Let's Play Sonic The Hedgehog The Porcupine Part 1

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Namagem, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. El Gran Gordo

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    SirRonLionHeart is fantastic. Yeah! Haha!

    I've already finished his Sonic the Hedgehog the Porcupine playthrough, and am close to halfway through his LP of Majora's Mask. As funny as his Sonic playthrough was, I find I'm enjoying his Zelda playthrough a lot more, as he actually expands on the story with his own bizarre yet great dialog for the characters, complete with unique voice acting for each.

    I admit I thought his commentary was little more than a funny voice and repetition at first, but I've found a lot more as I watched further, and he's really grown on me.
  2. Oh boy, and it's just so there you can't stop watching...can't look away. Though it's great for a laugh if you're feeling down.
  3. Shadow Hog

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    Wait, people actually find this guy <b>good</b>? Honestly, from what I saw of him from episode 150 of his <I>Majora's Mask</I> run, he's grating, unfunny, and all-around annoying. Granted, it was the retsupurae thing I linked back on page 1 (which, for the uninitiated, is basically to bad LPs what <I>Mystery Science Theather 3000</I> was to bad movies, more or less, as done by the <b>creators</b> of Let's Play). But just taking the video on its own... Christ.

    I mean, like, there's this one part where he's "reading" something in what I believe is Tatl's voice, and he reads it so fast that it's basically him spouting gibberish in a squeaky voice and trying to pass it off as "reading". Then followed up with "WOW YOU'RE SUCH A FAST READER TATL! *falsetto* YEAH!". Even without Diabeetus/slowbeef there to criticize it for me, that would've triggered a rather large facepalm.

    Oh, and the part where he screams "OH NO!" when he gets 100 Rupees is just... okay, I know there's a strict time limit in <I>Majora's Mask</I>, and cashing it in at the bank would be pushing it with the small amount of time he had left, but my initial response when getting a crapload of money isn't "oh no!". Really, what?

    Honestly, though, I really hate the concept of Let's Play in general. When I go on YouTube for footage of a game, I want footage of a game, not some jerk who can barely play the title doing so while spouting off every last thought he has while playing it, like he has some kind of Tourette's or something, drowning out the audio of the game in question, and often with video just as shoddily done (camcorders are apparently all the rage these days). Text LP's are generally much more palatable - easier to plan jokes or interesting tidbits out, and I won't have to listen to some weirdo's nasally voice. I mean, there are good video LPs with the commentary and all that (most often from its place of origin, SomethingAwful)... but they're so few and far between, it's overall just not worth it.
  4. RedStripedShoes


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    I am in agreement with all of the contents in the above post.
  5. Enzo Aquarius

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    I'm halfway through watching his StH walkthrough, and wow did he get pretty angry with the last Chaos Emerald zone. That, plus I just realized that if I watch any other series of his, such as Majora's Mask, I have to watch 200 videos. Dang, he's got a lot of free time. :psyduck:
  6. DimensionWarped


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    Lewis Black was right. Youtube really is the root of all evil.
  7. GHNeko


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    This guy really does grow on you. For years, I've been doing "Ha ha!" phrases followed by other words like, "Spectacular" or "Delicious"

    but now even time I go "Ha ha!" out of habit, I cant help but to think of this guy and the LPs, which makes me laugh even more and it turns into a retarded spiral of laughter than I cant stop for a few minutes.

    This sucks. >:
  8. Hybrid Project Alpha

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    makes me want to do a Let's Play in a stupid voice
  9. Overlord


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    Urgh. Guy isn't funny, he's annoying. Watched the GHZ1 video after being linked there from a DECENT LP'er, and couldn't bear to go any further. He didn't even finish the level!
  10. Dude


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  11. RingoKoi


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    He does realize sonic's just a hedgehog, right? Watching this video makes me wonder, the only thing I can remember from this is HAHA. It's not really funny, but it sure is stupid. :psyduck:
  12. GoldS



    I'm now reading every single post in his voice. God damn it.
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