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Jun Senoue vs. Sonic Crackers

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Heran Bago, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Heran Bago

    Heran Bago

    Ah! It's Puyo battle then. Tech Member
    Me and Shad were at video games live. More specifically, the post-show developer/composer meet. We were he
    rded into a line and Koji Kondo left ~10 minutes into the event. About an hour of drawing phallus in pictochat later, I was at the walk-o-composers. I'll keep this post Sonicy.

    1) Spencer Nilson.
    He was pretty cool and I told him that SonicCD had a great US sound track. The US one was much different (which he composed) but still great. He thanked me and said he thought he did a good job. I asked why the new sound track and he said that Sega decided the sound track should be more American. He also said it was controversial at the time.
    When asked for personal stories, he said since there was a new female character, he decided to put female vocals in lots of the songs. He also mentioned that it was hard to do Sonic Boom since he wanted it to sync kinda (like Toot Toot Sonic Warrior). We told him he did a good job and he heartily agreed.

    2) Richard Jacques.
    "Good job on the Saturn Sonic CD." "Thanks." (Shad was more into it.)

    3) Jun Senoue.
    I told him his music was awesome and that it practically made the games. I said Sonic game just wouldn't be as fun without his music. He signed the slip to my Sonic 3 box, and I asked him "I know you didn't do most of the songs in this game specifically, but which did you do?" and he responded "This one? ... Just the bonus round and special stage."
    Then I dropped the mo' fuggen bombshell on him.
    "So why didn't you compose the music for Sonic Crackers or Knuckles Chaotix, rather than those two girls who hadn't really done anything?"
    He stares at me with wide eyes and terrible teeth. "Crackers!?"
    He pounds the table and stands up Phoenix Wright style, "CRACKERS!?"
    "Yeah. Actually I have it on my PSP right here." A lie. It was Shade's PSP. I'd already set it up with Dgen running. I unpaused the game, showed him the title, pushed start and put the PSP in his hands.
    Everyone in the vicinity was staring wit ha wf kinda look, including Richard Jacques and the other composers around.
    Jun put the PSP down and held his hands up. He made a couple noises like "oh... ahh.." and immediately started digging around in his pockets, then his suitcase.
    After digging in his coat pockets he find a digital camera, and after happily saying "Crackers!" takes a picture of me holding Sonic Crackers running on a PSP. He just stayed silent at my questions about it though. =(
    He wrote down my name, autographed and gave me a copy of the Sonic Adventure 2 OST sampler, and game me a guitar pick with his name on it. I took a picture with him and he asked me to upload it on his website. I asked one last wuestion about which was his favorite song in Sonic 3&K and 3D Blast MD. He considered and said the Bonus round with the gravity balls. (I wanted him to answer for both but oh well).

    I know "pix or it didn't happen" but I don't have them atm. My camera is back at my room so I don't have them till the end of the week. They're on Shade's Photobucket and Myspace though.
  2. Sazpaimon


    Tech Member
    Obviously he was calling you white motherfuckers crackers
    I mean it's blatantly obvious you fucking crackers.

    Next he's gonna report you to SoA and you're gonna get V&
    enjoy ur v&
  3. He seems like he was thinking: "What the hell? I thought no one was ever gonna get their hands on this! But diz bitch just came over like a pirater or something and shows it to me like it's no big deal!"

    Haha, now I'm thinking of those movies where now the person can't sleep at night...almost like someone on earth knows all about their past.

    Sounds like it was an honor to meet them all though. Pretty neat.
  4. Tweaker


    Authorized bump for increasing relevancy. Don't try this at home, kids!
  5. Shade


    For the record, Jun Senoue's favorite song of his is Live and Learn.


    Code (Text):
    1. <Shade> hahaha man
    2. <Shade> when Jun put the PSP down and put his hands on his head
    3. <Shade> and started going "aaaah....AHHHHH"
    4. <Shade> and digging around in his suitcase
    5. <Shade> me and heran were looking at each other and at jun back and forth
    6. <Shade> like "uhh"
    7. <Shade> I thought he was gonna call sega and consult with them that two jackasses have their beta
    8. <Shade> and we were in deep shit or something
    But, as it turns out, Jun is just as avid of a Sonic fan as any of us, and was completely stoked to see Sonic Crackers.

    We also met tons and tons of other, non sonic-y related dudes, such as Charles Martinette, Tommy Tallarico, Video Game Pianist..uh, lotsa God of War and Halo dudes. Some people involved with Goldeney 64 such as Ken Lobb. Tons of others I'm forgetting.

    Heran pretty much covered what happened with Spencer and Jun. I found it interesting that the female vocals heard throughout the US soundtrack was inspired by Amy. And it goes without saying that I found it doubly interesting when Jun revealed he only did the Special and Bonus stage music in Sonic 3 alone.

    I told Richard Jaques that the Sonic R soundtrack was fantastic, and one of the guiltiest pleasures in the gaming scene, no matter how many wouldn't be caught dead admitting it (I also made sure to tell him how awesome his work on Sonic 3D Saturn and Jet Set Radio Future was. Hell I have all three of these soundtracks on my iPod). Richard then told me he was talking to some dude earlier who said he sometimes listened to the Sonic R soundtrack while he was driving. He then mimed trying to drive with a weird look on his face; "I'm, y'know. Trying to imagine how that would work".

    I interpreted this to mean "What a faggot". :P

    Charles Martinette was awesome. I got up to him and said "Wow. Mario himself. It's a pleasure to meet you." as I shook his hand. His response? "It'sa ME!"

    We proceeded to make small talk, where I brought up that my friend is a huge fan of an early PS2 game he did voicework for, Shadow of Destiny. He enthusiastically recalled that he did the voicework for the homunculus character (I already knew this, but it was cool that he remembered). After getting an autograph and bidding him farewell, I head off to shoot the shit with Tommy Tallarico when I hear him call out "Hey". I turn. Charles sticks his thumb up: "Yahooooo!"

    It was a grand night.

    But yes, highlight was Pheonix Wright table slamming Jun Senoue.
  6. GeneHF


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    As I was reading the Jun Senoue one, I was expecting some Fresh Prince or something, but the way that played out, a good writer couldn't have come up with something that extravagant. I'd love to see that reaction now. :lol:
  7. Sazpaimon


    Tech Member
    Martinet is always a trip to talk to. I met him at E3 and we did stupid Mario voices for at least 10 minutes, almost breaking out into freestyle rap with my doing Wario and him doing Luigi. Good times indeed.
  8. That's totally rad. When Video Games Live came to our city, we got stuck with the creators of Dragon Lair. I mean, I shouldn't say stuck... but Dragon Lair...
  9. Yuzu


    Got that image yet? I would like to see it sometime soon.
  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    That sounds like fun. Wish I could have seen it.
  11. P.P.A.


    Sonic MD (Currently: Art for Zone 3)
    That sounds awesome to have met all these awesome people.
    Tell me when Video Games Live ever comes to Germany. D:
  12. Shade


    Pics. It happened.

    We only have pics with Jun Senoue because we were too busy to take any other pictures and Jun Senoue is the shit.


    Heran with Jun Senoue.


    Me with Jun Senoue. Spencer Nilsen is barely visible in the background, towards the end of the "walk-o-composers" (the one with his hand up to his face).

    I'd also like to add this is -the- single worst picture of me ever taken. I hate it with a passion. The hair, the angle, the lighting. Ugh. Anyway.


  13. Uberham


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    One of the pics seems to be invisible.......
  14. Jayenkai


    So... He recognised the name "Crackers"? ?

    I thought we'd all decided that Crackers was what the pirates had named the rom.
    Or did I miss that memo?
  15. Skaarg


    <!--quoteo(post=199754:date=Jun 11 2008, 07:23 AM:name=Jayenkai)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Jayenkai @ Jun 11 2008, 07:23 AM) [​IMG]
  16. Tanks


    Didn't we find the title "Super Sonic Crackers 32x" inside those Chaotix protos drx released?
    I thought the whole "Pirates named the ROM" thing was finally shot down once and for all because of that.
  17. Jayenkai


    Oh, Cool!

    Sorry, I kinda skipped by a lot of the "OMG, 50,000,000 new tehb3ta roms!" info! Talk about overload!
  18. Yuzu


    Official Dreamcast Magazine Issue 21, in the Sonic Adventure 2 review. The last issue of the magazine, I have that issue. Too bad they said there was going to be another issue and that never happened. I can confirm it's from that as well.
  19. Overlord


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    Fuck me, I lol'd.
  20. Elratauru


    Little Shiny Emurralds Member
    Oh shit, that was bad ass... "Crackers!!!?"...I have to say, that was really cool xD

    But I'm surprised as they didnt know too much 'bout the proto being realeased long time ago by someone... And that reaction... was like us.
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