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Knuckles in Sonic 1 - Rev 01

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Stealth, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Stealth


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    I wasn't 100% happy with the original release, so I did something about it. I thought a new topic was best, since some people are probably bored enough with the conversation in the original thread to end up missing this, had it been put there instead

    The most obvious errors had to go, so I also took the opportunity to change a few other things as well. Now that I'm happy with it, I can distribute the updated version and move on for a while

    The differences are:

    Code (Text):
    1. - Fixed player sprite tile loading to accomodate for all of Knuckles' tiles on all animations
    2. - Fixed a bug that allowed player to climb down through floors when solidity on the wall didn't end
    3. - Fixed a bug that freaked out the camera between a boss and the end of the level
    4. - Fixed a bug that freaked out the camera during the title screen after the game ended under certain circumstances
    5. - Fixed a bug that allowed immediate skidding after hitting a horizontal spring
    6. - Fixed a bug that disallowed spindashing through monitors that are right beside the player
    7. - Fixed a bug that allowed running/skidding on waterslides by pressing left/right
    8. - Fixed a bug that disallowed panning the screen up/down (look up/down)
    9. - Fixed a bug that sent player to the right after striking a pushable block when gliding left
    10. - Fixed a bug that caused the camera to pan to the right if the player is too far to the left
    11. - Fixed a bug that caused player not to be pushed down properly by solid sprites when not moving up
    12. - Fixed a bug that caused player to stop at the edge of conveyor belts instead of falling off
    13. - Fixed a bug that caused player to enter walking/pushing animation when spindashing beside moving solid sprites
    14. - Fixed a bug that caused player to enter walking animation when jumping beside solid sprites
    15. - Fixed a bug that caused player to keep spinning against pushable blocks that still have room to move
    16. - Fixed bugs that caused player to keep pushing animation when a wall or solid object that was in his way was removed
    17. - Fixed a bug that gave Caterkiller bodyparts one additional frame to damage player after the head was destroyed
    18. - "Fixed" "spike bug"
    19. - Fixed tile error in GHZ
    20. - Lowered switch in MZ3
    21. - Lowered Special Stage Ring in SYZ1
    22. - Removed unused Caterkiller tiles from SYZ so Roller enemy displays properly
    23. - Implemented revision 1 scrolling effects
    24. - Implemented dust sprites for spindash, skidding, and sliding
    25. - Implemented player state reset after exiting debug mode
    26. - Enabled entering more than one code per titlescreen sequence
    27. - Implemented small bonus feature, activated by code:     BBBBUDLR
    28. - Implemented cheat for bonus feature (also activates): BBBBBBUDLR
    The "bonus feature" is just a slight change in gameplay that I thought some people might enjoy, and not something I consider to be part of the normal Knuckles in Sonic 1 (which is why it's activated by code). Even with the first code activated, people who don't care to play the game "the right way" will probably miss it, so in that case, the cheater way is for you, as it still enables it, you'll be able to use it right away, and will get a big up-front hint at what it is

    It's strange how the original seemed to spread half way across the internet within about 3 days from the original post.. I'd like to ask the people responsible to help make all the same people aware of the update, since I greatly prefer this version over the last (and can't imagine anyone who wouldn't). The URL is the same as last time, but even though I linked it above, I'll list it here for clarity:

    Thanks for all the feedback on the original. I hope you find the update just as fun/interesting
  2. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    I love you so much.

    Edit: The SYZ bug I posted is still there.
  3. Quickman


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    omg porjcet
    Some of those bugs are in the original game. Nice work.
  4. Guess Who

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    You own the world now. The "bonus feature"... that's just awesome. :D
  5. The Mighty Boosh

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    So what's the bonus feature? I put the code in but see no difference.

    Maybe I did it wrong...

    EDIT: Oh right.
  6. Stealth


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    Should have figured that would be pointed out.. This could be triggered in each Sonic game (you can make Sonic do it, too). It's a mistake in the level design. The ledge is so narrow that it can fit JUST between both the foreward and back hotspots, causing them both to do another check to see if there's any solid ground 16 pixels down (the size of one height map), and in the case of the image you posted, the left spot finds that solid ground, which has an angle value assigned to it. For that moment, when neither hotspot is touching the land the player is actually standing on, that angle value takes effect, and causes him to be drawn at an angle and jerk around while it affects his speed. It's something the level designer didn't take into account, and would require redrawing that U shape and changing the area covered by the spikeball sprites to "fix". That's why it's still present

    Way to blow the surprise.. I hope you'll remove that like I asked. It's not big, but isn't it fun to be surprised nonetheless?
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    Stealth, you are a legend. I'd have your babies if I weren't a chap...
  8. McAleeCh


    Absoutely superb. Only needs two things fixed to make it perfect, IMO:

    - Shading on 'Knuckles' text on title screen should be black, not deep blue.
    - Remove all of the deepest red on the yellow parts of Knuckles' shoes.
    - Center the 'Knuckles Has' text on the end level screen.

    So, with minor aesthetics being the only changes I can see that would be nessecary, I have to say - congratulations! You've done a great job of fixing most bugs people have pointed out - even some SEGA themselves never fixed, such as the Caterkiller tiles in SYZ interfering with the Roller. So, a big thumbs-up from me.

    EDIT: Also, the extra cheat was handy for checking some stuff out, and the optional 'bonus effect' rocks.
  9. LocalH


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    You wash your fucking mouth out RIGHT NOW.

    Seriously, this kicks ass. I'm glad I was able to assist in real hardware testing. The only problems I saw were either present in regular Sonic 1 (heavy LZ/SBZ3 lag) or so minor that I didn't notice them in normal gameplay, but only when I was actively scrutinizing it (Knuckles pallet on level select). Other than that, it's extremely solid and, I would say, one of the most professional-quality hacks ever done.

    Heh, yeah, that was a lot of my doing, but not entirely. I posted it at Sonic Vegemite, SClassic, Bisqwit's Nesvideos, Acmlm's, Lost Levels, and Sardius'. Someone else posted it at Moogle Cavern and GHZ.
  10. Ultima


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    Awesome, as always =P
  11. Puto


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    Excuse me for this somewhat stupid question, but how can I insert the said "secret code"?

    EDIT Never mind :blushing: stupid me.
  12. LocalH


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    Title screen, like all other Sonic 1 cheats. As indicated in the list, you can now input multiple codes on one title screen sequence without having to force the code detection routine to reset with a dummy keypress. So, basically, to enable the normal cheats and the first cheat Stealth added, do this:


    Like the original codes, the B presses can occur anywhere between the U and the R.
  13. Puto


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    Part of Team Megamix, but haven't done any actual work in ages.
    Bug: Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 transports mess up when using the bonus feature.
  14. Yuski


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    It is really Amazing! The only thing thet is strange yet is the colors, but we all know why you didn?t edited to don?t screw up robots and Eggman.

    Best Sonic 1 hack yet! :thumbsup:
  15. LocalH


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    Agh, somehow I missed that (I don't see how, considering I played through the entire game twice, once without and once with the feature). I know for a fact it works perfectly without the bonus feature, however. The transports still function, it's just visually weird, that's all. You still end up where you're supposed to.
  16. Cinossu


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    This is absolutely brilliant Stealth, especially the bonus feature. I wasn't expecting that. :P

    One tiny little bug I found with the animation, though, is when looking up, Knuckles' entire sprite shifts over one pixel. o.O;
  17. LocalH


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    I believe that also happens in KiS2 and S3&K.
  18. ICEknight


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    Yep, that's always happened. But then again, he has fixed many other things that had always happened...
  19. Bonus feature > *

    Good work!
  20. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    Not really a bug, but Knuckles can climb the spinning circle things in SBZ.