make it a little more classic-sonic like. It was badass con the classic game covers (JP ones of course).
    2) Something to do with Mobius/Sonic, even if its a ring, a strip, or maybe just colours.
    3) A good "flow", good balace between white space and logo space. don't overcharge the logos with effects, the simplier the better.
    4) A nice font is appreciated, again, the simplier the better. Avoid fantasy-like fonts.

    Also, edit 2;

    This is my current "sandbox" file for making the logos, I updated quite a few ones with more shading, variants and stuff. I must say that I'm pretty much liking the solid blue one, its easy to create variants of it and looks very very smooth and adaptable to different situations. Kinda like the new DC Comics logo.

    Also, updated the Art-deco styled to look like an emerald just for my pleasure :v:
  3. Rosie


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    If you're all still throwing ideas around, how about you slant the inside of the 'O' like in the Sonic logo?
  4. Elratauru


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    Also! Updated sheet!

    Yay for shiny variations :v: ... (Just inspiration on how could the logo fit each project as needed, on title-screens or levels, or anything you can imagine).
  5. Endgame


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    ...I don't get the one with the blood-looking stain/splatter on it.
  6. dsrb


    Probably just a joke; it's right next to a radioactive one, after all.

    So, how about the main triangular one, but with left:Sonic top:Tails bottom:Knuckles? Not that Black Squirrel's suggestions aren't cool, but I personally think this is most logical as an idea independent of subjectivity, only dependent on the prominence and debut dates of each character in clockwise order.
  7. Elratauru


    Little Shiny Emurralds Member
    It's based on Watchmen's logo actually.

    I believe that would be overthinking the logo way too much. That's why I made a solid-colored one. The point of it was that it could be modified as it needs to, from a Watchmen logo to a radiactive looking one, to a simple black or white logo depending on the screen/background/place/level theme/or anything that could be customized.

    I believe that would be the best as a logo, have a simple, solid one, and make it act as a variable. Remember those Warner Bros logos that appeared in movies? For example, Harry potter ones were usually related to each movie, other was customized for Mortal Kombat 9, other was modified for the old Batman cartoon, that made the logo somewhat special to remember.

    Also, the 3-colored logo may be "good" for actual representation of the characters, but it's just making a mess of colours with totally different tones, from a design standpoint its bad.
  8. Aerosol


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    You know what I just realized? My logo idea would've been reliant on the spelling "Moebius", but we're spelling it mobius. I was going to have the "oe" in Moebius be a moebius strip. Oh well :v:
  9. I have no idea where I was going with this. I was kind of trying to do a perspective thing where the line on the right side was closer to you and the one on the left was further away. I'm struggling with it though.

  10. dsrb


    What? All I suggested was keeping your current tricolour, triangular logo; but with the positions of the colours altered for the reasons that I suggested. If my referring to the colours by the characters' names was confusing, then fair enough, but I'm not asking for anything complex or involving "overthinking [...] way too much". Does this mean you've abandoned the three-colour idea since you last posted?
  11. Elratauru


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    I know, that's why I told you, displaying colours because of age may be a little too much thinkin' for a logo that needs to be simple.

    I have not abandoned any idea I posted, its just that I prefer simplicity when it comes to something like this. The people is gonna choose what logo to use, I'm only the guy creating the most designs I can so I can please everybody.

    Right now my designs are:

    - Top left on the sandbox: Visual-Studio like ribbon, colored with "google" colours.
    - Top-right: Rubber-band like, with google colours.
    - Middle-left: Art-deco emerald-like logo with the shiny ring on top.
    - Middle Right: Triangle-like Mobius Strip with 3 colours, doesnt matter the order.
    - Bottom left and right: Same as above, however this logo is meant to change and customize depending on each need for it. If it needs to be glowy it can, if it needs to be a warning-like plate, we can modify it. The basic and most general-like logo would be a solid-colored one, like the Blue or Red ones.
  12. Endgame


    Formerly The Growler Member
    So you know, it probably wouldn't be best to use the one on the left now, because I've realised something very similar has already been done:
  13. Elratauru


    Little Shiny Emurralds Member
    No surprise at all, considering there are a tonshit of similar logos for any logo out there... The visual studio logo looks better than that one though :P

  14. LocalH


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    After reading through this thread, I will offer my opinion that I prefer this logo over the others posted so far (with the later mentioned modification of putting red on top and blue on bottom). It's simple and clean (which helps with at-a-glance brand recognition), it evokes thoughts of Sonic at a glance (at least to a fan: the arrow signifying speed, the ring-colored O signifying, well, rings, and the position of the colors when modified subtly putting the colors where the character abilities lie). I also like the one with the larger "ENGINE" text as that's what this is - a platforming engine. Don't want idiots out there thinking it's a full game by itself and flaming because they "can't get it to work". That last point is a bit flippant, but I like the way the word MOBIUS sits on top, being a little smaller.

    Perhaps to overthink the logo a little bit, here's an idea that you guys may or may not want to shoot down. I was noticing that the general shape of the words "MOBIUS ENGINE" is kinda, sorta, barely like the shape of one of Sonic's shoes. Perhaps the word "THE" could be placed on top in such a proportion as to make it look a little more like the general shape of a shoe? I wouldn't go as far as to recommend making it red like his shoes or anything.
  15. I too like this logo, and I too think there could be a bit more added to it.

    So what if we altered it just a little bit:


    All I did was flip it, and what does it resemble now? Thats right!


    A CHAOS EMERALD! One of those gem things that are very involved with the series.

    I even made a mock up with an emerald overlaying the logo to show how similar it looks:

  16. Flare


    Just an idea, I guess, but seeing as the main thing about Sonic is the 360 degree movement, Sonic curls into a ball and loops that a circular logo would be nice, and threw in the banner like style as reference to the title screen banner that seems to be another trade mark to Sonic.

  17. Endgame


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    Instead of it being the main logo, maybe it could also be used for the 'O' in 'Mobuis' instead of the ring?
  18. Gen


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    The Mobius Engine
    I suppose we'll be going at this as more of a collaboration to finalize a logo and going with a general consensus instead of a vote.

    Elratauru, mind giving some of the changes a shot?
  19. Elratauru


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    Sure, but I'm gonna need those fonts though, I cant recognize them by myself. So I'm gonna ask, RolfTheUber: Names of those fonts?
  20. RolfTheUber


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    Sorry, but I don't know. All I did was take the mock-up Blue Emerald posted on page 2, swap the shiny logo for the matte one, and change the font used for "Mobius Engine" to make the M's and the N's less pointy in Paint.NET. I really can't be more helpful than that.