I've been uploading our Vidya Retro streams to Youtube

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    Before you people say anything, no, you can't make your own Youtube content for our channel. We're good on that, and besides, SEGAbits does a better job at creating unique content of that sort anyway, go check out their channel here.

    Vidya Retro has pretty much become our awkward replacement for an annual podcast for Retro, among other things like the Community Day stuff. The Youtube channel has been around for awhile, but its not really a priority, but for watching our shenanigans, especially on the road through mobile devices (The Twitch app is pretty awful.) some of the material might do better on Youtube instead of resting on the archives of our Twitch channel. You also get the videos in playlists organized by type and videos on a per-game basis to cut out some of the downtime we hit during streams.

    That said, I've put up some notable stuff, for example I've put up a playlist of all the Dreamcast stuff we did through September and earlier in the year here. Also we've got our gameplay and preview looks at games here. I also see this channel as a decent way to get our video interviews hosted elsewhere including the interview we did with Chimera and others on the Unleashed Project here. We also archived some of the past Community Day streams on this playlist.

    Theres other stuff to look at in the playlists, but I thought I'd give some sort of heads up that we're re-hosting content on Youtube, and you might see more interview type stuff on Vidya Retro if I can get the cards to fall in place so to speak.

    It doesn't hurt for suggestions on what you like to see, especially for games that we can all play on Retro Community Day. We're probably going to see more Transformed stuff if and when that DLC comes out.