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Let's think up new Sonic zone tropes!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Bobinator, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Crumbling Station Zone

    Basically its a zone that is in fact already destroyed by Sonic in the previous zone, and its a race to escape the doomed station!

    Not trying to borrow from Sonic Boom, but I guess I am. But its NOT a super speed out kind of zone like Sonic Boom's.

    It is a normal zone, the difference is this. As you move, and based on the time limit, paths will be opened and closed by falling debris, so it is best to keep on the move, and look for the best routes through the wreckage. (there are obviously multiple ways out!) There will still be a ten minute time limit, but you have to make the best of that limit and survive.

    It would most likely be a 1 Act, no boss Zone. A boss WOULD be interesting, however...
  2. Disco Zone, doesn't have to be traditional disco, could be today's equivalent: a club. I really liked the music in that one techno zone in SAdv2, so it's technically not new but... I'd like to see it done in a different way.
  3. DinnerSonic


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    Norwegian Wood Zone
    Sea of Green Hill Zone

    ... funny thing is I actually did think up the idea of Strawberry Fields Zone. One of those Storybook threads made me jokingly think "Sonic and the Yellow Submarine" which I've put far too much thought into, basic plot concept, mission structure, zone ideas and everything... not that I should embarrass myself by saying that here. + - Of course half of that is being dumped here as zone ideas anyway and I'd probably find an excuse to say the rest elsewhere some day.  
    Did mean I thought up these which do sorta belong though.

    -Eleanor City Zone
    Imagined in my head as a one act intro or tutorial level, it would be like City Escape or Skyscraper Scamper if it was gray, dull and depressing. Sonic chases down the Yellow Submarine that would be flying in the sky in the background.

    -Octopus Garden Zone
    A stage taking place entirely underwater, either with lots of air bubbles, bubble shields or some sort of gimmick like Banjo-Tooie's oxygenated water letting you take your time. There'd be somewhat surreal underwater flowers around and the boss would have course be The Eggman in a giant Octopus-like machine.

    -Glass Onion Zone
    Taking place in a giant somewhat onion-shaped structure, most of the zone would be made out of see-through glass, showing a blue sky, green grass or city background through it, as well as various distant parts of the "onion". There'd be plenty of loops, slopes and such, if it was in 3D there would definitely have to be a segment running on the side of the onion. Of course, breakable wall tiles would scatter glass particles everywhere.

    -Strawberry Fields Zone
    Thought of this name as mentioned but I can only really think of something similar to the Titanic Plain from Black Knight, but with surreal colors and lots of strawberries growing on things. Guess that wouldn't really be a new trope if it's just Strawberry Plain though.

    -Diamond Sky Zone
    Kind of like a white Radiant Emerald from Sonic R with "diamond" stars in the background and breathtaking views of the planet or the stars and sky. Come to think of it, have they ever had a Radiant Emerald style zone in a non-racing game?

    -The End Zone
    Another coat of paint on a standard trope, it'd most likely be the name of the Super Sgt. Peppers Sonic verses the monster of the week, a storybook Amy as Yoko Ono turned into a giant monster called the Blue Meanie, as Sonic flies through a psychedelic background to ram into it's weakpoint for massive damage to the beat of the stage song.

    Yellow Submarine Zone would just be a large HUB level that would let you go to the different zones and their acts, or in a Storybook case, missions, which would be the eight days of the week.(Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Yesterday)

    ...I apologize for all of that. :(
  4. FlackoWeasel


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    I always thought zone with these flowers would be awesome:

    Put the vid on 0:33. Sonic level made out of these flowers and you can fly with them and big fields of them.
  5. Mercury


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    Location Location
    Naw, it's totally awesome. (I'm a huge Beatles fan.)

    Of course, "I Am The Walrus" would be Robotnik's theme ('I am the Eggman!'), and when you beat him, he'd say 'Sonic, you blue meanie!' =P

    There'd have to be newspaper taxis in Diamond Sky Zone.

    And the Special Stages would take place in the Sea of Nothing.

    Community project! I demand a subforum! :specialed:
  6. Quarterman


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    Okay, I've got one. I've been considering "Classic Zone". This is a zone modeled after cartoons from the 1920's and 30's. The zone would be in black and white, the character models would be Reminiscent of cartoons like Steamboat Willy (different eyes, longer limbs, Robotnik modeled after Bluto, etc.), and the music would be the old style piano that was common during this period. I think it would be a rather interesting deviation from the average trope.
  7. Zephyr


    Ghastly Gauntlet Zone
    Aquafina Zone
    Antarctic Zone
    Red Mash Zone
    Black Mountain Zone
    Scrap Yard Zone
    Spring Brain Zone
    Green Light Zone
    Gust Hill Zone
    Starry Hill Zone
    Magma Hill Zone
    Cosmic Hill Zone
    Landslide Hill Zone
    Haunted Hill Zone
    Hornet Hill Zone
    Chrome Hill Zone

    No Spin Zone. Sonic's abilities that are centered around curling up into a ball are rendered useless. The only method Sonic has to kill the Bill O'Reilly badniks that populate this zone is by utilizing invincibility monitors.

    I had a similar idea.

  8. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    E.G.G. Enterprise Zone. The name speaks for itself. Unless you've never been exposed to Star Trek, which would be most illogical.


    ...I'll laugh if that's what E.G.G. Station turns out to be.
  9. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    Awesome. The sub-boss should be a "nuclear wessel".
  10. BaconFace


    DrTapeworm Member
    This suddenly reminded me of the comic strip below:
    In 2010, Sega takes Sonic back to "the good old days"!
  11. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    Haha. That's good, and oddly similar to what I was considering. The typewriter would make for a cool enemy, though.
  12. Azookara


    yup Member
    Don't forget in the hubworld that you transport by phone through these stages. Because Sunday's on the phone to Monday, and Tuesday's on the phone to Sonic. :v:

    Holy crap I love the Beatles, and this needs to be a game/hack.
  13. Robochao


    Fanboy Argument Zone
  14. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    Console War Zone. There are broken SNES and Genesis consoles and cartridges everywhere, and the boss is a giant Shigeru Miyamoto robot.
  15. Ross-Irving


    Okey-dokey, one more wave of zone names and I'm done, because I'll have come up with fifty at this point.

    Black Sand Zone
    Wall Valley Zone
    Pingo Lake Zone
    Mirror Fjord Zone
    Blade Channel Zone
    Stack Stump Zone
    Dust Quarry Zone
    Heavy Grove Zone
    Chevron Knife Zone
    Sky Wings Zone
    Magnet Fort Zone

    There, fifty. I'm done. Also, I'm surprised at how well the "Sonic Beatles Adventure" thing works. I laughed at the blue meanie remark.
  16. Robochao


    More like Sound Chip War Zone. I can't listen to one video game song on youtube without some desperate nerd trying to convert everyone from SPC700 over to YM2612. Why so many people prefer Sega Genesis sound religiously over SNES sound is by me. They all sound like a bunch of butthurt losers that just can't like both like me. They both sound great so what's the problem? They both play great also. Console Wars are keeping Videogameville from becoming it's own country I tell yuh what.
  17. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    You have a good point. Okay, since it's Sound Chip War Zone, would the boss be a giant Tommy Tallarico robot?
  18. Skatepark Zone - Giant mega ramps in which Sonic has to clear. Grind rails and full pipes.
  19. Robochao


    Oh damn. :rolleyes:

    Earthworm Jim is always the subject when the soundchip war comes up! So yes. That would fit quite fine.

    Don't even get me started on the war between Sonic JP and USA. Uggh.
  20. Quarterman


    Just another day in paradise. Member
    Los Angeles Zone. Sonic gets stuck in traffic for five frickin' hours, the music is some rap played overly loud from the car next to you, and in this zone, there is no boss. You just have to prevent Sonic from asphyxiating from the smog.
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