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KingK's 60-Minute Sonic 06 Video Retrospective

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic5993, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. RikohZX


    I mean, all things considered? I can enjoy Colors more than 06 by sheer game principles, sure, that much is obvious as a more complete product trying to do what it intended to do. One can make their regards on story or writing, yet I have my issues with most Sonic titles in story.

    But I accept '06 more for being ambitious and the amount of shit the developers had to go through to even get the product out the door, compared to Colors being incredibly safe and not having much of a long-term appeal for me. Instead of just throwing the entirety of its existence under the bus, I see it as the pinnacle of Sega refusing to take responsibility for their executive decisions messing things up, and the crux of every flawed, unlearning decision going forwards in the franchise rather than just a mere Sonic Team failure. And I can see good points in it that just failed from the technical level of its development.

    That's kind of the point KingK was trying to make on his personal feelings if I remember right, but people are so retroactively disgusted and vile towards the mere existence of '06 as a product, that it haunts even Sonic Frontiers in the legacy to this day as we saw with one of the two Digital Trends reviews, and people shit on ChaosX and Project '06 for daring to consider "fixing" what was in their minds fundamentally garbage.

    There's people here still disregarding KingK of any opinion or the right to a damn opinion because of '06. You see the problem here?

    Wanting to crucify a reviewer who likes and can see merits in a product most people hate is senseless toxicity, much like how I see another reviewer that people consider "one of the shit ones" now because he didn't like Lost Judgment for approaching the game from the completely wrong direction and mindset. He doesn't even do scores, he just recommends or doesn't recommend, perhaps with a "strongly" in there. But the Yakuza/Like a Dragon fanbase wanted him up on a cross like how some Sonic fans wanted him up there for not recommending Frontiers with.. well, much the same criticisms everyone's having of it.

    Everyone is going to have a differing opinion, but everyone that approaches these sorts of things, and people espousing opinions on them, with that amount of anger are the ones that need to cool their heads or hold their tongues, because any legitimate criticism falls way to bile no one wants to bloody listen to or read. No one wants to deal with that hostility anymore, not after 31 years of it.

    I sure as hell don't.