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Let's think up new Sonic zone tropes!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Bobinator, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    I had thought Music Plant Zone from Sonic Advance 2 was a creative zone, but as of yet there have been no other zones like it. I really would like to see them start a Music World trope.

    Also, despite all the mechanical zones out there, I think we've yet to see a non-futuristic mechanical style. The Clockwork trope could embody this: being a rustic zone reflecting the peak of the Industrial age, with lots of cogs, levers, springs, and other parts you might find in a grandfather clock. Maybe some Victrolas and lead zeppelins.
  2. Mr. Mash

    Mr. Mash

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    It wouldn't really allow for many slopes and things though, so say combined with a city zone it could be great. It also has potential for an awesome boss battle
  3. Yash


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    I liked one I saw a while ago that was like a washing machine.

    And pantslegs were like pipes.
  4. VB.NET


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    Manic Mirror Zone! You see 5 of every badnik and have to attack the correct one. There's also an epic boss battle with Robotnik in a giant freaky Zebra-mech, and if you open the ghost egg-capsule by mistake (like the one in Sandopolis) the reflections can do damage to Sonic!

    I think I just scared myself...
  5. Zephyr


    Don't forget some iron maidens. :v:
  6. Personally, I would like to see some more exotic natural environments explored as Sonic Zones. I know there are some common themes like tropical zones, ice levels, etc. However, there are some other unique types of places to be explored.

    How about a zone taking place in a cloud forest?
    Maybe a river system that's at least partially subterranean, weaving above/below ground via a system of caves?
    Something inspired by Yellowstone, maybe? Potential for lots of geothermic gimmicks.
    I also must concur with the swamp/mash idea that was mentioned in the thread. Maybe something bayou themed?
    How about a giant temperate redwood forest?

    As far as ancient ruin-themed levels are concerned, how about basing levels off ruins of places like ancient India or southeast Asia (like Ankor Wat)?
    Something mountainous, inspired by ancient ruins in the Himalayas?
    We know ancient echidna society was based off Mayan ruins in the jungle. How about Incan ruins in the mountains? Llamas would have to be inserted into the level somehow, of course. Llamas are cool.
    Vikings. Something based off Iceland, perhaps? Viking theme + more geothermal level goodies.

    For modern / technological themes:
    I really wanted to see a steampunk-inspired level. But then Rush Adventure came out. Not such an original idea anymore. Damn.
    How about retro-futurism? Think Jetsons and sci-fi b-movies from the 1920s-1960s.
    What about a metropolitan platform-heavy level with a gritty noir feel to it?
    How about a pinball/casino type level that is more varied and over the top? Just like how different hotels on the Vegas strip all have different themes, perhaps different parts of the casino level could also have different casino themes as well? It would be more like the Vegas strip in general than any one specific casino theme.

    Meh. That's all for now. All these ideas were just a dumping of various misc. ideas floating around my brain at the time. Some of them may have already been done for all I know...I haven't played all the 3D Sonic games. I'm more familiar with the side-scrollers.
  7. GooeyHeat


    If the Storybook series becomes a Star Wars/Star Trek/any other space sci-fi story ripoff, I came up with Armada Assault. It's basically Sonic running on giant star cruisers while TIE fighters... uhh, I mean EGG fighters shoot at him, lasers fire, and everything is crazy and spacey. Kind of like Egg Fleet... but IN SPACE!!!
  8. MykonosFan


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    I'm terrible at coming up with new tropes; however, sometimes I can think of some things for existing areas that haven't been excercised yet.

    Picture Skyscraper Scamper. Got that? Now, put it on ground level, with a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade-styled look. Crowded streets, giant baloons, and banners from building to building.

    I've had the idea in mind for years of Sonic running on the side of buildings (which finally happened in Unleashed!), running across banners to get to other buildings, using the fabric of Hot Dog Vendor stands as a spring, and scaling massive parade baloons to reach new heights.

    I always called it Festival Frenzy. I was hoping it would be included in a fangame a pal of mine was making, but it never really went anywhere.
  9. How about...

    Apex Zone

    Could be a final zone in which Robotnik's new ultimate computer creation becomes sentient/self-aware at the very end and either decides to take out Robotnik or self-destruct the entire zone or fortress (suicide), leading to a final escape for Sonic. Could be automatic like when Sonic runs out of the Death Egg in Sonic 2, or it could be a final FINAL challenge. Maybe the zone is falling down around you and your feat is to outrun the blast, while avoiding falling debris and Robotnik interfering. In the end Robotnik crashes and panics to get out of the way of the explosion but can't, once again leaving an open question as to whether or not he survived. Could even have Tails with the biplane taking off as Sonic jumps onto the wing and flies away.

    Now, aesthetics...
    I'd like to see something transcending the ordinary. Maybe there is a point you are racing toward from the very first level, and the final battle is in the distance. A "Tower of Babel", a "Zigorat" if you will. Robotnik's crowning glory, maybe sorta like the Death Egg. It could look totally different than the traditional steel and circuits. Maybe a Purple like crystal pyramid, with a sheen like black diamonds, that pulses with light. For the color scheme I see something sorta similar to Oil ocean, but maybe purple, black and ivory, and a mecha-arabic feel. Arabian shutters/screens, and patterns. Robotnik portraits, etc. Perhaps coral-like structures, or stuff resembling ocean sulfur vents. Badniks could be more innovative, maybe they can teleport or use magnetism, grabbing metal bits from the scenery and twirling them around as a forcefeild, then throwing them. An art deco style could also be thrown in with some Nazi-esque stylings... I dunno, making this up as I go, but it's all seeming better and better as I go, haha.
  10. unAWARE


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    I know you said "no more bases", but what about an old, run down base? What would Launch base look like now, after 16 years of just..well...sitting there? Same goes for Chemical Plant. They would probably be overrun with plants and wildlife once again, like a forest overtook them. I dunno, I just always thought would be a neat idea to see. I'm also in for the sunken Death Egg idea, kinda goes along with my ideas here.
  11. RevFirst


    Excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong here.

    Wasteland Zone - I was just thinking of Sonic failing to jump to the Death Egg thus falling way down to this place. It'd look similar to Sonic OVA's wasteland and Sonic Drift 2's Rainy Savannah. (Brainstorm music: 1 & 2) Would be more interesting to have this place nearby to...

    Scrap Brain Ruins Zone - Could be Metropolis Zone or whatever though. It basically an abandoned, unstable factory with worn-out badniks and failed experiments (Metal Needlemouse?). Similar to Metal Gear Solid 4's Act 4. (Brainstorm music: 1) Edit: Beaten, but expected.

    Cyberspace Zone - It's been done with Advance 2's Techno Base and Advance 3's Cyber Track but I feel it has much more potential. It could be a total mindfuck. For one, it could have Sonic going in there looking like his Sonic 1 self, fighting off random badniks from S1-3&K. It could also have the background changing to classic ones depending on where Sonic is with interesting effects. Even something insane gimmicks like finding warps to do mini Sonic Xtreme puzzles which done successfully will help you get through the acts faster. If cutscenes between zones are involved, this could be a digital gateway to the Death Egg. (Brainstorm music: 1, 2 & 3)

    And of course, Heinous Anus Zone.

    Loving it.
  12. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Communism Zone: Sonic must travel to Communist nations, construct libraries and houses of worship at super speed, break the interference devices to re-establish free communication with the rest of the world, and destroy those big ugly tanks that are ruining the view. :v:
  13. Hybrid Project Alpha

    Hybrid Project Alpha

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    Breakfast Zone
    Bacon corkscrews, bouncy pancakes, sticky syrup, cereal bowl halfpipes, and EEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSS
  14. Junkyard Zone. Like Earthworm Jim's New Junk city, A zone made out of garbage/old tires/etc. Also includes half broken badniks from past games, some of which are still active and attack from the background/foreground.
  15. Frozen Nitrogen

    Frozen Nitrogen

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    Y helo thar.

    Kelp Forest Zone. An underwater level where Sonic's been knocked down to the sea floor and has to get back up to the surface by sprinting up kelp fronds. I'd take inspiration from Ecco the Dolphin and have (in addition to *bubble*) little air pockets enclosed under leaves or inside stems or something.

  16. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

    Teleportation, yeah! Member
    I think I have a good idea for a zone. How about a poisonous swamp zone? It takes place in a deep forest, mushrooms growing here and there, some rotted logs lying about, vines loosely hanging from tree branches (good for crossing over the swamp). Here's the big notable gimmick for this zone: when Sonic plunges into the swamp, the drowning countdown immediately begins! Makes for a really challenging water zone, which might not be a good description for it, since Sonic is supposed to get out of this water as fast as possible. I guess there could be some air bubbles underwater, but the drowning timer would just start back at 5 again. Water Shield would be your best friend here.
  17. Overbound


    Sonic Time Twisted Creator
    This is a cool thread I've often thought about doing some unusual level types in Sonic Time Twisted here are some of my ideas.

    1. In the first level of time twisted you see a UFO crash into the ocean at some point I was thinking of having Sonic visit that UFO possibly for a one act zone (or mine my case one zone round) sorta the same concept as sky chase right before the last level. The level would be mostly under purplish water and a busted up UFO of course and concepts I was thinking of was bad guys that were from the UFO rather than Eggman and some electrically charge water.

    2. A construction yard for a skyscraper in progress with lots of travel up and down the map. Concepts would include cement that froze sonic for a second or two and a jack hammer gimmick that Sonic would grab on too and have very little control over the purpose would be to bust a concrete floor to reveal a path.

    3. A level on the moon... that's all I have

    I think one of the keys to making interesting Sonic levels though is coming up with all new gimmicks. I am constantly trying to think of original gimmicks I need a pad of paper with several idea I have.
  18. Quickman


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    One of Marc's compositions made me wonder about a church-themed zone. (Whether you like religion or not, churches in Europe have some awesome imagery and architecture.)
  19. RedStripedShoes


    And I'm gone again. Member
    Vatican Zone?
  20. PC2


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    Pizza Park Zone. Everything is made of pizza, and Sonic zips through the tubes of crust as he makes his way to the goal. But watch out for the tomato sauce quicksand (or lava? can't choose). When Sonic reaches a certain point he'll find a pepperoni he can use to surf down the steeper grade of pizza. Watch out for the blazing peppers that cover your path. The mushrooms from Mushroom Hill Zone also make a return in this stage.
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