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Just remembered why Sonic 1 is my least favorite of the Genesis Four

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dr. Corndog, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Those be fighting words. Granted, I enjoy Modern Sonic, but I just like the flow of Sonic 2 and 3 better is all.

    I agree I like the spin dash. I like the elemental shields better though.
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    Sonic 1 is without a doubt the Sonic game I've played the most. I had it on my old click wheel iPod, and I played it all the time. I must have beaten it at least 30 times on that thing. So much so that playing it on any other controller feels wrong.

    But yeah, I hate those special stages. I also hate the special stages in Sonic CD, and I'm not especially fond of the ones from Sonic 2. The only special stages I like are the Blue Sphere games.

    Out of the Genesis 4 (what games are we counting here? Are Sonic 3 & Knuckles separate?), my least favorite is Sonic CD. It's just got some weird level design choices, which I also feel hit Sonic 2, though not as hard. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best one.
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    *facepalm* Oh boy, what have I just done. I obviously didn't mean it like that; at the same time, however: coincidence much?
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    Sonic 1 will always have a place in my heart for the being the game that got me into Sonic. From a researchers point of view, it's one of the most fascinating because of how much development it went through before becoming the game we all know today. As a game, it's not my most favorite but certainly isn't my least favorite either.

    Personally, Sonic CD is one of my more favorable Sonic games in comparison to Sonic 1 simply because I always consider Sonic CD being sort of like an enhanced version of Sonic 1 at the end of day anyway.
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    I used to hate Sonic 1 and CD. Now I prefer them over 2 and 3. A lot of that really does come down to the spindash, and how it is used. It wasn't in Sonic 1 at all, but Sonic CD's level design made it so that using the spindash wasn't going take you through levels. I mean really, 2 and 3 can be beaten with a lot of spindashing and not much platforming.

    Btw, I love that we're having this discussion again.
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    The reason I loved Sonic CD when I first played it in '03, was because, like Sonic 1, it was a very rewarding game to play. Both games completely immerse you in the zone you're playing; Spring Yard Zone for instance feels almost real, and incidentally is one of my favourite zones, because as you're playing it you're interacting so much with the environment. The other Sonic games have a similar effect, but I think Sonic 1 and Sonic CD are the best for making this kind of impact on the player.

    What is interesting is that Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda games are very good at making you feel immersed, Sonic 1 was a true contender to that standard that had been set.
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    Sonic 1 was the second Sonic game I played, after 2. I didn't own the game for a long time, it was my babysitter's. Everytime I got far in it I died in Labyrinth Zone, usually drowning/dying when chasing the boss. For this reason and because of this zone, I didn't like Sonic 1 for a long time. I got Sonic 3 & Knuckles in the late 90s and eventually Sonic 1, but I just couldn't love Sonic 1 like the others. As I grew up I played Sonic 1 again and got past the boss, beating the game in that run.

    Sonic 1 isn't my favorite Sonic, it might even be my least favorite of the Genesis series, but I can still sit down and enjoy it once in a while. The 2nd special stage is kind of unfair though, so many times I've fallen through the level and hit the goal at the bottom >_>
  8. This exactly.
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    I LOVED Sonic 1... If you hate it because its too hard, or what have you... you just need to improve. Lemme touch on some of the complaints I've seen thus far... (in trademark KingofHarts blowhard fashion, of course)

    1. Special Stages - I'd say that you have a case, cuz they can be a royal pain... but you really don't. It starts spinning in the same direction at the same speed, each time. THIS is just a matter of practice makes perfect, and finding the right course to make it through each stage. THIS is how they should be. Just because you can't get it on your first try doesn't mean it sucks... it means you need to actually possess some level of skill to manage beating the stage and EARNING th bonus. Not having it handed to you.

    2. Speed complaints - I see so many people bitch about "Green Hill zone is the only fast stage in the game, until Star Light Zone... wah... Where are the loops? wah..." NO. GHZ is the only stage that it is EASY to accumulate speed, and the only stage you don't need to take your time to manage... NO SHIT, its the first fucking level. Going fast in the other stages requires skill, as they are more difficult. The name of the game is SPEED... and as you progress, it should be HARDER to be faster. FUCK, bunch of babies. Which leads to my next gripe about this topic...

    3. Marble Zone - I fucking LOVE this zone. It's a great second stage to GHZ, brings you right down to earth and says "OK bitch, you had your fun in the last zone, now its my turn." Plus the introduction of lava was nice for a zone 2. Suppose you all will bitch about Labyrinth Zone next... pussies. It's just a little water.

    4. NO Spindash - You EARN your speed. Now, I love the spindash and the peelout... but you really shouldn't need it if you possess any level of skill.

    Ok rant done... I'm sure I'm missing some points... Oh wait... one more. I will NOT have anyone bitching about Scrap Brain Zone. THIS zone is penultimate level greatness. Metropolis and Death Egg (S3K) can't hold a candle to Scrap Brain Zone. Metallic Madness in CD is probably the closest to it... and still can't touch SBZ.

    Case in point: Sonic 1 is a REAL game. You must earn your victory.
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    I really have no trouble with any of the Special Stages, they're not too difficult you just need to know when to actually go forward. You have to wait for the right time when the stage rotates. Really the only thing that bothers me is the speed cap, but it's not like you can't gain enough momentum to move fast. While it's not my favorite it certainly isn't my least favorite of the Genesis bunch. That actually goes to Sonic 2, but even then Sonic 2 isn't a bad game at all. :v:
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    I'd say Kingofharts got it down well enough, Sonic 1 is a great game! The Zones are memorable, the music is beautiful, and it was a great start for the series.

    I always thought that this game had a good balance of speed and platforming, it's easy to get good speed in GHZ, SYZ, and SLZ while it is harder to get speed in MZ, LZ, and SYZ as they are mostly platforming levels, but it's not impossible. Also because there are so fewer zones compared to later games in the series you can love and apprieciate the levels a lot more, no one zone ever overstays it's welcome. Granted Sonic 2 is just as good (and in some ways a little better) as Sonic 1, but I always felt that the first 4 zones (especially EHZ) ended too soon compared to other zones in other sonic games, the rest of the game doesn't have that problem but Metropolis Zone overstays it's welcome with it's unusual 3 Act Zone, personally I think Cyber City really shouldn't have been cut, as it would have took that feeling away from Metropolis Zone, I'm also convinced that CCZ was suppose to be more of the SBZ of Sonic 2, while Metropolis Zone does succeed a little bit I think that if we both had Metropolis Zone and Cyber City Zone the two zones would have made a great balance overall and given us a similar Scrap Brain Zone feeling. Also it's apparent to me now that Sonic 2 becomes more of a platformer as the game progresses, as the first 4 Zones have more speed then the later zones as they focus more on platforming, in Sonic 1 it was more spread out, first you get a "Speed" stage and then a "Platforming" stage, but that alone is a very mild complaint as the game is overall faster then Sonic 1, so are the platforming stages which helps the game even more so and makes it a better experience.

    Sonic 3 (and Knuckles) hits that perfect sweet spot and seemlessly combines BOTH Speed and Platforming stages into a complete balance, there is not one stage I can think of that is more Platformer or Speed stage (Although some do come to mind, their speed sections water that down), not only that but they also have the perfect length for each stage, with some exceptions (very minor ones and it's not that bad really) no one stage ever overstays it's welcome and you get to enjoy each zone just as equally, it's no wonder why most Sonic Fans call S3&K one of the best, or THE best Sonic game around. If I can point out one flaw in that game is that most of the S3 Special Stages are a little too easy or easy in general once you figure out how to turn most spheres into rings, BUT with S3 and S&K combined along with the S&K Special Stages that balances out nicely, with 14 Special Stages you gotta work for the best possible ending, much like how you had to work for it in Sonic 2 with it's challenging SS (The most challenging in the Classic Series) and Sonic 1 where you had only 10 (or 12) tries to get the 6 emeralds and the good ending.

    As for Sonic CD, it has the good balance of Sonic 1, with the speed of Sonic 2, making it a great game that some fans also say it's the best in the series! It's not hard to see why, but some have complained about the spin dash and the special stages, I think those are minor nitpicks as it was developed by a different team with what they though Sonic should be at the time so to speak, the Special Stages here are all personal preference, some like them while others don't, I like them because it reminds me of the trippy S1 stages along with a hint of S2's stages. Also I can get why people complain about the wild level designs, but I think there is a legit reason WHY it's so crazy, it's because each stage in each zone is carrying 4 different level designs, all similar but at the same time completely different, it's why there are rings on places where you can't get them and why it's so wild, some don't like it, others do and I'm in the latter catagory. You can say that Sonic CD is Sonic 1.5 in a way, but that's why I like it so much and I think that's why other people like it too.

    ...dear god I did it again...well that's about it, as for my choice on favorite Classic Sonic Game, I can't pick one over the other so I'll just say all 4 of them and leave it at that.
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    My only problem with Sonic 1 is that the Special Stages are so incredibly boring. Other than that, it and Sonic CD are my favorites. Sonic 3K is just kind of okay to me and Sonic 2 has some levels that just drag.
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    Sonic 1 literally took me Ages to beat. I had it along with the other games since I was 5 years old and wasn't able to beat it till I was 12. Sonic 3 was the first game I was able to beat but it still took me almost a year, the reason was because the Sonic games were the first games I ever played so I had to get used to doing a lot of things before I could even beat the first few levels. I gave up for at least a month after being frustrated with the Carnival Night Zone Barrel. It took me about a year to figure out how to even get passed the Sandopolis slide in S&K.

    I feel that the games after Sonic 1 utilized the physics to make a fast moving action game, as compared to a standard platformer. Marble Hill, Labyrinth Zone, and Scrap Brain all move incredibly slow. If you try to move fast in Labyrinth of Scrap Brain you will end up getting hit. You have to tip toe your way around in these levels and it is boring compared to the others. The music and visuals are great, but to me the others in the series build upon this even more. The level design of S3&K is brilliant, the multiple routes, visuals, music, and ambience add a powerful feel to each area. The levels changes (from Zone to Zone) keep things interesting and the bosses (and mini bosses) really mix things up. Sonic 1's bosses aren't very exciting.

    I'm all for difficult Sonic games, but having flame machines and electric sparks going off in succession doesn't make a challenge, it makes an annoyance. Even when I did beat Sonic 1 I felt I was constantly getting hit and having to grab my rings every second.

    This is exactly how I experienced the series, when I was a kid in the mid 90s I had the PC games you mentioned, as well as Sega Smash Pack 1. I also later got Sonic R when that came out (97 or 98 I believe). It wasn't until 5 years ago that I got a Sega Genesis, but I was familiar with the library due to the PC collections. Glad to know that I'm not the only one here who got introduced to the series with the PC games.
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    I have a lot of love for Sonic 1. It was my first Sonic game and it blew my mind when I was 5 years old and saw it for the very first time. It's an incredibly nostalgic game for me.

    See, I could play Sonic 1 at that age, but it took a couple of years to complete it for the first time. And to actually master the game? It took many more years, and that's one of the main reasons I like it. You can't just pick it up and master it in a day, you have to work at it and build an understanding of exactly how it works - as others have said, it's almost a science and it's extremely rewarding once you finally get it. I can blast through the game without any issues nowadays, but it's been 21 years since I played it for the first time...

    My favourite in the series will always be Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but the other Mega Drive games, as well as Sonic CD, are VERY close behind it.
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    IMO, the Special Stages may be a bit tricky, boring, whatever, but they're totally worth it on looks alone!

    As for the first game being slow, granted, partly because you can't spam the Spin Dash as a cheap trick and partly because they have much more actual platforming.

    The difficulty ties into the latter, I guess. But I don't have a problem with that. The later games are too easy if you ask me. And they're longer, so you get more levels of less challenge. StH1, to me, is almost the perfect mix of difficulty and length. Could I be bothered trying to beat the game with all six Chaos Emeralds right now? Probably not, because I'm lazy. But I'll argue that it's an almost ideally balanced quest for those who want to do it: quite short but puts pressure on you to use that time wisely, quite difficult but with the reassurance that soon you'll be watching that victory animation like a champ.

    And that's before we get into the whole revolutionary aspect of it, the graphics, the gameplay, the feel of the whole thing. I'd put that down to nostalgia to some degree, but I think a lot of it is separate from that. Plus, I played S3&K last, and that's still my second-best. I'll probably get burned at the stake for saying this, but I don't really 'get' Sonic 2. Emerald Hill? Hell yeah. Chemical Plant? Yeah, why not. Aquatic Ruin Zone? I suppose. The rest? Zzzzzzzz. Death Egg makes me nostalgia hard, but that's about it for the remainder. Too many levels and I sometimes feel like they threw away most of the interesting things in the beta.

    I should probably give it another chance... :ohdear: Either way, without it, we'd never have gotten Sonic 2 Retro Remix, so it's totally worth it.
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    See. Sonic 1 8-bit was my first game I ever played and now I think of it. I enjoyed it more than Sonic 1 16-bit.
    I liked the bonus stages that gives you opportunities to gain more continues and lives, The emeralds (like Sonic 2 8-bit) you have to go out of your way for and explore the level, Green Hill was more diverse (The underground tunnel, water thing) and I personally liked the feel of it more.

    To begin with you start at Green Hill, move on to Bridge where it's a hybrid of Green Hill but not in it's own way, Bridge to the Jungle Zone where you (possibly) discover the entrance to Labyrinth, from there you go to Scrap Brain Zone (Robotnik's ground base of operations) where you take to the Sky Base for the final battle. I have a feeling of moving on more flowing unlike Sonic 1 16 where you seemlessly move from a zone full of stone and lava to a city full of springs and rotating spike balls.

    I also think the map was a great way to show and reassure you that you're progressing unlike a lot of other Sonic games where you go to one place, then another with no meaning (Sonic 3 & Knuckles does sho some movement between most levels.

    EDIT: Please excuse the rambles and whatever. I am a little tipsy from proving to myself that I can have fun on Valentine's. By myself of course.
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    It's a different game from 2 and 3, to be sure. My point wasn't to bash Sonic 1, but really just to vent on an aspect of it I find particularly annoying: the special stage.

    I do enjoy Sonic 1 for its unique flavor and its greater emphasis on platforming. I'd say I like Sonic 2 and onward more for the way they approach level design, but that's beside the point.
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    I adore Sonic 1 more and more with each playthrough. Except Labyrinth [and in extension, Scrap Brain act 3], that stage can go drown itself. :v:
    Hell, I can fucking go fast in Marble. I can go fast in Scrap Brain. Labyrinth is just a chore, and nowadays I just reset and level select past it.

    I used to hate most of Sonic 1 though, I'd level select and only play Green Hill, Scrap Brain, and Star Light. Star Light in particular, I love that stage.

    And then there is the very heavy focus on momentum control. Sonic didn't immediately press down+B and let go and SPEEEEED. You had to run and roll and try to get faster, and it felt cool. It mightn't entirely be better, but Sonic 1's levels wanted you to try to build speed the hard way. And then if you were going too fast, you'd probably get yourself killed.

    Sonic 2 on the other hand feels like there's more and more I don't like about it each time. Especially the places where you can get stuck [not in a bit of level, but where you can't move, notably if the control lock is active, there's a part of those upward springs in Metropolis that you can't escape from]/have to wait to die [the famous spike pit of Mystic Cave], etc.
    And the levels aren't as interesting. Metropolis is also way too long. Sonic 1 had 3 acts/stage, sure. But they were shorter there. 3 Sonic 2 length acts is pushing it, and it's an annoying stage with irritating music.

    and the collision detection for getting crushed in Sonic 2 is just ass, getting crushed by blocks that are moving away from a surface is the dumbest thing

    Still a good game, but my list from greatest to least is 3+K, 1, 2.

    Sonic 3+K is perfect :)
    Ok, maybe not perfect, but it's the only classic Sonic game with remotely difficult bosses [excluding S2's final boss and the actually pretty fun Casino Night boss], and the stages are huge and fast and platformy all at once, and the music is sublime, and it's just great. Lava Reef is probably my favorite stage ever [the camera lock before the act 2 boss is the worst implemented idea I have ever seen though, you die if you go down, even though you have to go down right after it unlocks, and you have no indication]. Actually, there are a few headscratcher segments in S3+K that you'd probably not be expected to know just from playing the game, you'd need to be told how to get around it the first time...

    All of S1's bosses are fairly simple affairs, and a lot of S2's bosses can get smacked with 6-8 hits before they can even attack.
    And notice that I said remotely difficult, S3's bosses still aren't that hard.

    also, Sonic 1 has the easiest special stages out of all of them, what the hell are you people saying
    Getting back in if you do mess up is a pain, you only get 10 entrances to get the 6 emeralds [it bugged me that there were none to be found in Scrap Brain], whereas there's a bunch of Big Rings in S3 and loads of checkpoints in S2. I can't remember if the game remembers how many emeralds you have if you soft reset.
    But they're much easier than S2's [Special stage 6 and 7 in S2 are a paiiiiin] and S3's [much easier to fuck up].


    That is terrifying on so many levels. I had it on my iPod too, although since I used to play it on my brother's Genesis, playing it with the click wheel felt so wrong...
  19. I absolutely love Sonic 1, but I still think its probably my least favorite in the classic series. I dunno why, it has a great soundtrack, memorable levels, and great level design, but I just don't get as much enjoyment out of it as the CD, 2, and 3&k. For those saying that people don't like it because its too hard, I can beat it just fine and had never had trouble beating it, but I still don't find it as enjoyable. I think part of it is that it isn't as fast as the other games. I know a lot of people here disagree with that or feel its speed is better, but I just prefer the speed brought by the other classics without sacrificing the platforming.

    Another thing I was never a fan of was the three act structure. I know its a minor thing, but I feel two acts is the perfect amount of time to spend in a zone. Enough time to get a feel of the zone and see what it has to offer, but not to the point where it drags or where I just want the stage to end.

    It could very well just be that Sonic 1 was not the first classic game I played. I played both 2 and 3 before deciding to see what 1 had to offer. Because of this, I might have just gotten used to the spindash, lack of speed cap, and more speed oriented levels to the point of going back to the original just felt a little awkward.

    However, in the end, choosing between the classics all comes down to preference because they all are truly great games.
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    Simple doesn't mean easy though. I honestly can't think of more than two or three bosses in S3&K that were actually more difficult than Labyrinth's Boss (those are namely Big Arms, the pre-Doomsday DEZ Boss, and Tails' Marble Garden). The simplicity of the bosses in Sonic 1 is what I love about them; they're all based on simple, basic concepts/ideas, but provide a decent challenge using said idea.

    Honestly, I feel that Blue Spheres is the easiest Special Stage of the Four, primarily due to the sheer volume of attempts you get. Sure in Sonic 1, you get 10 chances to beat 6 stages, but in S3&K you are given over 14 attempts within the first four levels to beat 7 stages! Blue Spheres also gives you much more control over Sonic than the S1 Special Stages, so that if you fail and run into a Red Sphere, it is entirely your fault; this is definitely not the case for the S1 mazes, where one can easily fall into GOAL blocks by mistake. I can't see how anyone can view Blue Spheres as the more difficult one. As a kid, I got every Chaos Emerald by Carnival Night my first time turning on the game! Sonic 1 took me years as a child to 100% it.