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Discussion in 'Prototype Discussion' started by drx, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Cinossu


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    No doubt at some point they will, unless drx has done them already :x
  2. Puto


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    Ristar *IS* on GG. There's always been an 8-bit version.
  3. ICEknight


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    We all know the GG version of Ristar already... What we didn't know before, is that it was developed at the same time, and it even got to be known as Feel in the beginning.
  4. I have to ask since it's been mentioned on CulT that there is possibly multiple Chaotix prototypes, that if there is multiple Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 prototypes as well?
  5. Dominus Draconis

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    I know this is only vaguely related, but, my friend has a copy of pokemon silver that I have reason to believe may be a prototype(it is fairly complete, and horribly pirate-translated, so, it is hard to tell, but, there are certain glitches(sudowoodo can learn any HM for instance, in his copy) that make me wonder) my question is, if he could manage to find where he put it, would anyone be willing to instruct me how to extract the ROM and would anyone even have any interest in my doing so?(I know probably wrong place to put this, but, we are already discussing prototypes other than sonic in here, too, so, figured I would ask(no promises I can get it either, I will try, but, last we saw of it was a couple years ago, so, it is somewhere deep in his room by now :P))
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    I know there are multiple of each game. Chaotix actually has 13 prototypes.
  7. ExecByte


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    There are supposed to be some Sonic 3D protos to, at least that was what he told me.
  8. Ah, gotta collect them all I guess. I guess the next logical question is, which has been asked several times in this thread, is wither or not there is a probability that one of the Sonic 3 prototypes (assuming there are multiple prototypes of course) has the music by Michael Jackson in it? Nonetheless the 23rd is going to be a BIG day.

    Ah, thank you very much kind sir.
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    Don't set yourself up for disappointment, honetly. It's great we're getting these but there's probably only going to be minor changes(in terms of the Sonic 2/3 betas, I'm sure there are other betas of games with some interesting stuff, but that doesn't mean we'll be interested in them, if you get what I mean). If you believe that, then you might be pleasantly surprised. Remember, Sonic 2 glamourised prototypes. Most are nowhere near as interesting. Generally they're just glitchier, more incomplete versions of the original.

    Personally I wish people would focus on making the community more fun and less pretentious more than finding beta and technical stuff. Ideally we should do both, of course, but I think it's sad rather than happy to see people coming out of the woodwork just for these... because once people have torn these apart, they'll be gone again. There's not a lot keeping some of us here.

    I honestly think it might be better for the community if this was just one, massive Rickroll. I would applaud drx for that(as long as people got their money back). Because then we'd realise not to invest all our hopes in one person; or a bunch of ROM files and instead in each other and our shared experiences and thoughts about what we have so far. I don't want to sound ungrateful(I'd love to track down betas if I had the time, skills and resources, I think we all would) but it'd be a bad idea to get too swept up in this.

    I came for the betas, stayed for the theories and the community. And got banned because the community got overtaken by a manipulative egomaniac...
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    Thank you for renewing my interest in the Sonic community. I'm especially looking forward to the S&K (Sonic 3? It could happen) prototype.
  11. McAleeCh


    He's already released screenshots of at least two Sonic 2 prototypes - the one that looks similar to the manual / SEGA Solid Gold Guide proto, and a later one that uses the final title screen graphics but still has the old level select menu.

    As for Sonic 3, I'll be interested to see what's turned up in that regard. This morning I found myself wondering if, in any versions drx might have, Knuckles actually uses his Competition Mode gliding / climbing sprites.. =P


    Bloody hell. That's easily enough prototypes to be able to put together a fairly accurate development timeline of the game from..

    On a non-Sonic front, the prospect of at least one Bare Knuckle 3 prototype is pretty exciting, too. A GG Feel prototype is extremely interesting too, though marginally less exciting than an MD proto would have been. Still absolutely fucking awesome, mind. = D I wonder not only about overt differences with final versions, but also what unused data can be uncovered in all of these prototypes..
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    I'm hoping we get some "alternate" Sonic 2 Builds and not just timeline stuff. Those are the only ones we have a chance of finding the lost levels in. I posted on this in detail but people kind of ignored it...
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    Probably most levels only made it at concept level and were never even programmed in. Don't expect such a prototype to exist :/
  14. Tweaker


    It wasn't ignored as much as we just feel it's an unrealistic goal to expect, given the circumstances. We'd have more of a chance getting such a proto from a magazine, where we know they featured specific tidbits that we're particularly interested in. I mean, that's how the Nick Arcade beta went, didn't it? It was special because it was from Nick Arcade. I'm sure other protos would follow suit if we could accurately link them to articles and other media that we have.

    But new levels? Nah, I'm not expecting that much. I honestly think we've hit the max in that regard, with only Death Egg and Genocide City being the last ones to explore—and we'd need both earlier and mid-late betas for that. It's getting rather specific, so it's harder to pinpoint exactly when those levels would be actually IN the game.

    I mean, I'll remain optimistic and all, but let's not get in over our heads here. :P
  15. Wetflame


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    I think everyone should be pessimistic really. The thing is nowadays people have a habit of admitting anything is a disappointment. Look at the Transformers movie :P
  16. I agree with Tweaker here. The way I see it, we're going to have some (in some cases multiple) prototypes of some pretty important games including Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Knuckles Chaotix, and yes, Streets Of Rage 3. That alone is enough to make me excited enough to renew my full interest in the Sonic Community and emulation in general.

    You can be pessimistic if you wish, but personally I'll remain optimistic with grand hopes I'll be hacking cheats for Sonic 3 prototypes on my birthday. =P
  17. Dark Sonic

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    Do you plan on releasing all the multiple Sonic prototypes you've purchased? That'd be awesome, seeing as if there are actually differences between the prototypes themselves (any differences between the Sonic 3 protos you got?)
  18. I wonder if there's a prototype of the game "BLOCKOUT". I really liked that game.
  19. I just realized, I wonder if there's going to be any Comix Zone prototypes, since it was probably in development in the 94-95 period.
  20. drx


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    Also, the count on Sonic 3 and S&K is wrong.

    If anyone can find me a cracked ARCHPR (make sure it works with passwords bigger than 5 characters), I'll release a new chaotix pic.