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ITT we post source code to non-Sonic games

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Techokami, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Sonic hacking isn't the only scene to go from modifying binary data with hex editors and specialized tools to deassemblies and ASM programming. So, if you have come across any game deassemblies, post them here! To start, I'll dig out my personal collection...

    Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade) (Incomplete) - deassembled mostly by Scott Lawrence and some unknown people on usenet
    Pac-Man (Arcade) - unknown as to who did this
    Berzerk (A2600) and Donkey Kong (A2600) - deassembled by Dennis Debro
    Combat (A2600) - deassembled by Harry, Nick, and Roger
    and (mostly) everything ever deassembled by Kent Hansen (SnowBro)

    EDIT: For some reason having a folder called "uploads" isn't possible anymore, so I changed the URLs. Also, it would be nice if someone else would contribute :thumbsup: