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Little things that annoy you most in a Sonic game?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sakura Courage Solo, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Sakura Courage Solo

    Sakura Courage Solo

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    ... and this had better not turn into another Next-Gen complaint thread. I mean for us to discuss little things that annoy us in ANY Sonic game.

    My annoyance? Ice Cap Zone, the riding ice block. You push it the wrong way, you've gotta go through heck and high water to get it back into a useable spot. I remember back in NC when my next door neighbour Michael and I would play this together as Sonic and Tails. He would always wanna be a butt just to make me mad for the heck of it and shove the ice block the wrong way. Ugh, I could have murdered him.

    Another annoying part for me is in Carnival Night Zone, when you're riding along the fans and TRYING to pass through the rotating bumpers. *shudders* eeeeeviiilllll....
  2. Phos


    Going for the high score on whatever that little b Member
    Jumping from a roll in any of the games that gimp your aerial mobility if you jump from a roll.

    Sonic 2's strict requirements for how slow you need to be moving to start a spin dash.

    Marble Zone Act 1.

    The way the last bit of Sky Deck glitches and tries to devour Sonic if you aren't quick enough pushing the button.

    Sonic CD seems to play the "spin" sound effect substantially less than it should.

    Those things in the S&K Death Egg Zone that send you flying around for a while whether you like it or not.

    When Mecha Sonic imitates the GHZ boss, he moves differently and it throws off my timing.

    The Metropolis Zone boss. I fail to see how you are supposed to avoid being hit the first few times.
  3. Jeiku


    I hated those red bug things in Launch Base Zone that spend most of their time hidden under a shell, emerging only to fire a couple of bullets at you. Since at the time, I made it a habit to destroy every badnik I came across, it meant I had to wait for it to emerge for a few seconds before having a chance to attack. Obviously, these days I just skip them, but I still get filled with annoyance whenever I see them.

    Speaking of Launch Base Zone, I hated those mini-crushers that always appeared above spike traps, since they made me paranoid that I was going to mistime a jump and get smashed.

    Since I had played S3&K before S1, the speed cap annoyed me there, too. I only figured out that I could bypass it by curling into a spin when I reached Star Light Zone.
  4. NomadTW


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    First three posts pretty much summed up my annoyances. But for completeness:

    The engine room on the Death Egg in Sonic and Knuckles. I bounced around forever the first time, not knowing what to do.

    And every time I go back in there, I still find it annoying to get through. So yeah. :/
  5. Malgra


    Studium Member
    ARGH, yes.

    The thing that riles me most in any Sonic game ever is in Metropolis Zone when you have the sets of yellow bumpers. There's one section of them that has a Mantis badnik waiting at the top and you cannot avoid it, the bumpers spring you into it. So you get hit and fall back down. Then you bounce back up again and you're bounced back into it again.

    Also on the topic of Metropolis, those Star-shaped badniks are a pain in the ass as well. Especially in the bits where you have to run round the giant bolts, you get near the top, you're in the clear and then one of those badniks explodes, knocks you off and not only do you land right at the bottom, but now you've got to backtrack a little while just to get the bolt back so you can start again.

    Other annoyances in general:
    * The ghosts in Sandopolis, and act 2 of that zone in general
    * The spike bug in S1
    * The spiked blowfish badniks in S3 and how you have to wait and wait and wait until their spikes are in and they're vulnerable
    * When your air is running low and you're standing waiting at one of the bubble rock things in any underwater level and then the instant Sonic drowns, a bubble appears
    * Harshly unfair bosses that you can never in a million years keep your shield/rings while battling (Eg: the Death Egg mini boss in S&K)
    * Items that are placed in stupid places that make them pretty useless to even attempt to get (Eg: The extra life in S1 MS/GG Labyrinth's boss act)
    * Any trap that causes you to fall off screen
    * The scorpion badniks in Sandopolis
    * Loops, bends or ramps that suddenly halt you while you're at full speed for no reason whatsoever
    * Getting trapped in walls
    * The hang-glider in S2 MS/GG. Bane of my childhood
    * The fact that in Sonic Spinball if you get knocked out of a boss arena you have to work your way back up all over again
    * The controls in Sonic 3D
    * The almighty rotating Carnival Night drum of death and despair (See siggy). Another bane of my childhood days, but tbh now that I actually know what to do it's not all that annoying :/

    There will be more but those are the main ones I can think of for now. I gots ishoos.

    Edited to add:
    How could I forget that?! To this day that one section still makes me want to HULK SMASH.
  6. Jeiku


    Oh wow. I totally remember that room too. When I was playing S&K Collection, I had no fucking idea that turning on all of the lights allowed you to pass. I received many a Time Over due to that room, because I always thought that passing through the exit was random.

    Well played, Eggman, well played.
  7. Tweaker


    Three things that stand out to me as the most annoying things I have ever dealt with in a Sonic game have to be those annoying as hell bugs in Aquatic Ruin (seriously, fuck them), the Wing Fortress Boss (that thing is fucking irritating), and the Sonic 2 Final Boss (fuck you, shitty hit detection and no rings). Oddly, I haven't been bothered by much in a Sonic game outside of that... or maybe I just have bad memory. :)

    I'm sure there are dozens more things that bug me, but those stood out for me at the moment.
  8. Jayextee


    Monochrome Cat Game Guy™ Member
    Atro City
    Sonic's tiny, soulless eyes in his S3 sprite. And that's about the only real annoyance, most of the other stuff I'm indifferent about at worst.
  9. Anthall


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    Leicester, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog - The Final Showdown
    Most of the stuff in the Sonic games don't annoy me, but there is one thing that completely annoyed me as a kid.

    That bloody Mega Chooper in Sonic 3. For a very long while, everytime I got caught by the badnik, I just stood there, because in the past, I thought that there was no way to get the thing off me. I didn't know until later that it was possible to remove the badnik from Sonic, so it is not as deadly anymore, but it is still annoying.
  10. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    Those Egghammer bots with helmets. Those things take forever to go down.

    Okay, they're not "little" things, but still...
  11. Digiku


    My main annoyance is backtracking, done in any way possible. Especially the kind, like in Icecap Zone Act 1, where you fall from a later/higher spot to an earlier part of the level, and you have to do it all over again. It's a great excuse to master the platforming elements, but it's such a grating waste of time to do that part all over :(

    Dieing doesn't count, since your time counter is reset to your last checkpoint, so that's alright.

    Also, when you go so fast on hills that you spin and let the springs guide you, and then you end up in an earlier part of the level before you even realize it. I love how speedy the effect is, but again, backtracking.
  12. Jayextee


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    Atro City
  13. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

    *urp* Eternal Queen
    I'm not entirely sure which game/level these are from.

    My own gripes are the molebots in Mushroom Hill. They're hardly a great threat, but it can be annoying when you're making good time through the level, only to be knocked back (or if you're trying to jump onto a corkscrew lift and its hurled mushroom hits you mid-jump and knocks you away from it).

    Also Hot Crater in SAd2. While the idea of your character latching onto a pole and spinning around it works in theory (and was pulled off rather well in S3K), I often find myself hitting one at full speed and being hurled off in the opposite direction onto a new path, but holding right just that little bit too long, so that the character ends up braking. Probably my fault for holding right through most of the level, but it can break up the flow of crossing paths at speed.

    Finally, until I can remember more, those areas of Labyrinth where the flow of water through a tunnel sucks you through. On its own, I love the idea, I think it's brilliant and I won't hear anything against it. But, I recall at least one of those having air bubbles right next to the entrance, and when you've got three seconds of air left and you're jumping to gulp in sweet sweet oxygen, it doesn't help to miss it because you've been sucked through said tunnel. Then you run out of air and die. Argh.
  14. Dr. Mustache

    Dr. Mustache

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    ala Sonic Adventure.
  15. Vaiz


    I'm still here for some reason! Member
    Sonic Heroes; Any level past the haunted castle place.
  16. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    Actually in Super Hard Mode I think they show up even in the Jungle Level.

    NOW I remember the other one -- Sonic 2's supersonic end-of-level bug. When a game has no save feature and a bug that you can't escape by dying, immense irritation ensues. Between the two modern games I'd played up until just now -- Heroes and SADX, no glitches in either game were anywhere near as annoying as that one.

    Unleashed is irritating as well, but I'd put that down to poor level design later in the game.
  17. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

    *urp* Eternal Queen
    That explains a lot, I've repressed most memories of that game =P

    (Team Blast, yo!~)
  18. Sik


    Sik is pronounced as "seek", not as "sick". Tech Member
    being an asshole =P
    • Water levels
    • That I can't finish Green Hill 1 in less than 26 seconds (...wait, how many people actually did 25 without TAS?)
    • That you can't get over 100 rings in Marble zone 1 (only 92 WTF)
    • Labyrinth 3's boss
    • Crushers in Scrap Brain
    • The first spring in Emerald Hill 2, if you keep pressing right the speed cap kicks in and you fall right on a coconut >=|
    • The two secret paths in Emerald Hill 2 that are inaccessible.
    • Missing the platforms right after Chemical Plant 2's water rises forces you to go up again without any bubbles to help you.
    • That shields in Sonic 1 and 2 don't help you breathe underwater, unlike Sonic 3's water shield
    • That Angel Island burns up in Sonic 3 =(
    • Carnival Night 2's drum of doom™
    • Flying Battery 2's preboss area (you're forced to wait for no reason >_>)
    • Certain non-ending area in Sandopolis 2 (which took me a lot of time to figure out how to get past it)
    • That Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary are so short
    • Death Egg 2's first boss in S&K =|
    • Sonic 3: enable a checkpoint, go back to the level select and go into another level. Glitch ensures.
    • That final bosses in Sonic 1 and 2 have no rings
    • The fourth Special Stage in Sonic & Knuckles. Ring location suuuuuuucks
  19. Jayextee


    Monochrome Cat Game Guy™ Member
    Atro City
    I can. Absolute perfection is required though, and tight-as hell with the jumps in the first half. The rest is easy.

    This is awesome though, in places. I can get green Knuckles in the LBZ1 cutscene. (Who never changes to pink. Not ever)
  20. D.A. Garden

    D.A. Garden

    & Knuckles Member
    Well, the Super Sonic bug in Sonic 2 obviously annoys me to no end. Hell, it's happened too many times to count.
    I also hate playing as Sonic and Tails most of the time. I see Tails as a hinderence more than helpful.
    Another thing that comes to ming are those rotating drums above a deathpit in FBZ2. Sometimes you fall right through them and die.

    Could you elaborate on this? I know of 2 undergound tunnel like places that are accesible. One with a ring box at the end, another with a sheild. Or am I completely missing what you are referring to?
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