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Little things that annoy you most in a Sonic game?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sakura Courage Solo, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. The fact that SA2 was made in America yet has some of the most mistranslated dialogue ever.
  2. Blanche Hodapp

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    What? Where?
  3. Overlord


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    There are more than a couple, most notibly in Tails' sprite set.
  4. Polygon Jim

    Polygon Jim

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    All the bitches.

    Run up the tree before AIZ lights on fire. There's his S2 corkscrew sprite.
  5. Nicholas Onimura

    Nicholas Onimura

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    Some of the few things I can name off the top of my head are:

    Sonic 1 8-bit: Jungle Zone boss. I swear to God the hitboxes on those balls are bigger than the sprites.

    Sonic 2 8-bit: Just Sonic 2 8-bit. The whole game is practically hell. The first boss, Green Hills Zone's blind spring-jumping, the final boss, the list goes on.
  6. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I reall, really dislike bosses who change their motions only so you can attack them. If they perform attack that lets you counter attack (think Egg hornet in SA) that's fine, but the Egg Falcon boss in Rivals is a different story. Normally, it's flying to high for you to reach and drops bombs as it goes. Every now and again though it lowers itself. Now, if when it was lowered it pulled some trick from its sleeve that would be kind of interesting and warranted, but it doesn't. It attacks in exactly the same way, just asking for you to bonk it. Chaos 4 does this aswell because he just rises to the surface of the water and behaves like a lemon.
  7. The Game Collector

    The Game Collector

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    Getting stuck in walls that you can not escape from in any 2D Sonic game. It happens to me the most in Sonic 3.

    Messing up my timing in Sonic Spinball and having to go through same parts of the level over and over again because of it.

    In Sonic 2 for Genesis, if Tails touches a bomb in Special Stage and he gets stuck in front of you, causing him to collect all the rings which means it is harder for you to complete the Special Stage successfully.

    In some later Sonic games, the main thing that bothers me is the holes in the ground that you can fall into easily. If it wasn't for those, the games would have been much less frustrating for me.
  8. Cap


    I have to say that I'm far from a fan of SA2.
    The Sonic and Shadow missions are fine, but the rest. Blarg is was awful. Tails missions where just mindless shooting, whilst Knuckles missions involved me running around in circles for 30 mins (far too long for a level) following an emerald detector that I swear lies to me.

    I also hate parts of 2d sonic games where you get a giant rush of speed and then with 99 rings you run straight into a badnik. No fun.

    I also despise gravity levels. You end up running through some area where one second your running forward and without doing anything your now on the brakes coming to halt in the middle of nowhere upside down. It's just too confusing for my head. SA2 being the worlds worst offender for this. There was areas I couldn't figure which way was which and I ended up dying about 10 times simply because I didn't know which way was left.
  9. Ell678


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    Sonic Incursion
  10. MykonosFan


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    And Post SA2 Tails.
  11. Diablohead


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    I do not understand the hate Big the cat get's from you all, I like him.
  12. Shadic


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    Basically any 3D mission other than Tails in SA1, Sonic, or Shadow.

    Also, that little joy of a camera system.

    And dialog.
  13. NoNameAtAll


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    I dislike getting hit and while falling, landing in a pit in the 2D games. Of course, I attribute this more as my fault than anything, but still.

    Also, Mystic Cave spike traps. If only they were bottomless pits. But noo, they have to be freaking spikes. :v:

    The 2D games are still good though. Just those parts are annoying. There might be more, but right now, that's all that comes to mind.
  14. Hayate


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    That's a big thing, this topic is for little things :v:

    Another thing that's always annoyed me (which I might have mentioned before but oh well): Sky Sanctuary GHZ boss. If you've played both versions of this boss you'll notice that they messed up the ball's motion in the SSZ version, and it pretty much always hits me at least twice unlike the GHZ version which I can usually avoid getting hit at all by.
  15. Jayextee


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    The amount of people who bitch about the Wii/PS2 version of Unleashed like it's terrible or something.

    It's not. Prefer the PS3/360 version if you must (Hey, it's a great game!) but still, the "lo-def" version has some merit, and is still better than most previous-generation Sonic games (Hey, they stopped being next-gen years ago :v:), if only for the lack of stupid fucking deathdrops.
  16. The Shad

    The Shad

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    Sonic 1:
    -Scrap Brain Act 3 mostly
    -Labyrinth Zone's boss

    Sonic 2:
    -Tails in Special Stages
    -Metropolis Zone. All of it.
    -Metropolis Boss
    -Wing Fortress Boss
    -Jumping only once enables Super Sonic
    -Dying just after beating Chemical Plants Boss

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles:
    -There's two or three special stages I've yet to memorise and they bug the fuck out of me
    -Carnival Night Zone's fans that happen to shut you UP into MORE fans when you're trying to go DOWN
    -Needing a certain shield, so you hit the gumball bonus stage and the shield never appears. Even worse, the shield appears followed by A BLACK FUCKING AIFGUIUARGIFGSFS(*YT
    -You lose Super Sonic if you dare touch the Super Emerald rings until you get Hyper Sonic
    -Death Egg Act 2's first boss. Seriously. Gravity switching and trying to nail that fucker with spikes?
    -The fact that I only NOW discovered a surefire method of beating Knuckles Launch Base Act 1 boss.
    -The return of Metropolis' boss in Sky Sanctuary
    -Death Eggs retarded transportation beams that spin you around for nothing when you're going "I JUST WANNA GET TO THE OTHER SIDE"

    Sonic CD:
    -Wacky Workbench
    -The fact that trying to get time travel going is sometimes a major pain in the ass, especially when you're JUST about to warp and you stop inexplicably

    Knuckles Chaotix:
    -Instead of 25 acts stuffed into 5 zones, I would've prefered something a bit less ridiculous. 24 acts in 8 zones would've been prefered

    Sonic 3D Blast:
    -Retarded Flickies
    -The Special Stages in the Genesis version
    -Attempting to platform in that fucking game
    -Jumping into an enemy nearly never works. Its easier to just roll into them. Need more homing shields

    Sonic Spinball:
    -Final level, really. It gets hella annoying. Especially because I have no idea how to actually get Robotnik open to hit! I used Save States for this, but I wanna fix that one day. SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME

    Sonic 1/2 8-Bit:
    -No rings against bosses :v:

    -Its a terrible port. It looks horrible, too. Frequent slowdowns. I'm trying to think of what I dislike from the original DC game, but this game tops it all.

    Sonic Adventure 2:
    -Tails. All of his missions
    -That my favorite chao died
    -Shadow gets jipped with a measley four levels
    -Cannons Core

    -Its okay, but I've noticed in City Escape and most levels with grinding that the controls suck. Again, City Escape. There's one rail that, for no reason at all, you lean all the way to the side. What?
    -Doesn't control as well as the DC game

    -In later parts of the game, theres actually times when they simply copy and pasted an entire section of the level for you to have to go through again. WHAT?!
    -The hitpoint system in general really. Even worse is when you got every character packing 3 orbs and you DIE
    -Special stages and the fact you have to do them so many times
    -I'm sure there's more, I just can't be arsed to remember
    -Metal Overlord and the one before that I can't be arsed to remember, either


    Sonic 06:
    -See above, multiply by 3

    Sonic Advance:
    -Only complaint here is that is a bit slow and that the emeralds are fucking hard as hell to get. Seriously, what is with the ass special stages and the even more ass ways to get into them?

    Sonic Advance 2:
    -This game is everything wrong with the Sonic series currently
    -Hold Right Syndrome
    -Mindless Speed syndrome
    -Terrible enemy placement
    -Terrible special stage requirements
    -Ass Special Stages
    -Bottomless Pit Syndrome
    -Blind Jumps
    -Cream & Cheese

    Sonic Advance 3:
    -Hold right, though it isn't as bad
    -The mindless speed is toned down, bu still
    -Terrible enemy placement
    -Ass special stages (Requirements aren't as ass, but still)
    -Bottomless Pit Syndrome

    Sonic Rush:
    -See everything wrong with SAdv2 minus Special Stages. Those were pretty good. I also forget how to get into them, but I did it, so they weren't ass
    -The Rush attack is a shit way to fix bad enemy placement and overemphasises speed speed speed
    -The platforming sucks, period
    -Again, bottomless pit syndrome. There's a fucking bottomless pit with ass platforming in Blaze's first fucking level. THE CARNIVAL. Really?

    Sonic Rush Adventure:
    -Eh, its more fun than Rush but still has its flaws, mainly everything above

    Sonic Riders:

    Sonic Rivals:
    -Clunky and slow, could've used a speed up
    -Bottomless pit syndrome
    -Rubberband AI

    Sonic Rivals 2:
    -Still kinda clunky
    -Rubberband AI
    -The knockout stages annoy me

    Sonic 1 Megamix:
    -ITS NOT FINISHED! :argh:

    Overall Annoyance:
    -That Robotnik has started calling himself Dr. Eggman. It was fine in SA1. He calls himself Robotnik, everyone else calls him Eggman. Its perfect. Then in SA2.. "I am Doctor Eggman!". My heart sunk.
    -The fact that the moon is fixed. I don't care what the fuck technology they have, that moon should still be missing a chunk. Thats a terrible oversight in Sonic Teams part that I will NOT forgive!

    Wow. Its amazing I actually enjoy this series to some extent :v:
  17. Toasty


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    I was going to say something about a "little" thing that bothers me in Sonic Heroes, until I came to the conclusion that I hate that game as a whole.
  18. Sik


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    You have to press the button under Robotnik. Several times, until the claws and socks are off (press it once more and the socks reappear so you'll have to start pressing it again and repeat the whole sequence ._.'). Also beware that socks will reappear after 60 seconds.
  19. TailsAddict


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    I hate how that annoying mutated raccoon always follows you around.
  20. Dude


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    I hated how they phased out the high speed platformer after sa2, and turned the series into an linear f1 racing game.
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